Sunday, May 07, 2017

march for babies kc 2017

Premature birth is the leading cause of death in newborns, as well as contributing to serious illness and disability in infants.  Many of those born prematurely experience developmental delays, chronic respiratory problems, along with vision and hearing impairment.  Some require long-term intensive care and ongoing treatment to ensure they live happy and healthy lives.

The March of Dimes supports life-saving research towards discovery of new treatment options for the prevention of serious illness and birth defects.  They also lobby legislatures to ensure adequate health care coverage for all pregnant women, babies, and children.

On a beautiful Sunday morning in Kansas City, our team walked in support of this mission, along with thousands of others in the Kansas City 2017 March for Babies.

Various activities provided some amusement for children of all ages prior to start of the short one-mile march down Grand Boulevard to 18th Street.  The return trip passed over the Walnut bridge, which hosted memorials for those babies that did not make it, a solemn reminder of the reason for walking. It is uncertain how many folks actually participated, but the event raised nearly a half million dollars.

If you missed it, the organization hosts similar events throughout the year, in cities across the United States.  Check the March for Babies web site for more information, and then put on your walking shoes to help save the lives of those born early It is that easy.  This one event raised nearly a half million dollars!

... that is all the photos from this event ...

Monday, May 01, 2017


... a monthly column presenting five random topics of interest associated with the underlying themes of the site ... music . dance . life . art . culture ...

The header image this month is a shot of a turntable in motion at a random even in 2002.

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With the release of their EP ‘Fracture’ this month on Mad Decent, Slumberjack is hitting the road on tour in support of this production.  They are dropping on the most random places along the way too.  They made a recent appearance on “Like a Version,” joined by Sydnee Carter for the single ‘Afraid Unafraid.’  Lyricist and producer K. Flay also joined the fray with a string trio, covering M.I.A.’ track ‘Paper Planes.'


Electroland celebrates the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris on July 8, 2016 at the base of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  Steve Aoki and Australian duo Nervo are set to perform, with support from French DJs Michael Calfan and Richard Orlinski.  Main rides throughout the park will remain open during the event for a completely PLUR-istic experience at what will likely be the happiest place on planet.


Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, and the well-known anthem that was almost never recorded, are the subject in this edition of The Financial Times series, 'The Life of a Song:  The Message',   The podcast is one of many exploring the story of just one track, its origins and early recordings, along with the good and the bad covers. 


Illinois Central - George Josimovich, 1927 - courtesy of Terra Foundation

The Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art just released a new mini-site to facilitate research into Chicago art history. Chicago’s Art-Related Archival Materials: A Terra Foundation Resource | Archives of American Art was funded with a grant from the Terra Foundation, part of its 2017 Art Design Chicago initiative. The space will feature special exhibitions, publications, a comprehensive guide to the collections of materials related to Chicago art, and a multitude of related items.


"Thomas Edison and the Origins of Surf Filmography," takes a look at the work of Robert Bonine, As a camera man for the Edison for the production company, he provided the world with its first motion picture look at of surfing in Hawai'i and other cultural aspects of the island chain in 1906.


There is not a lot to report this month that you probably do not already know.  March 2004 is completely restored.  The re-sort of the original zine issues and articles is complete.  Some new albums are coming soon, and we are looking at publishing some of the mixes collected over the years.   New columns are under consideration, and new writers are always welcome.  

We are looking to expand the social aspect of the site currently, with folks interested in writing columns similar to this, or any one of these topics, or pitch us your idea.  Either leave comment below or get in touch with the editor at phocas.

Friday, April 28, 2017

crashing thru miami back to kc

Out east, Winter Music Conference is probably the closest thing there is to Ibiza; that is, in March 2004.  There were huge events going on out west, and randomly in the south of the US, but nothing was quite as consistent as this particular onslaught of Electronic Dance Music, EDM, or whatever your favorite nickname might happen to be.

Solaris and I traveled down there in the first part of March, hooking up with several of his comrades here and there, and generally running down a path of debauchery and mayhem.

In addition to the ultimate party of the day, Ultra Music Festival, he had a gig playing live at local radio station, The Womb.

We dropped by several pool parties, stumbled across a few other KC and STL folks, hung out with the likes of Biz Markie, Doug E Fresh, and Slick Rick at a private little affair at Pearl Champagne Lounge, and danced all night to a solid line-up of Techno that included  Christian Smith, Mistress Barbara, and Marco Bailey at Tronic Treatment.

