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event photos jun.06

Flyers for events photographed in June 2006 appear below. A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 06.03.2006 Bus Stop Saturdays featuring cQuence Balanca's Kansas City, MO photos by joe 06.03.2006 Essential Saturdays featuring Steve Thorell & Eric Sheridan Grand Emporium Kansas City, MO photos by joe 06.03.2006 Wakarusa Electronic Stage Pre-Party featuring Soul Savant, Solaris, and others Club Liquid Lawrence, KS photos by jen 06.04.2006 Kansas City Gay Pride 2006 featuring RuPaul Liberty Memorial Kansas City, MO photos by joe 06.05.2006 Soul Savant B.Day Party featuring Jon NuSkool News Room Kansas City, MO 06.06.2006 PHATuesdays featuring Arrythmia with residents DJoe, Fool, & phocas Balanca's Kansas City, MO 06.07.2006 Kasanova Svetlogorsk, Russia photos by shaun 06.10.2006 Wakarusa Music & Camping Festi

solaris june 2006 techno reviews

Xenex – Ostarrichi –Schub Factor - OREP002 So I am starting to believe that schranz is going to not only start a riot but have me go bezerk in the process. This wax is hard as nails with a interesting b side that solves it. don’t let it go away…with all the good stuff goin around you want to get your piece. Bruce Logan & Burt Banner - Machinegun / Monsters – Moll - MOLL002 Nneed a nice electro/techno tune that is good chill and has all the groove a floor could ask for? This thing aint that dirty crack you get off the street pusher on the corner. Keeping others away from your goods however is your problem. Various - Machined Operations – Unknown Forces - UF014 Lovely, just plain amazing. This has got the chill techno with the glitchy rifts, and a breaks mix that makes me want to dance a jig. Too bad I am not irish, then perhaps the lepercaun would not steal this pot of gold. You don’t even need that rainbow. Verbos - Crossing The Rubicon – Simple Answer – SA012 Mar

brent crampton june 2006 house reviews

Various - Rewind! 5 – Ubiquity The more I dive into this musical history thing, the more I realize – no one’s original. In a sense, the booty-shaking numbers of today are tributes/regurgitations of moments experienced and sounds heard in the past. Ubiquity is perhaps the label that actualizes this sentiment more than any other (right next to Soul Jazz Records). And rather than just sample another retro-dinaire track, they’ve plotted together a host of contemporary under-the-radar musical stars to throw away the samples, re-edits and remixes to reconstruct classics from the ground up. Think of them as covers, think of them as renditions, think of them as genius. Think of NuSpirit Helsinki on Led Zepplin’s “No Quarter,” think of Osunlade on Prince’s “Crazy You,” think of Owusu and Hannibal on The Beach Boy’s “Caroline, No.” Think hot! Think old made new. Highlights are the funk-de-suave sounds of The Rebirth remake of The Sylvers’s “Handle It,” and Daz-I-Kue with bossa-flavored Bembe S

sonar on decks

(originally published in the June 2005 issue)  written by Sonar ~ compiled by Brent Crampton ~  photo courtesy of DJ Sonar Matthew J. Rissi, aka DJ Sonar’s fascination with rhythm and music began at an early age after his father had given him a dual tape deck and a stereo for his tenth birthday. Matthew was immediately addicted to the sounds of synthesizers and drum machines, and couldn't resist the temptations of wanting to be on a dance floor. Through hip hop culture, Sonar was introduced to the rave scene in Arizona. Shortly after this discovery, Matthew and his family moved to Iowa. He began DJing on his own in ‘97 and completely focused all of his efforts on establishing an understanding what it takes to become an avid performer. He would find himself traveling all over the eastern part of the country to watch internationally respected DJs work their magic behind turntables for crowds of people up into the thousands. He was in love - in love with techno, the enviro

crosstown rebels get lost

Betty Kang ~ Crosstown Rebels are very proud to present a journey of unrivaled weirdness. Strange sounds, odd beats and twisted melodies fill two perfectly crafted CDs with new-school minimalism mixed by the men behind the excellent UK-based label, Damian Lazarus & Matthew Styles. Get Lost is a deep and tripped out fusion of mighty mastercuts, techno toys and special songs carefully excavated from the electronic underground. Featuring exclusive new Rebel releases from Mlle Caro, Naum, Ost & Kjex and DJ Koze, Get Lost offers up new angles and fresh experiences for both the mind and the dancefloor. Disc 1 is a wonderfully twisted mix for the dancefloor while CD2 spreads its wonky wings even wider… Lazarus and Styles mixed both CDs together having spent the best part of six months combing the underground and compiling its awesome 29 tracks. The incredible painted artwork for the double album has been created by LA based artist, Natalia Fabia. Glasses filled with luminous li

