july 2004 charts

by Brent Crampton ~ "The Charts" is a monthly column that let's you know what regional, national and internationl dj's are playing currently. They pick out there top ten records and let you know why those tracks are buzzin' through their head. Check out what tunes are currently hot - what's about to be hot - and what records never leave a dj's bag.

Photo by Tabitha Russell

Proving that the real estate slogan of “location, location, location” is true to its calling, Sona has been immersed in what some DJs are calling the current mecca of house music, Texas. Having DJ'd for only three years, Sona has held down countless residencies in the booming nightlife in the state and has recently dug into the production side. His style is designed to move dat ass with chunky percussion, jazzy riffs and of course that oh-so-boompty-boomp sound. Sona took out some time to lay down his top ten tracks at the moment. Check out what the Texas breeding ground is fertilizing for the future of house.

Check out his website for bio and free download mixes

Brett Johnson – Silly String(Aesoteric): "Uncle Suga Knees" does it again with his crazy arrangments of bleeps, boompty basslines and Dave Barker's disturbing cool voice to make this a bumping track.

Martin Venetjoki - Let me be(Mouthful): Man, Mouthful has been puttin’ out nothing but quality these past few releases, and Martin ups the stakes with this techy track, and a hint of latin flava.

The Littlemen vs. Andy Kinky - Dirtbag(Mobile Traxx): I’m not sure if this is out yet, but this track is friggin smooth. A great opening track with a deep bassline and sexy femme vocals.

Martin Venetjoki – Really Don’t Stop (Sole Unlimited): Oh yeah. We all remember this soulful jackin track from Mark Farina's "Connect" cd. I still wear this track out, it’s just so badass! And ladies eat the male vocals up like cupcakes.

Demarkus Lewis – Fuzzy Slippers(Flat and Round): Demarkus delivers it with the "I can do what you can do." The best track on the EP in my opinion.

Demarkus & Kelle Lewis feat. Lady D – The Hustler EP(Vista): Darlene, Kelle, and De pimp it D-town style on this one. Kelle makes her production debut with a very impressive "Im a Freak" featuring the lovely

Lady D. Demarkus' "Frequency and Motion" is a floor crusher! Its simple, yet full of energy. Guaranteed to get the asses jigglin.

No Assembly Required – This is Jazz (Doubledown): Man. Justin and Dan come up with the sickest tracks with little to know effort! The bassline hits you straight in the gut and the piano riffs are catchy as hell.

Lavish Habits – Unzip it (Select Recordings): Lavish Habits(Paul Paredes, Mike Constantino, Redeye, and Thomas Sahs) keep it dirty and raunchy with "Unzip It." This track will make you laugh your ass off, and it serves as a perfect soundtrack to your . . . ahem . . . bedroom agenda.

East Coast Boogiemen feat. Heather – Picture: These cats bring a raw, punk rock feel to this mix of Heather Robinson's provocative vocals.

Metro Area – 4. (Environ): An oldy, but goody. This track is so funky, and its screaming throwback. Definitely a hit with the Electro crowd.

John Daminato
photo by Curt King A.K.A. Datasphere

Electronic music artists with such cutting-edge creativity, technological proficiency and unique inspiration as Chicago-based-veteran John Daminato are few and far between. Immersed in the nightlife culture for seven years. Daminato began mixing vinyl and progressed toward creating his own tracks as he built upon and improved his personal studio. John displays a rough underground energy with groove sensibility and universal appeal. There is no doubt that he is one to look out for in the future.

Check out his website for more info!

1. Dog Days (original mix) - Spectral Sound - Mathew Dear - Basically this sounds like a Prince tune to me, just modernized and tweaked. The vocal is catchy and has 80's dust all over it.

Getting Hot (original Mix) - Rescue Recordings - Mr. G - This is a track that I really like blending for long periods of time. It's a very minimal floor pounder, vocal cuts throughout the mix that just adds that perfect energy when your in need of some vocal content and/or an easy way out of another record.

Mocha Disco - Jamayka records - Johnny Fiasco - The slight filtered guitars and groove got me locked on this track, even deep house fans seem to really dig it.

Meditation to the Groove (Johnny Fiasco remix) - OM Records - Kascade - Johnny Fiasco's groove combined with Kaskades vocals . . .You just can't go wrong. Never leave home without this cut.
It's you it's me (more vox mix) - -OM Records - -Kaskade - The lyrics of this song really hit home with me. It just reminds me of a consistent love affair where nobody is step-in step-out able to make a commitment. Not to mention the sound quality of Kaskade is outstanding!

Returning - Chriss Mccormack/UK Gold - I just really love the energy this track has. UK Gold has nailed it on this one with the solo and groove placement of stabs. There’s something special about the kick drum too.

Rollin on Feat. aB (original mix) - Lowered recordings - Rollin on - These are some of the catchiest vocals I have heard on a dance tune in a while. This track reminds me of some supped-up disco cut, but at the same time not. I like the way it mixes too, with the vocal hook filtering up in the mix, simple formulas that work.