Coming back to Kansas City might have been a letdown after all that, but we returned just in time for a little Snake Saturday in the northland, and local message forum Syde-Sho was throwing a huge little party for their 3rd anniversary.

The very next night we enjoyed a special treat from New York, when Tortured Soul came to play. They are definitely an act to catch, if you ever get the chance.  I don't think they have been to KC since they played Kabal later in 2004.

St Patrick's Day landed on Grand Boulevard a few days later.  It seemed a bit more mute than usual, with an entire entourage of public safety officials monitoring the situation.

Coupled with a war protest on the Plaza later that week, the times they were a changing.

The party kept going though.  DeepFix Records event moved to Fridays at Kabal, and a crazy little Monday night called BLO, burst on the scene with a Prom Night like none before at the Empire Room.

The following month only stepped things up a bit, but we will get to that shortly.  There were three hot little parties that fired up in town, and Spring was only beginning to bloom.

View all events from March 2004 ... 

Monday, April 03, 2017


... a monthly column presenting five random topics of interest associated with the underlying themes of  the site ... music . dance . life . art . culture  

This month's header image comes from those taken during the Kansas City St Patrick's Day Parade in 2002, on Grand Avenue Boulevard, looking north from about 22nd Street.

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gif by David Szakaly
A new form of musical expression from by Brian Eno, the founding father of Ambient, Generative takes things to a whole new level of interactivity and creativity. Recently, he released a 54-minute track Reflection along with a counterpart that is much longer, available through an app that provides users the ability to render their own remixes of the track, into infinity.

Only one of several discussed in “Infinite Music ∞ Makes It Last Forever” by Eli Zeger, in cuepoint, they are all part of an old tradition in Ambient circles of artists exploring temporal boundaries.  One person may never hear an entire track, as some are scores meant to go on for hundreds of years.


A collaboration between Mobumichi Asai, design studio WOW, and the University of Tokyo Watanabe Laboratory, “INORI (prayer)” features a dance performance video with live facial projection mapping that modifies the facial costume of the dancers.  Check out the final performance by the dance duo AyaBambi, likely most famous for their work with Madonna, using the world’s fastest high-speed projector with 3d mapping and high precision sensor tracking.


This past month, scientists figured out how to store data at the atomic level, and suggest it is the future of data storage. The discovery by IBM is the culmination of 35 years of nanotechnology research using their Nobel prize-winning scanning tunneling microscope.  While it is not quite ready for the consumer market, it is a leap forward, with endless possibilities for the future.  An entire lifetime of data might one day soon be stored on something the size of a credit card, or perhaps even an SD card.


A Magical 3D Mapping Projection ‘Sofia’s Starmap’ appeared on the 14th century Cathedral of Vilnius, Lithuania earlier in the month.  The fairy tale was stretched across the façade, using the architecture as a canvas, over an area of more than 1216 square meters.   A partnership between emerging producer Liudas Lazauskasand the visual arts team from Miracles, the tale from Roe Deers is one for any age.  The leading character, Sophia falls asleep among a dream where the Moon takes her across the universe.  In meeting the planets, she learns lessons in vanity, ski-deep beauty, and the fear of losing someone you care about.


An interesting exploration of the differences between modern eastern and western civilizations through mental schemes, reasoning, and learning situations; not opinions of any particular topic.  The 45-minute documentary is English and produced by EBS, national public television in Korea featuring educational and cultural programs.


Look to this space in coming issues for updates on the site, a bit of a ChangeLog transmission.  As of this date, event photos through March 2004 have been restored.  The zine that ran from 2004 through 2006 is fully restored, but photos and stories are completely MIA from 2007 & 2008.  That will be fixed soon. Otherwise, events are being restored to the original date of the event.  The related post on the site hosts five images chosen for one reason or another, and beneath those, a link to the album. New columns are under consideration, and new writers are always welcome.  We are looking to expand the social aspect of the site currently, with folks interested in writing columns similar to this, or these topics. Just get in touch with the editor at phocas.

Friday, March 31, 2017

a stray zoolu

The change to a publication format was well received, and we only stepped back the number of events photographed slightly during February 2004. The 12 events photographed during the month were huge affairs though.  Everyone seemed to be celebrating something, and it was the final month of carnival.

