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event photos oct.05

Flyers for events photographed in October 2005 appear below.   A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 10.01.2005 Pajama Gala featuring Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo & Ataxic Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO 10.04.2005 True Tuesdays featuring JAH and resident DJ True Balanca's Kansas City, MO 10.05.2005 Wednesday Perk featuring Jared K & Rukspin with resident cQuence Cup & Saucer Kansas City, MO photos by joe 10.07.2005 Carl Cox Road to Voodoo Tour in KC featuring Carl Cox  Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO photos by todd & shaun 10.07.2005 VIBE featuring Frankie Bones, Josh "The Funky 1," Tony Foo Young, Breakbotix, Herbal Assassins, Bobby Duracel, Sydeburnz, CMC, Mingus, Erik Gabriel, Johnny Scott, ?Nitsua?, Konsept, Danyo Club Liquid Lawrence, KS photos by joe 10.08.2005 PAPARAZZI featuring Bi

on decks with morgen douglas

by Brent Crampton ~ An anomaly amongst his colleagues in Des Moines, Iowa – Morgen Douglas goes for all things with soul, all melodies with jazz and all beats with funk. Having spanned genres such as jungle, hip-hip and house, his musical influences always remain within the groove. In this edition of On Decks, Douglas is sharing with us one of his greater loves within music – house. This up and coming DJ in the Iowa area has a passion for the music, a heart for the dedication and the youth for improvement. Giving shout outs to his crews, Soul:Tribe Recordings, Treble Alliance Productions and Midwestfutureofsoulmovement, Douglas briefly explains his take on the mix. Morgen Douglas ~ on decks ~ october 2005 issue ~ by Phocas.Net on Mixcloud This mix is one I quickly put together recently. The transitions have some rough edges, but so far the consensus is that the selection easily makes up for it. I was really pushing for a teched-out late-night driving

shadowrunner october 2005 trance

This month I am starting to give you the info and links to some of the most vital places to go to immerse yourself in the trance culture. Right now Trance is the dominant genre of dance music in Europe and other parts of the world. With so many various styles of trance, where in the world can a Trance addict get hooked up?  is one of the foremost sources of all things Trance with interviews, articles, news, and links to all great destinations of Trance. Your subconscious will thank you. Speaking of the subconscious, psychedelic trance, better known as Psy-Trance or Goa, is one sub-genre that could be best described as trippy, echoed out, energy driven trance. It is definitely not for the foo foo crowd. This style takes it to the far corners of dreamland and back again. One site dedicated to updating the info on Goa is . It is a bare bones site that gives you just the necessities. See what they have to offer and safe journeys. Here are my picks for the must

solaris october 2005 techno

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews. Kik Records - Finnie - KIK002 It is always nice to hear something diffrent. I have a hard time finding guitars that work in techno tracks. Other than a Chris McCormak record this is the second. I have to say while not banging it out like no tomorrow this groove has a nice feel. Not to energetic and just the right amount of spice to make the fremen nervous. Keep you ear tuned. if you dont play it wait for me to be on the decks. Punish - Mike Humphries - PUNISH023 Mike makes a style that gets the party started here. This is slower and less banging than I am use to, but I do try to be diverse... hard techno, straight techno, and a bit of schranz to keep the diverity P.C. Dont think a

svs october 2005 jungle / dnb

Originally from Long Island, NY, SVS has been playing around in Kansas City since mid-2000, playing different types of music over that time and finally settling on Jungle & DnB and pushing the limits of that since. Here's his picks for the month! Rhygin / Tester – Destroy Dem / Anytime – Ten Pound Records – TPR03 With Ten Pound Records third release this label us coming out swinging. Destroy Dem is as hard hitting as they come. Heavy ragga vocals and sliding snares all around on this one accompany the terror bass line. On the flip is Testers kill ’em bass track. With an evil darkstep ripping base over thick vocals and Ten Pounds choppy drum line there’s no wonder why he’s tearing up dance floors are over. Check out the  Trilogy Sound Crew  for more information! Rebel MC Born again – Rich Ah Getting Richer / Just Keep Rockin – Congo Natty – CNV4 I don’t know why I expected a lot out of this. I must say I was very disappointed. If I wanted to spin ‘89-’93 rap I’d get a copy o

