douglas october 2005 hip-hop

As Fall approaches, and mainstream rap has taken over the collective-conscious of America, most people are asking, "Where is the underground?" The answer is more simple than you may think. The underground is constantly innovating amazing hip-hop and downtempo. And as 2005 begins to end, the music seems on the path to continue long into the future. Artists are pushing the limits and lines of normal production, lyrical style, and even vocal presentation.

As a DJ it is always hard to find outstanding tracks, especially ones that maintain integrity to the music, but are solid enough to make people bob-and-weave. If you are a DJ, producer, or even just a fan, make sure to check these tracks - they are ones you are likely to hear far into the future.

Ohmega Watts - The Find LP - Ubiquity
Usually I'm not a huge fan of LPs, most lack the continuity and consistency for serious DJ play. This album is set to change the rules. This is probably the most innovative hip-hop album so far this decade. Ohmega Watts (Lightheaded, Ubiquity) finally dropped his first solo effort. This album is diversity as finest: Latin, reggae, classic hip-hop, and jazz come together on Watts' multilayered production style. Essentials: "Mind Power" and "Stay Tuned" just to name a few.

Platinum Pied Pipers f/ Jay Dee, Invincible, and Medaphor - Shotgun/Fever - UbiquityUbiquity is killing things on the hip-hop front and down tempo market this year. "Shotgun" is an old-school vibed jam with A-plus lyricism and outstanding production. Check the DJ Spinna productions on the B-side... typical precision and outstanding layered beats.

Jurassic 5 - Red Hot - Up Above Recordings
Jurassic never fails... the saga continues as the group maintains the path to elevate the mental state of hip-hop consciousness. A funk break contributes to the outstanding lyricism of Chali 2na and crew. Worth the buy, but beware the B-side.

Das Efx f/ Mobb Deep - Microphone Master - White
Mobb Deep has really gone down hill... but it's nice to know that their old stuff still holds value. Das Efx keeps the flows nice and tight while Havoc and Prodigy hold down the back end.

DJ Muggs f/ The Gza - All In Together - Up Above RecordingsCypress Hill, love them or leave them... but one thing is for sure, Muggs produces some very solid beats. Gza keeps things true to the Wu and delivers catchy, yet hard-hitting lyrics. Great for all you hardcore head-nodders.


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