kraak & smaak boogie angst

Betty Kang ~ Get ready for the addictive future funk sound of the Netherlands, Kraak & Smaak Boogie Angst (June 6th). Leading Dutch dance music trio, Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug, bring their massive musical debut full-length stateside. Boogie Angst has garnered praise from Pete Tong, Laurent Garnier, and Annie Nightingale and is to be released on the venerable Quango Music Group, headed by industry veteran Bruno Gruez. The exclusive US version will include a kick-ass bonus disc of new & exclusive remixes. Kraak & Smaak actually take their name from an old Dutch proverb meaning ‘crunchy & tasty’, not any schedule 1 controlled substances in case you were wondering. The debut LP is a slinky adventure into funked up breaks and future jazz rhythms, infused with live-sounding instruments and awash with soul jumping grooves and vocals. Their organic sound is sure to appeal to those of us who still hear the big beat but may have found themselves grown up and op

get made

Justin Kleinfeld ~ New York, NY – On August 18 & 19th, international superstar DJ/producer Paul van Dyk makes his much anticipated return to New York City’s Central Park. This event marks the culmination of the highly acclaimed Politics of Dancing 2 US Tour. Commencing in 2003, Paul van Dyk’s annual Central Park performance has become one of New York City’s most popular summer concerts and a testament to the vitality of electronic music. This is a must attend experience for all true electronic dance music fans. Made Event is excited to announce the launch of “Get Made” - an interactive contest that searches the U.S. for the biggest and most loyal electronic music fan. Made Event wants to know if YOU have what it takes to promote like one of the electronic music industry’s most successful promotional organizations. One lucky Grand Prize Winner will receive an all expense paid trip to New York City for both Central Park performances! “Get Made” contestants will be asked to cre

bottom of the 9th

sherri ~ phocas by todd ~  Hurricanes - 1  /  Saints - 0 -  I was down in New Orleans this last week for Freakfest and to visit some friends, and was astonished at how little had been done since Katrina hit. Sure Bourbon Street is still there with all of your Daiquiri and Beer venders, but a different story should be told about St. Bernard Parish where the entire parish has been devastated. Our friend drove down to the parish for the first time since Katrina with us. She was raised in St. Bernard Parish, she saw the house she grew up in, her grandmothers house, the school she went to and all of the local hangouts that she used to frequent either demolished, if still standing, moved from their original foundation or contaminated by the flood water. Most of the buildings are still boarded up with the original X on the front of the buildings. The top has the date it was searched, on the left is the unit that searched the dwelling, on the right the code for the type of contamination t

above & beyond fire

Nathan McWaters ~ Dallas, TX - One of Dallas’ oldest and most notable venues, The Lizard Lounge has a manifold personality to it that only Dallas can generate in a venue. On Thursdays and Sundays, it even has a different name, albeit a more disreputable and sinister one: The Church. I’ve been a longtime attendee of this club, but mostly of its Church side, the side of the darker, industrial, electro goth-tech vampire-wannabe crowd, who go to angst, listen to eerie tunes, wear a lot of black, rave with razors between their lips while waving glowsticks or LED lights, and are almost unanimously looking to score a quick fix and an escape from reality into a place where they can scream and still be alive enough to feel it. DJ Irene likes to play at The Church, but she’s a patsy compared to residents like DJ Virus. They knew my face at The Church under a different name, but that was a long time ago and I doubted they’d recognize me now. I can’t look at this seedy building in one of Dall

psychadelic pimp-daddy land

Blasting out of Kansas City early Friday morning on a non-stop 13.5 hour drive, I could barely contain my excitement at covering this year's Freakfest. This annual tradition of Pimpness, presented by Disco Productions is held at the State Palace Theater in New Orleans. Hosting some of the best acts in the World, there is never a disappointing beat for the thousands in attendance. The night of the party I got there just about the time the doors were opening and was not shocked at all to see lines stretching out in both directions As is typical of events in New Orleans, the lines of those waiting to get in were a melting pot of culture and the feeling in the air that something really exciting was about to happen. Filtering through the doors, through the entryway and into the main room, the first that struck me was the enormity of the stage setup. Rising probably 15-20 feet above stage level, it dominated the room with video screens on and around it. Dominating the rest of the

june 2006 editor note

Right before cutting out to New Orleans, I stopped in for a couple friends' graduation ceremony and Sherri snapped this shot of me with the newly graduated! Congratulations and good luck to all of this year's graduates wherever your path leads you! This month's path lead me to New Orleans for this month's cover story and photo! The trip was exhausting, but I had a really great time, as well as taking a moment to witness the devastation of my "home away from home". Words and photos can't compare to the reality of the situation. Once I finally get a chance to review all of my footage from down there, I'll be posting it up to my portfolio web-site-in-progress next week sometime. Where words failed me though, Sherri picked up the torch and made a contribution this month, with "Bottom of the 9th Ward." Be sure to check it out! Here on phocas, everyone has provided some amazing coverage from all over the country and we have more planned

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