solaris june 2006 techno reviews

Xenex – Ostarrichi –Schub Factor - OREP002

So I am starting to believe that schranz is going to not only start a riot but have me go bezerk in the process. This wax is hard as nails with a interesting b side that solves it. don’t let it go away…with all the good stuff goin around you want to get your piece.

Bruce Logan & Burt Banner - Machinegun / Monsters – Moll - MOLL002

Nneed a nice electro/techno tune that is good chill and has all the groove a floor could ask for? This thing aint that dirty crack you get off the street pusher on the corner. Keeping others away from your goods however is your problem.

Various - Machined Operations – Unknown Forces - UF014

Lovely, just plain amazing. This has got the chill techno with the glitchy rifts, and a breaks mix that makes me want to dance a jig. Too bad I am not irish, then perhaps the lepercaun would not steal this pot of gold. You don’t even need that rainbow.

Verbos - Crossing The Rubicon – Simple Answer – SA012

Mark has a style all his own and that is one reason I love it so much. This rekid speaks true to form and keeps the hard and punchy with the sounds I have come to love about him. No if only I can get that patent on the vinyl I.V.

Hertz – Priorities – Sway – SWAY018

Another heavy hitter in the techno arena. This guy keeps those club tunes tighter than a virgin saving it for marriage. My only priority is to get this and play it before anyone else does. If you cant keep up then at least you can hear the masterwork when I am out and about.

Ortin Cam - The Past Is Gone – Corachi - COR051013

Chill and on point. Some nice vocals that keep ti vague and interesting. The electro rift in there keeps it real and good for those long nights when all you want is the funk only techno knows how to bring.

DJ Ghost – Ghoststyle – GS2 - GSII0610

Side a great groove builder, and the B side has that build that keeps going…I would hope the floors don’t explode from this it would be a shame not to have them there after this peaks the night.

Jeff Amadeus - Still On Mare Street – Squat - SQUAT007

The A side isn’t much my fortay but the B has all the groove and Shranz effects that keep the party moving with or without you. This thing just plain pumps and deserves no less that making it.


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