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I've been away too long and I'm glad to be back in time to be here for our change into autumn. The weather might be cooling off but the decks are remaining hot as ever. The electronic music culture is out there waiting to welcome you to a brave new world if, your up for a little excitement. Let me show you a few places that I know that can get you started in the right direction. Whether it is the music or the culture, TUNE IN, TURN ON, AND DROP VINYL!!!! Welcome to Candyland for the soul.

Home (Vocal Mix) - E-Craig - Reset Records

Massive driving trance that breaks down into a ENYA vocal, and then right back at it again. Absolutely, F@cking genius!!!! If you don't know Enya's breathy celtic singing style, you are lost in a bad place with little hope of redemption. The cast of the Lord of the Rings will have to take on another quest to save your ass from the darkness which has beset you.

Direct Dizko (Sander Van Doorn Remix) - Unknown - Konverted

Agressive pounding drums with a piercing alarm like synth baseline. This is the release you've been waiting for. Dance and release all the pent up energy and stress. Let loose the demons on the dancefloor. People need to let the most primal parts of themselves run free sometimes and cause just a little havoc. Enjoy the chaos!

Summerfish (Scandall Sunset On Ibiza Mix) - Leonid Rudenko - Bestboy Media

This proggy thumper breaks into one of the phattest sounding piano tracks in a while. Imagine yourself on the beach at sunset in Ibiza with a few hundred partiers starting a nightlong revelry of with some pretty tracks. This one is prefect for a beautiful moment. Just make sure that you share it with friends.

Perfect Blend - T4L - In Trance We Trust

If your thing is reaching the outer planes of existance with a lil help from a good track or two, drop this one when you want to have an etherial moment amoungst the chaos. this one flies low and fast underneath the radar carrying a devistating payload of deep floaty synths and pads. You want to be at ground zero when all matter of wonderous havoc is released.

Ghost In The Machine feat. Colleen Riley (Abbott& Chambers Remix) - Kenneth Thomas - Alter Ego Records

This track sends me back about ten years and reminds me of pounding vocal trance tracks with much so much emotion and pain. The only difference is that the quality of this production is just a little higher than those of the past. So if you are a fan of quality female vocal tracks from artists such as Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, and Jan Johnston, this one belongs in your collection. Haunting vocals and driving synths, NUFF SAID!!!

... and on the web ...

ENTV - I was a little skeptical of the nice e-flyer that I got, then I logged on. Sensation White 2006 was playing. 60,000 partiers dressed in white getting down to the likes of Sander Kleinenberg and other famous djs. They have a whole line-up from around the globe daily. See some of the best dance videos, parties, and DJs from across the globe.

Sensation White World Tour - The world's leading dance event is travelling the globe in 2006 and 2007. This extravigant production of artists, performers, and DJs is set to travel the globe and wow audiences in Europe, Asia, and America. Ill be there when they hit New York in 2007.


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