It all got started with a great little celebration at The Cup & Saucer.  Wednesday Perk had hit the 2-year mark, hosting a fantastic lineup of local talent, along with a great show of support from the community.

The Empire Room also hosted a little blow-out celebrating their recent remodeling, with an equal level of excitement.  Local DJ Bill Pile kept the dance floor packed most of night.

He and Steve Thorell had that effect on things though.  Fridays at The Point were rarely disappointing, their weekly party in the basement.

Although not quite on the same level, I played a little set down at Evolution, which was quite a lot of fun.  It was definitely not of the same caliber as events that came before it, and paled in comparison with that coming for the remainder of the month.

Out in Lawrence, the hugely anticipated "Phuk Luv" went off fantastically.  Joe covered the opening sets, which gave me a chance to have a chat with Ming & FS, for publication in the March 2004 issue.  It was a great opportunity to talk with them about their work, as well as getting a few of their thoughts on the music industry.

Almost immediately after that, we left for New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Not just for that controlled chaos though. Another anniversary was happening. Zoolu, the annual rave at the State Palace was celebrating their 10th with the usual massive line-up over two nights. Packed on both occasions, it was an intense spectacle full of some of the best EDM from around the country, and the icing on the Mardi Gras cake.

The day after returning from that otherworldly dimension, Kansas City stepped up to offer the first of many wild nights at the Stray Cat. A funky little old theater from decades gone that used to sit where the Spring Center is now, Audacity turned the place inside out and upside down, with a full house packed and dancing hard all night long.

Meanwhile in Memphis, Kourtney was covering a peformance by Lawrence local DJ Bobby Duracel. He had picked up an opening slot for the D:Fuse show there, "How Memphis Got Its Groove Back," which looked to be quite a lot fun.

We were getting ready to turn things up a notch in March too. Flying down to Miami with DJ Solaris, we arranged to get into as much trouble as we were capable of, the first part of March. St Patrick's Day arrived in Kansas City too, and Frisky moved to Fridays, among various other events of interest, soon to be restored.

Monday, March 06, 2017

re:store re:define

{Offtrack playing re:phocas ~ jan.2004 ~ photo by Mage}
The number of events covered in January 2004 exploded.  A good part of that was a need to get out and “flyer” for our forthcoming show at the end of the month, though there was never much of that.

The event photos throughout the month did all the work, with the flyer plastered to the front of the site throughout the entire month.

I stopped in on The Cup and several club nights around town, including XO, the Empire, The Point, and of course, Kabal.  Frisky always had a good Thursday too.

It all started off in the grime of the dirty little place on Guinotte though, just after the beginning of the new year.

RJ Bass held a little soiree down at XO for his birthday, having reach the ripe old age of 30, and Solaris got a good spanking for his birthday.

There were a couple of random little stops too, such as Hannah’s Bistro, where Steve Thorell was doing a different sort of gig, with live percussion accompaniment.  I also found myself invited to an afterhours cocktail hour at what I think might have been the last night of the Italian Gardens.

A trip to Chicago in the frozen depths of this winter month provided the lead story for the upcoming shift in the site format to a publication.  Bradshaw endured that little road trip with me, and was a huge help in getting us both home.

We had a good time, meeting up with Offtrack, booked to play the event launching the publication at the end of the month.  We dropped in on Justin Long at SmartBar, and visited with the guys at Gramaphone Records.

We agreed to leave Stardust 4 after he got what he needed for the story, which was sometime around 1 am.  The long journey to Kansas City ensued, and an important lesson in stamina accompanied with caffeine.

After that little adventure, all attention focused on the upcoming launch party.  I stopped in a few different places, and made it over to the monthly Submission.

Otherwise I was dropping in ta the regular club spots, and putting the final touches on the site redesign and new publication. Incorporating stories, interviews and reviews related to electronic dance music, and moving forward as publication under, held a good amount of support from a lot of folks.  Several jumped onboard immediately to help with the effort, as well helping with the event.

There was near disaster on the day of, with a venue change. The show passed all expectations though. You could say Kabal got raved in the process.   It was at capacity most of the night.  We took over the basement and had one wild party.

{@re:phocas ~ photo by Mage}
Having to move the venue on the day of the event seemed to only add to the odd excitement surrounding the whole affair too. Word traveled swiftly that morning, across the internet and mobile communication. Messages were flying everywhere with the news of the venue change.