crampton october 2005 house

Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment. And with the Winter Music Conference just behind us, so many great choons are now on the market. Ion - Everything - Aroma During my daily routine, I'm checking out (which formerly should be retitled Crackspace), and I get an email from a DJ from New Mexico, Billa (who's interview is featured in this month's issue), and he proclaims that I gotta check out the new Ion on Aroma. So I jump online to come across the first track, titled "Everything," and I hear the very track that I have been hitting the repeat button to on an old Trevor Matthews mix CD. Needless to say, I picked up the track immediately. But that's not saying much about the B side, and there is a lot to be said about what can be found there. A sample-based jazz jacker with a heavy emphasis on the funk, &quo

douglas october 2005 hip-hop

As Fall approaches, and mainstream rap has taken over the collective-conscious of America, most people are asking, "Where is the underground?" The answer is more simple than you may think. The underground is constantly innovating amazing hip-hop and downtempo. And as 2005 begins to end, the music seems on the path to continue long into the future. Artists are pushing the limits and lines of normal production, lyrical style, and even vocal presentation. As a DJ it is always hard to find outstanding tracks, especially ones that maintain integrity to the music, but are solid enough to make people bob-and-weave. If you are a DJ, producer, or even just a fan, make sure to check these tracks - they are ones you are likely to hear far into the future. Ohmega Watts - The Find LP - Ubiquity Usually I'm not a huge fan of LPs, most lack the continuity and consistency for serious DJ play. This album is set to change the rules. This is probably the most innovative hip-hop album s

the elevation tour

Troy Gilmore  ~  Elevating dance floors throughout the United States, is something legendary San Francisco House DJ’s Mike Giannini and Bali have become notorious for. Having performed throughout the globe from Ibiza to Moscow, and currently holding residence at San Francisco’s Mega nightclub Ruby Skye, Bali and Giannini have become legends in the dance music industry. Renowned for there ability to send dancers into a frenzy with there smooth mixes and soulful San Francisco house sounds, these two musical wizards are teaming up for this monumental tour, to show the world just what San Francisco house music is all about. Mike Giannini is recognized globally for his unique innovative blend of soulful tech and groovy house sounds, this dance music prodigy has been rocking dance floors throughout the world since the early 90’s. Revered as one of west coasts very best, Giannini has become a house music Icon throughout San Francisco, frequently working alongside many of the worlds best s

365 world tour

Betty Kang ~ Lee Burridge takes the globe-trotting life of a DJ one step further as he embarks on a new concept tour this year, called ‘365’. This is a completely different approach to a residency and will be a full immersion in the clubbing culture of each respective host city. Add a festival with 75,000 partygoers called Loveparade San Francisco and the release of a Sander Kleinenberg collaborated 2xCD called ‘Everybody on Tour’ (Ultra Records, October 2005) and it’s no wonder that Lee is a fast rising DJ above the horizon. That is the life of a DJ from Dorset. A small town in the south west of England, Dorset became the training ground for Lee Burridge who has seen his twenty year career expand from being the “IT” DJ in Hong Kong into a global, jet-setting party maker. And it stands to only get better with his much anticipated ‘365’ world tour. The ‘365’ world tour kicked off in Hong Kong, where Lee first honed his DJ career and subsequently met Sasha & Craig Richards to la


by Betty Kang ~ For People_3, D:FUSE is taking the live DJ concept to a whole new level. This new 2xCD People_3 continues the concept of "both sides of the picture" with Disc 1 ‘People_Clubbing’ (live in San Francisco): the club mix was recorded live in San Francisco @ Club Mighty on July 29, 2005 featuring D:FUSE’s new live show with a full percussion set up, including his signature mix of Electronic Congas, Bongos, Tablas, and Timbales - as well as adding Tom Tom drums, Cymbals and live filter effects. The live show also included LA-based DJ/Producer Mike Hiratzka on guitar, bass, and keyboards and Austin’s MC Flint on vocals. On the flip side, Disc 2 ‘People_Chilling’ (Live in Austin): a chill-out mix recorded live in Austin, TX at the Lift Room, providing the perfect atmospheric pre-party or after-party soundtrack. “The energy and feel you get when musicians work together in a live setting is something you just can’t create with a computer. When the curtain went up on