Just one look (Jacob London remix) - Jamayka records - Moodlex - I love this quirky vocal and groove combo. It's that boompty boomp groove with funky synth stabs and a well programmed breakdown. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing a production trend like this.

So philthy - Blockhead recordings - -Joey Youngman - I just happened to stumble upon this cut walking into a record shop and hearing someone play it. I was hooked on the EP. It's has a really funky synth hook that reels you in and carries you along for the ride. I would like to hear more from this producer.

Disco cubizm - Versatile records - i:cube - This is one of the oldest cuts that I still play out all the time. It's just so French and funky with a filtered melody and groove that I can't seem to let go of. One of those cuts that you heard out and then it took 6months to actually find it.

Jeffrey Zion
photo by Jeff Fox

Jeffrey Zion is a true veteran to dance music. Having grown up in NYC, his history in the bouncing beat spans over four decades and countless transformations. He’s graced the dancefloors of the infamous Paradise Garage and was blessed (or cursed) enough to dance to the underground disco sounds of Larry Levan. He was the first American to hold a residency in Asia (Hong Kong) at the Manhattan Club where he was treated like a rockstar and celebrities such as David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Jackie Chan danced to his groove. He started out playing disco and early house sounds and has since drawn upon his jewish roots and moved into the territory of goa/psytrance from Israel. Today you can find him residing in Indianapolis and striving to “win the youth over for God” through his musical ministry.

Let There Be Light - Astral Projection - It's the beginning of Genesis and people love it!

Amen - Astral Projection - Need I say more? Amen

Techno Boom Boom - Mumbo Jumbo - Pounding, electric psytrance as you like it!

Quel Cimitiere - Tegma - Dark percussive monster!

Critical Mass - Eat Static - Pounding grooves make this industrial hit massive on dance floors!

Enervate - Transa - Classic trance caned by everyone including yours truly!

Release Me - Infected Mushroon - With samples from Independence Day this psytrance classic rocks everywhere it's played

3d 2002 - DBA - Christian trance that rawks!

Manic Organic - Psychoid - You can smoke the bass on this one!

Angelcage - Machineries of Heaven - The ethereal strings on this psytek thriller a dance floor favorite.

Lady Crysis
photo by todd

Lady Crisis is one of many female dj’s in Iowa. Whether it be her ecclectic fashion, or smooth sense break beat tracks - Lady Crisis is at the fore-front of the Iowa Electronic Dance scene. Her keen attribute of ambition has driven her to create her own website and manage a group of DJs - Dangerous Minds. She usually finds herself somewhere on the DJ lineup for the shows in Iowa and with her sponsorphis with Hip Step Sistaz, you’d be surprised to find out she has only been djing for 2 years.

For more information, check out the web sites for Dangerous Minds or Hip Step Sistaz.

David Dummy & Sierra Sam- Gravity Funk [Written and produced by Sammy Goossens & David Rubach] (Dedkob) - This track is all that is funky. If I want to liven a place up with some electro funk this is definitely the plate I'll throw down!

Jackal & Hyde- Seek & Destroy (Hallucination) - An oldie but a goodie, I love everything about this track. If this track - doesn't get people moving I don't know what will. Jackal & Hyde knows what's up.

Sharaz- What's That Sound? (941) - Sharaz is known for producing funky breaks but he switches it up a bit by throwing in some electro influenced sounds into this one. When thrown on the wheels of steel, its a for sure crowd pleaser.

Exzakt- Musik is the Drug Remixes [Kinesthetic's Soul Search Mix] (Monotone) - AHHHH, a bit different than what I normally play...but, damn this track gets me moving. I'm not usually a sucker for tribal but this is
definitely an exception. You better get your ass moving when this one gets layed down.

MetaMinds- From the Outside Looking In [Written and produced by Exzakt] - (Exceleration Records) - The first time I heard this track I just had to have it. Great tune to chill out too and a must have track for all the electro heads.

Andrea Parker feat. DJ Assault & DJ Godfather- Freaky Bitches (Touchin Bass) - How can you resist an Andrea Parker track? Freaky Bitches is dark and dirty- just how I like it ;)

Decal- Burn From the Inside Remixes [Si Begg Remix] (Satamile) - A great opener and an excellent track. Definitely check this out, its pretty much undescribable.

I.B.M [Industrial Bass Machine]- Devastate the Planet [Produced by Scott Weiser & Phil Klein] (Cyberian Knights Recordings) - Industrial Bass Machine- Need I say more? This plate is HOT- enough said.

Exzakt: Repressed- Entire record including tracks: Musik is the Drug, Transfusion, Sleeping with the Enemy, and Off Course (Monotone) - If you haven't noticed, you will now. Exzakt is one of my favorite producers. He'll keep your feet moving and your blood pumpin - highly recommended.

Nas 010- Subsky-Albino [Blueroom Project Breaks Mix] (Nascent Recordings) - More on the progressive break side, this track is great to sit back and relax too. Very melodic and emotional-at least, for me.


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