on decks with morgen douglas

by Brent Crampton ~ An anomaly amongst his colleagues in Des Moines, Iowa – Morgen Douglas goes for all things with soul, all melodies with jazz and all beats with funk. Having spanned genres such as jungle, hip-hip and house, his musical influences always remain within the groove.

In this edition of On Decks, Douglas is sharing with us one of his greater loves within music – house. This up and coming DJ in the Iowa area has a passion for the music, a heart for the dedication and the youth for improvement. Giving shout outs to his crews, Soul:Tribe Recordings, Treble Alliance Productions and Midwestfutureofsoulmovement, Douglas briefly explains his take on the mix.

This mix is one I quickly put together recently. The transitions have some rough edges, but so far the consensus is that the selection easily makes up for it. I was really pushing for a teched-out late-night driving feel. One you toss in the box and drive until the sun comes up. Soulful vocals open the front up, before transforming into a bouncy euro-club kinda vibe. Afterwords things get technical and my hip-hop sensibilities took over. The Jurassic 5 remix itself is pure fire - Jason Hodges is killing it this year. Near the end of the mix, I decided to take the showcase back to a grooving vibe, and took things out with a number of tech-infused tunes. Finally I dropped some smooth vibed tunes to take the mix out. The whole set is a blend of numerous influences, primarily jazz and afro-cuban themed rhythms. Hope you all enjoy it.

  1. Vibezelect - Do What You Know (Original Mix)
  2. Vibezelect - Do What You Know (Oliver Desmet and Mario Fabriani Remix)
  3. Swirl People - Play Along (Original Mix)
  4. Filthy Hotjizz (Jason Hodges) - Jurassic Filth (Original Mix) - White
  5. Destiny's Child - Soldier (Maurice's Nu-Soul Mix)
  6. Filthy Hotjizz - D-town Frontin - White
  7. Mario Fabriani - Italian Stalion EP (A2)
  8. David Garcia and Joey Mazzola - Like This (Lawnchair Generals Remix)
  9. JT Donaldson - Let It Ride (Original Mix)


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