(Originally published in the "on decks" column of the December 2005 issue of Scroll down, read and listen.)

Hailing from London, Iheanyi (Ike) Ngwaba aka Blackliquid, came to Los Angeles armed with 16 years DJ experience and 12 years of production. His intention was to spend as much time with the best of the best talent in the United States writing, producing and DJing. After a quick six years, he accomplished that goal and established a solid reputation as a one of LA's best House DJs, Entertainers & Producers, playing right alongside of the biggest names in the industry.

Only recently, he finished a remix for DJ Colette's "Hypnotized" and I had the rare opportunity to preview that track. It is definitely hot! It just so happens that this particular track has also been released on the new compilation CD, "Femme Fatales". In addition,he has new EP, entitled "The BlackLiquid EP" that is very near release on Magnify Music, though no date has been given.

Originally mixed for last December's "on decks" column, we thought it would be good to pull it out of the vault again so you can have a little taste of what's in store for Friday, November 10, 2006 at the Grand Emporium when phocas presents... Blackliquid at 10 pm.

All tracks are written, produced and remixed by Blackliquid. Hope you enjoy! For more information, visit
  1. Tump - Original jam from the BL vault
  2. Keepin Up - Original house jam from the BL vault!
  3. Havin Sex - One of Blackliquid's fun remixes. Having sex vocals courtesy of La Tour track 'People Are Still Havin Sex'
  4. Sex Healin (BL 05 remix) - slightly more bumpy version of the classic Marvin Gaye hit 'Sexual Healin' remixed by Blackliquid
  5. Track Me Down - Original jam from the BL vault.(Imagine searching for the mischievous and mysterious piccolo whilst grooving in a club with your friends.)
  6. Spaced Invader (BL 05 remix) - After jamming the original mix some years ago the 'Liquid Invasion' mix was created for the soul driven house dance floor.
  7. Don't Believe The Hype (BL 05 remix) - Public Enemy are a
    favorite of Blackliquid. This is a ethnic percussive house bump remix made strictly for the dance floor.
  8. Come Enjoy - An original funky groove based soulful house jam. Produced for the London (UK) club night 'Got To Go' as seen on DSI


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