Coupled with the atmosphere of the partially completely basement at Kabal, it gave it the right sort of rave feel. It kind of looked that way too on several occasions, and after the fact.  It was fun.

Trip back in time through those photos and all the others restored from January 2004, then look back through that first issue of the publication.  A few of the stories are associated with the photos, as were more as the publication progressed.

Next in the lineup, a return to Mardi Gras, Kourtney parties in Memphis, and things kick off at The Stray Cat.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017



Recently introduced to Pogo, an individual producing some unique and interesting tracks using popular movies bytes, we found this pretty amazing.  This isn't just one sample over and over, but rather a multiplicity of sounds from all over a particular movie.  He has covered multiple Disney movies quite well and only recently sampled Star Trek: The Next Generation too.  Drop in on his YouTube channel, You will definitely find something to amuse you.


Break dancer Raphael Xavier, awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship for choreography in 2016, is still breaking it down after 30 years.  Sitting down with Christopher Minor of the Hartford Courant, he talks a little about life and dance, his recovery from a spinal injury, and what it all means.


february night sky - by todd
Cornell University wrote in the Science Daily that finding habitable exoplanets now may be easier. Apparently, "astronomers report that hydrogen pouring from volcanic sources on planets throughout the universe could improve the chances of locating life in the cosmos."  The only problem we have though, is getting there. Technology still lags behind in transport to those regions.


"The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth and the perfect place to show off " is seeking anyone and everyone, on any creative or inventive level, interested in promoting their art through science, craft, homesteading or engineering.  Planned for June 24 & 25 in Kansas City, the event will also include music, food, workshops, and various performances.


National Geographic shows us "a fresh picture of the ambitions and cultural impact" of the most daring seafarers and explorers to rage across the continent.  The Vikings conquests stretch from the coldest regions of Europe to North America and deep into Russia, and are still celebrated today through reenactments like that shown in an accompanying 360 video.

"breakdown" is a monthly column presenting five random topics of interest associated with the underlying themes of this site ... music . dance . life . art . culture.

This month's header image was taken during Mardi Gras 2002, at the intersection of Rue de Decatur and Frenchman Street, a popular place for local musicians to gather during that particular night for a bit of live improvisational music for a rave-like crowd, dancing well into the night.

We welcome any thoughts on the column or the related stories.  Leave a comment below, or share it along.  Archive issues are available through the menu at the bottom of the page on desktop, or through the Story Archive tab from any device.

Sunday, February 05, 2017



There have been many interpretations of one of the most acclaimed novels by Jules Verne,‘Around the World 80 Days, but none quite like this, featuring Flux Pavillion.  Their rendition kicks off in Australia on the first weekend in March, and comes to North America in April for two months, with more dates planned around the world, in a plan to travel 'Around the World in 80 Raves.'


Students came together at the University of Iowa over the weekend to celebrate child cancer survivors, remember those that did not, and help to raise more than $2.5 million to benefit pediatric patients battling cancer.  The 24-hour University of Iowa Dance Marathon is only one of a series of events held throughout the year by the largest student run organization on campus, dedicated to raising money to support children recieving treatment at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.


Image:  Wemples
Researchers have discovered that sleeping provides the brain an opportunity to shrink connecting neurons by as much as 20 percent, giving them a chance to recharge and grow stronger during the next learning cycle.  "Sleeping Shrinks the Brain... and That's a Good Thing"


Husband and wife independent film makers William and Anais Yeager devoted 7 years of their lives creating the film trilogy "Jesus of Malibu" in the hopes of raising conscious awareness of humanity, and create positive change in the world.  "The Film That Changed The World" is a documentary film of that journey, and premiered in October 2015 at the Red Dirt International Film Festival, winning the "Most Inspirational Film" award.  The film is set to screen in Kansas City on May 19.


Image: CBC Music, The Strombo Show

Tool front man Maynard James Keenan spoke out this week, providing a few interesting thoughts towards modern culture and overzealous fans, indicating the world needs a metaphorical meteor to help society get its act together.  In a rare conversation on The Strombo Show he went on to say, "It's unfortunate that the voice that social media has given people, they're so disconnected with the bigger picture and the movements of things. We really need a meteor. We need something that's going to get people organized with each other."

"breakdown" is a monthly column presenting five random topics of interest, related to the underlying themes of this site ... dance . music . life . art . culture.

