Saturday, July 31, 2004

where it's at 4

Joe headed out for another fun summer night held out the Tribal Vision ranch near Lawrence for a show featuring a dual live PA act by E.V.A.C, Tim Hjersted, Mas One, T-Kid, DJ Alan Paul, Nipplz, and MC Senseone with some video mixing by VJOnes.  Another stage added by Idol Rhythms & DPL featured Tactic (Ben Fuller & DJ Candlewax), Edw!n, ni-kan d, Fortune, Mike McGrath, Spinstyles, and Marcus Shadden.  

Saturday, July 17, 2004

kabal basement re-opening

Astro & Glyde hosted the re-opening of the basement at Kabal, after a bit of a makeover and some additional lighting effects. It is becoming a bit of a tradition for them.  The place was packed and sweaty all night long.

saturday chakra w/ phocas

Behind the decks at Chakra, Todd put together a little groove thing to entertain a small crowd.  Most folks were out of town at the Caveman festival, but we still managed to have a little fun here.  Sherri took a few shots of the night.

caveman experience II

The electronic massive Caveman returned to the Shawnee Cave Amphitheater, and Kourtney made the trip out with her beau.  She spent a bit of time photographing various aspects of the event, and Bobby Duracel added a little Goa Trance to the packed lineup.

That lineup featured Christopher Lawrence out of LA, who released "All or Nothing"on Kinkybeat Recordings that night.  Grooverider made a trip across the pond for the show all the way from London, and Dieselboy brought some Philly Drum & Bass.  Diego Ro-K crossed the Americas from Buenos Aires.

A set by the Doormouse Hardcare Circus featured Dan Doormouse, Anonymous, StuntRock Live & MC Progressive P.  Nigel Richards, as well as DJ ESP aka Woody McBride, brought the Techno and Acid.  Also on the bill, Midwest House Legends Terry Mullan and Trevor Lamont.

A Hardcore showcase featured, DJ Tron, DJ Spree & MC ADB, and the Superstars of Love's All Time High Expreiences self-staged an all out performance for something like 8 hours.  Also in the lineup, St Louis Science Hip Hop All Stars hosted by MC Da Fly D Ex, featured DJ Needles, Chilly C and DJ Sno from Q95.5

Honors English featured MC Kash, MC Teflon, MC Young Thunder, Trackstar, Trog, DJ Anisto and OShae.  Wax Murders on 88.1 KDHX featured MC Da Fly D Ex, DJ Iceman, Smitty, Solo, and special guests A-Flex & MC Stoney Rock.  Advance Dance presented Crisis, DJ Fakt, DJ Catalyst, DJ Balance, and special guests DJ Pyle, DJ Tsunami, MC Brace and MC Terror.

There was a also a chakra dance hosted a Nia Yoga Movement Activity at the Main Stage with instructor Tracy Goldenberg.

The rest of the lineup hailed form all over the country; DJ Nitro, Paul Birken, Dankskii, Josh Werner, Frankie Vega,  Tim Fusion, Astroboy, 12 Playas featuring DJs Electric, G-13 & Brother Name, Saint Vitas, Matt French, Mike Hawk, Mr. Noize, Fleshdriver, Mental Floss, Sonar, The Acid Fellas, Kid Spin & Matt Sather, DJ Matimus aka Marty Evens, Stac 1, Rik Fade, Trevor Matthews vs Don Tinsley, Sydeburnz aka Jack Napier, James Miller Junior, Submerge 101, Curtis Chip, David Diagonal, Stan Doublin vs Sirian, DJ Zeek, DJ Retroblast, Mary Jane, The Lady Foursquare, Auto Axon, DJ Clarity, Jim K, Curtis R, Leon Lamont, Lady Espina, Reverend Tweek vs DJ Flavor, Ben Armstrong, Andy B, Arum, Airyck Sterrett, Shawn New, Seth and Mack, Rah B, Sinister, D-Jam, Diggz vs Patrick Field, Tony Foo Young, Lucky Luciano, Dream Sequence, Avex Axiom, Shen, DJ Toby w/ L-Dude, Joe B One, Spincer, obuchiteck, Dervish, Bobby Duracel, N8, Fozzie, Synnister, Dr Foster vs Professor Tom, Herbal Assassins, DJs TWO Tone vs N.M.E., Christina Jane, N.Nothing, Funk Monkeys, Jiminy Kick-It Gruv-U, DJ Frantick, DJ Vox, Poor Boy Rich, Michael Wenz, Tempest, DJ Deil, Julian Rivera, Sunkissed & Nick G, Space Head, Opie Kuttingham, DJ Soulfreak, DJ Kee, DJ Cody V, Suplex, DJ Housefucker, DJ KLMNOP, DJ Nay, Doc Hyde MD, Unkl Chuck, Centrific, Divide by Zero & Fly Hight Plato - The  Filthy Pop Sluts, Sytrohs.

all photos by Kourtney

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Friday, July 09, 2004


Another great party goes off at the Stray Cat, featuring Heather Hart and Lunatik, with local support from Xan Lucero & Atom Bryce, Kid Charlemane, Dan Palmer, and DJ Shelley.  A second room featured more more locals of a more Jungle/DnB flavor and included Traci_Dub, Game, Spinstylez, cQuence, MC Scenario, Milo vs Blue, and 4Star.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

usaf thunderbirds

I dropped in on the Kansas City downtown airport for a couple of quick shots of the USAF Thunderbirds.  There were quite a few people there.  You could not even park down in that area.  We had to park across the bridge and walk down.  It was great show though!