lights out 3

Justin Kleinfeld ~ On October 4, Global Underground will release Steve Lawler’s much anticipated new mix CD, Lights Out 3. Themed around his distinct dark and dirty “twisted house” sound, Lights Out (2002) and Lights Out 2 (2003) are amongst the most popular mix compilations in the world. Lawler will support this new release with a special Lights Out 3 tour across North America this fall. As an added bonus, special limited edition versions of Lights Out 3 will feature a third bonus disc featuring an exclusive mix of tracks from Steve Lawler’s own record labels: Harlem Records, Harlem Trax and Harlem Electric. Steve Lawler is a definitive DJ and producer, renowned as one of the hardest working in the industry with an acute ear for a tune and a technical ability that is second to none. His rise to the top has been the result of pure talent and dedication to playing and producing the finest quality house music first. It's been a steady rise from the infamous 'motorway raves

girls gone wild

Justin Kleinfeld ~ North America’s most popular female breaks DJ, Baby Anne teams up with DC-based DJ/ artist/producer Jen Lasher to deliver Assault & Battery – a death defying 2xCD DJ-mixed compilation capturing Baby Anne’s energetic brand of Florida breaks doing battle with Jen Lasher’s potent mix of electro-meets-industrial. ASSAULT & BATTERY features exclusive new tracks from Baby Anne and Jen Lasher, as well as music from Mylo, DJ Icey, Anthony Rother, The Knife, Wolfsheim, Infected Mushroom and Atomic Hooligan. Baby Anne has dominated the US breaks scene, with numerous singles and five top-selling mix CDs. Her hi-powered sets of breaks, fused with electro and heavy doses of Miami bass have taken the Orlando-based native from DJ booth to dance floors, coast to coast, performing for her legions of dedicated fans. With wild energetic stage presence, a funky style, solid production, and live vocals Jen Lasher's earned quite the musical name nationwide. Her mix takes


Betty Kang ~ Renaissance is delighted to announce a brand new album series – ‘Frontiers’, a 2CD compilation that pits two DJs head to head with a unique, geographical twist, both are heralding from different countries. The concept breathes a welcome air of originality into the compilation market, the perfect platform to showcase DJs, artists, countries and the ever-expanding global world of dance. Renaissance MD Geoff Oakes says, “We have worked with a number of very established DJs over the years. ‘Frontiers’ will be our platform for artistes who, although a little too experienced to be classed as nu-skool, are still fresh and exciting; driving their respected genre in their own domestic scene forward and knocking down the door of the A-list.”. No finer example could be found than our inaugural pair – Yousef and Behrouz. Yousef has become one of house music’s finest ambassadors since his Muzik Magazine breakthrough in the late nineties. Renowned for his tough, jacking style that’s

velocity code

Shelli Andranigian ~ Southern California-based Velocity Code have signed a digital distribution agreement with Proper Talent Records and System Recordings through The Greenwich Music Group, Inc. for their self-titled debut album. All of the songs from the record (including their next singles "Reality" and "Bydz") are currently available at iTunes among other Internet retail outlets. Proper Talent is the company founded by the legendary DJ Rap. A vinyl distribution deal was also signed with New York-based Topline for "Reality"/"Bydz." Velocity Code's newest singles were featured on the soundtrack of the September Films documentary "Single In South Beach," which aired on Showtime the entire month of August 2004. "Bydz" is an upbeat trance anthem (131 bpm) that features the vocals of Shaheen Sheik, while "Reality" (130 bpm) has evoked a magical feel for some listeners, sending them into another dance realm. Co