This month's header image was taken just before the Bacchus Parade passed by Michel's on St. Charles Avenue, during Mardi Gras 2001, by the author.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017



After selling out the iconic Belasco Theatre in LA last month, Party Thieves is hitting the road on his Max Capacity Tour. The globe-trotting DJ’s first headlining run of 2017 takes on a unique spin to the average tour - four-stops, 300 person capacity venues and all free admission.  Keep up with all the latest on this tour through Party Thieves Facebook page.


Although Akira Armstrong had already appeared in Beyoncé videos, not matter what she did, she could not seem to find an agent to represent her as a professional dancer because of her size.  Staring her own dance company, devoted to plus-size dancers, Akira hopes to change perception of what the body of a dancer should look like.  Her dance company "Pretty Big Movement," is doing just that, disrupting stereotypes in the dance community, one routine at a time.  Learn more about Pretty Big Movement through a special video produced by The Scene.


Get in tune with the universe this New Year of the Rooster, with a simple Chinese method for clarifying the mind and finding freedom.  The Secret of the Golden Flower, an ancient Taoist text on inner alchemy promises a simple way to improve your whole life.


Using a large camera obscura in his East London studio, contemporary English photographer Richard Learoyd creates figure studies, portraits and still lifes neither glamorous nor retouched, exuding a serene power along with mesmerizing detail.  An exhibition of his work opens at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City on February 10, and Richard Learoyd will be in Kansas City for a conversation about this work on February 17 at 6 pm.  Tickets are free and can be reserved through the Nelson-Atkins web site.


Happy New Year of the Rooster!  Hopefully, you got an opportunity to drop in on some of the festivities this year.  The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art held their celebration today. We did not make it out, but did last year. There were numerous other events around the world too, and the Lantern Festival is not until February 11, so there is still time to be a part of it all.

That is all there is for this week.  Check back next Sunday for another edition of "breakdown," a new column presenting five random topics of interest, related to dance . music . life . art . culture.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

22 jan 17 breakdown

photo courtesy of rephlektor ink

After a meteoric rise to the top of the electronic music scene in 2016, Joyryde is powering into 2017 with a new mix and slew of North American dates. The UK-bred producer just released his Diplo & Friends Radio 1 mix, giving fans a taste of his favorite heavy-hitting selects. The hour-long mix is brimming with unreleased originals and remixes, careening from UK grime and garage to hip-hop and bass. Listen to the mix and catch Joyrryde on tour this month.

The wait is finally over for the highly anticipated music video to El Dusty's "La Chusa," featuring Camilo Lara and Toy Selectah. Influenced by the old Texan wive's tale that inspired the track, the music video is an animated adventure into a world where women transform into birds and nothing is truly as it seems.

If you fell in love with Alex Midi's cover of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle," get ready because we've got two new remixes to turn up with. First up, Broz Rodriguez goes hard with a high-octane, bass-heavy take. Jorge Nava's edit, on the other hand, will please trance and progressive house fans with it's uplifting melodies and hypnotic beat. Listen to the remixes out now on Aftercluv and find your own favorite today, available on all digital partners.

After announcing the release of their new album, Glare, through the web app, The M Machine haveu nveiled their next single “Voyeur.” The track is a heavily-synthesized, technicolor composition steaming with lush instrumental work and haunting vocals. To listen to the new track, fans can access across digital platforms or via the dedicated web app.

British songstress Alex Mills first joined the Ultra Music family with last summer’s collaboration alongside Hot Since 82 “The Core,” and now she returns with her debut solo release “Be Somebody.”

A tribute to Ruffneck’s 90s house classic “Everybody Be Somebody,” Mills’ voice cascades over the radio-ready record’s simplistic piano chords and kaleidoscopic synth pops. The budding vocalist has worked with a slew of notable artists in the past, ranging from heavyweights like Basement Jaxx and UK grime pioneer Wiley, to underground heroes like Lee Foss and Chris Lorenzo.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

restoring brian o'nine

Brian continued photographing longer than any other, through to the middle of 2009.  His contributions and commitment provided an interesting look at EDM events in St Louis, as well as a few in Kansas City.  They also provided some contrast towards those in earlier years, and a little inspiration.

Since there were only 12 events covered in that year, I decided to take a step back from restoring the older work, and get those restored.  The year before that is similar in stature, so it may follow quickly behind.

