svs october 2005 jungle / dnb

Originally from Long Island, NY, SVS has been playing around in Kansas City since mid-2000, playing different types of music over that time and finally settling on Jungle & DnB and pushing the limits of that since. Here's his picks for the month!

Rhygin / Tester – Destroy Dem / Anytime – Ten Pound Records – TPR03With Ten Pound Records third release this label us coming out swinging. Destroy Dem is as hard hitting as they come. Heavy ragga vocals and sliding snares all around on this one accompany the terror bass line. On the flip is Testers kill ’em bass track. With an evil darkstep ripping base over thick vocals and Ten Pounds choppy drum line there’s no wonder why he’s tearing up dance floors are over. Check out the Trilogy Sound Crew for more information!

Rebel MC Born again – Rich Ah Getting Richer / Just Keep Rockin – Congo Natty – CNV4I don’t know why I expected a lot out of this. I must say I was very disappointed. If I wanted to spin ‘89-’93 rap I’d get a copy of Ice Cube’s Predator album. I couldn’t even finish listening to either track. I was really interested to hear this but sad that I ever did.

Urban Takeover Presents: A History Of Urban Takeover – Urban Takeover – UTH004This five pack is truly amazing. Classic tracks repressed with out all the cheese. It’s a nice collectors piece if anything but fun to play. With track by: Mulder - Dont Believe / Mulder - Stick Up Kid / Vinyl Syndicate - Man Of Steel / Vinyl Syndicate - Breaker / Rascal & Klone - The Reprise / Rascal & Klone - Galactic Jam / Morphy - Trans Egypt Express / Morphy - Warehouse / Nicol & Majistrate - Yankee Doodle / Nicol &

Majistrate - 8th Day
The Panacea – The Bear Of Berlin / An Ounce Of Leniency – Outbreak Recordings – OUTB036The Bear Of Berlin hits as hard as the title. The loud screeching synths of Panacea overlaying the cannon sounding drum lines of the Outbreak sound files; this appears to be a great duo in the making. The flip side is a hitting hardstep track full of cuts and drum fills. I didn’t really like this one all that much but if you a fan of either of this gruesome twosome you’ll have to pick this up.

Tester – Dubplate 101 – CD – Trilogy Sound Crew
This all dubplate cd showcases some of the best ragga and ragge on the continent today. Starting off with some nice ragge by Edley Shine, Ricky General, and Bunny Ruggs mashing it up. Then it hits Testers release of War! Feat. Beenie Man and its balls to the wall hardcore ragga! This probably one of the best cd’s I have listened to in a quite some time. If you missed his appearance at Columbia’s Hurricane Benefit show this last month here is a great way to check him out. His live performance leaves something to be desired however. Check out the Trilogy Sound Crew for more information!


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