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Coils glow pink and purple around black lights at the 604 Paramore Sessions New Years Eve extravaganza put on 666 ZipCode Town Rekkids in December of 2002.

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Berlin’s Clubcommissioner Lutz Leichsenring and Amsterdam’s Night Mayor Mirik Milan officially launched "The Creative Footprint" this month.  This innovative new project goal is to gather data data about every single music venue in NYC, and work closely with nightlife scene in the city to find solutions to problems around gentrification.


image courtesy of Tesseract

In a quest to push the limits of dance At REDCAT, 'Tesseract' blurs dance boundaries over four days, in 21st century psychdelic trip dream state that takes viewers on a sci-fi journey into geometry turned human.  The show in LA was the last before the performance at 2017 Next Wave Festival.


Escherichia coli:  Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH

Scientists Train Bacteria To Build Unnatural Proteins not found in nature, by a team of scientists at Scripps Research Institute, in the emerging field of Synthetic Biology.  The research could eventually be used to produce drugs designed to engineer off-patent formulation of drugs produced by other companies.


Mt Julian at Rocky Mountain National Park by gT
The Art Rangers: How photography is helping to save U.S. National Parks discusses a new project by a community of artists to in support of the National Parks in the United States.  100% of print proceeds go straight back towards preserving the Parks.


screenshot from Chicago Tribute video of mural in progress
Giant mural by Kerry James Marshall honors Chicago women of culture, dubbed "Rush More" pays respect to women who have shaped arts and culture in Chicago in this mural that is nearly 1/2 football field in width.


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