He started the month off, much the same as always.  The first event for the years occurred in the early AM hours following New Year’s Eve, with a little party hosted by The Breakfast Club, and then a few days later dropped in on a little party called Club of Love.  He jumped out to Kansas City for Critical Mass, and then closed out the month with a back-to-back party night with George Acosta, and then over to Cyber Circus.

It was a busy time for him, and we did not hear from him again until April, when he dropped into Kansas City for an event featuring local radio personality DJ c-Vaughn.  He must have been lurking in the area, because the next day, he was down in Clinton for a little rave called Spring 4 Green.

May afforded a bit more time, and he dropped in on what must have been an awesome show featuring Mustafa Avdic & Matt Rissi, and then went back-to-back again in St Louis with Rumble in the Jungle and Robotown Getdown.  Things were getting too busy for him though and he closed the month, and his contributions, on the last of May at a little birthday party called Fear and Loathing.

The world was knee-deep in Social Media by that time, everyone had their own camera, and all of the contributors (including myself), were just too busy with other life matters.  I only photographed one other event during the year, KC Indian Fest in October.  That event really marked the beginning of discovering a new path for the site.  While others and I had covered similar events, the site generally tended to shy away from non-EDM events.  It was time for change.

The next several years, I took a few photos here and there at various events I happened to attend, and wrote more about them.  In 2013, the site started to wander towards what it had been in the past.  It just did not feel right though and by May of that year, I slowed things down again.  The site needed to be something more than that.

Since that time, I continued exploring a broader range of events, and writing more than photographing and including video, while beginning work on the restoration of older work.  My partner and I talked through what we wanted to do with the site, and decided we were on a good bearing, but need help to make it grow.

The site remains a free, independent, non-profit media site, dedicated to sharing news and information related to dance, music, life, art, and cultural events anywhere we happen to be.

We continue to receive numerous press releases, but are limited in our capacity, and are only publishing a select few at this time.  We hope to find others interested in volunteering their talent and time towards basic copyediting of press releases for publication, and/or writing original stories. Additionally, we hope to find others interested in helping grow the site further. Get in touch with us, if you are interested or know someone that is.

Until next time... check back every week for a little something different, usually on Friday.

Friday, January 13, 2017

higher love

“Higher Love” is collaboration between two of the scene’s most innovative artists, Seven Lions and Anjunabeats young gun Jason Ross. Adding the vocal talents of MUTEMATH’s Paul Meany.

Responsible for some of the finest reworks in the Anjunabeats catalogue, Seven Lions’ experimental approach transformed the likes of Above & Beyond’s “You Got To Go” and Velvetine’s “The Great Divide” into modern cult classics. 

His first original release on the label aligns him with a mainstay of the Anjunabeatsroster, Jason Ross, whose ear for uplifting melodies and polished club records has turned him into a global star in 2016.

Collaborating on a remix of Seven Lion’s smash “Creation”, the two realized the relationship could go farther. Adding Paul Meany, from American alternative rock band MUTEMATH, a veteran talent with a keen indie sensibility who was immediately drawn to the tune.

“This collab with Jason was probably one of the quickest and smoothest collabs I've ever worked on,” said Jeff. “It started out with a really simple piano melody that you hear in the middle and then we just started building on it over a few weeks. All through email but we would be working on it at the same time and constantly sending updates. I think it was a really fun collab. We are really excited about how it turned out.”

Selling out shows all over the North American continent, Seven Lions headlining “The Journey” tour takes you on a musical journey.

Upcoming Seven Lions Tour Dates

Jan. 21 - Edmonton, AB - World Waterpark

Jan. 25 - Tallahassee, FL - Coliseum

Jan. 26 - Orlando, FL - Gilt Nightclub

Jan. 27 - Tampa, FL - The RITZ Ybor

Jan. 28 - Miami, FL - Mana Wynwood

Friday, January 06, 2017

flosstradamus came up

Since unleashing their latest single “Came Up” with a live performance featuring Post Malone at Splice x Mysteryland remix contest in 2015. 

Jorgen shifts the track into a more instrumentally driven tune, using the vocals only as a hook that leads into poppy trap breakdowns. 

Also fusing more future bass elements into their remix, Rickyxsan’s rework slows down the track a notch with an influx of bubbly future bass synthesizers.

The last two tracks gives “Came Up” a different feel. First with graves & Clips X Ahoy delivering a trapped out VIP edit ready for the festival mainstage and Casper and B turning the track to a feel-good groove, filled with uplifting and saccharine melodies.