by Brent Crampton  ~ Artwork by Betsy Borchardt ~ photos by Unknown

“Together is an idea, a dream, a life, that includes all. Together is for you and me and lives through us all. We freely give so that we may freely receive, we give what we have to give and share what is given.”

This is the eloquently stated mission of the annual event, Together based in Iowa. Together began last summer with the simple idea of bringing together all djs, groups of people and promotion groups on a fare and unbiased level. It’s a free 3-day camping event celebrating music and art on August 13-15th, location T.B.A.

While most scenes move into clubs and become focused on making the coveted dollar, Iowa is fighting for it’s true appeal to a rave culture, and Together is just the reflection of the bigger picture of unity amongst the ravers throughout Iowa. In my experience with the followers of electronic music in Iowa, there is a sense of purity and unity in the scene that has been long lost in other areas of the country. It’s not unheard of to have someone drive across half the state just to go to a VFW Hall to see a bunch of locals djs play. And amongst the mass compiling of people at these events, one can often see someone walking around with a tin can in their hand with the words “ Donations for Together” printed on the side. Throughout the night people give anything from pocket change to a $50 bill to raise funds.

What can one expect at this event? Let’s just say a VERY long list of local Iowa dj talent and a hand full of bands and hip hop artists. To name a few, one can hear classic trance selections from Airyck Sterrett, or chi-town deep house from Dj Alert, boucin’ hardcore bumpers from Kernel Scurry, bangin’ hard house courtesy of The Noid and even a live p.a. performance via Omaha’s own Trinity Sound System. The current list of djs to perform skyrockets into more than 40! Plus there will be this year’s new addition of the “Rainbowl Marketplace” which will provide a place for craft vendors to sell their art at the event. The money gained from the market will be donated to a charity and will help to fund future Together events. Multiple stages, a chill area, woods to connect with, food vending, fire performances, political awareness speeches, tye dye silk screen workshops to name a hand full of the things happening.

This event is a rave! Maybe not in the physical sense, but in the idealized sense of what a rave stood for. They are not making money, nor are they taking credit for the event. In an email I received from their office, “please don't use my name unless you have to . . . because together is a group effort with the reward being the party, not credit for actions.” In fact, this event was partly motivated to hindering the natural separation caused by competing promotional groups and bring everyone together on an unbiased playing field. Together is truly a community event that takes many and forms them into one for three days. For more information on this event, or to make a donation, be sure to visit their web site.


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