Friday, October 01, 2004

on decks october 2004

Here's what I have received this month on CD. Get me a copy of yours and we will have a listen and post a thought or three up here. Eventually, we may even create some sort of rating system or something. Until then, this is what's on the street this month!

Eclypz - oldschoolClassics Vol 8
Exactly what the title says. Also says, "recorded on Lo-Fi cassette (1996) resurrected from the bottom of my tape bin"

Tim Hjersted - Dancing Life
House. Kind of Progressive, kind of Trancy, pretty good.

Tim Hjersted - Live @ Where It's At 2004
As good as it was then, I'm sure.

Mas.One - Primal Essentials (Pt.1-Milk)
Mmmmm... Techno. Very nice indeed.

Mas.One - Live @ Dance Rituals (06.04.04 - 1 to 2 am)
Again, just as good as it was then.

Alan Paul - Live @ Dance Rituals (06.04.04 - 12 to 1 am)
Really good, with a sprinkling of favorites along the way.

Ron-E - Intensity Rising
Good, Trancy, Progressive House sort of feel to this. Definitely with an Intensity Rising.

Wizzo - Time to Jack
Good Solid House Music. I had hard time pullin this out of my car CD deck.

superstar dj lee charts

intro by Brent Crampton ~ photo by Misha ~ Superstar DJ Lee has been rockin' tha dancefloor since early 95. Over the years he has performed with the likes of Bad Boy Bill, Joey Beltram, DJ Icey, Angel Alanis, and countless other world renown DJ's. His 5 year stint as the DJ in the band, George Zip, gave him the chance to play alongside such national acts as The Kottonmouth Kings, 2SkinneeJ's and Ziggy Marley.

Considered one of the main players in the introduction to dance music culture in Omaha, Lee has continued to be on top of his game while keeping modest about his music and his life. Lee currently holds residency at Omaha's 415 where he, along with Myth, book DJ's for Omaha's premiere underground house club. Here's what has been rocking the Omaha scene lately.

Deep Sensation - Somehow, Somewhere (There's a Soul Heaven - ITH records) - Tight male vocals over a smoothed out bass line, this track is essential for any house DJ.

The Beginners Feat. Harold - Tonight's the Night (Phats and Small Mutant Disco Remix)- Waxhabit - I love Phats and Small. These guys always come up with quality groovin' tracks.

Phats and Small - Sun Comes Out - BMG - Once again, you can't go wrong with these guys. This track is a killer closer.

Soul Avengers - Love You Feel - White - Upbeat filtered madness. This track just makes you happy.

Matt Caseli - Regina's Porn Track - ProgCity - Sexy latino vocals balances out this smooth disco print.

Dr. Kucho! - Lies to Yourself - Discdoctor - This guy is another amazing producer. The analogish breakdown towards the end brings this track to perfection.

Mov-Ya! & Steve Lavers - Monkey Scratch - Intergroove - Thick hard tweaky breaks. That's all you need to get the night going right.

Unknown - Thunderstruck - Hill Bill Records - AC/DC's Thunderstruck intro over a pounding broken kick drum. Gets the crowd's attention every time.

Steelzawheelz - D-Fonk - West - Hard techy funked up breaks with a little soul built in.

Unknown - Midnight Caress - White - Gorgio Moroder's Midnight Express mashed up with a pounding kick. Gotta have some of the old school to appreciate the new.

kaoss aka plan9 charts

intro by Brent Crampton ~ Photo by Shawn Patrick ~ Dj and Producer extrodinaire Kaoss, aka plan9 has been on the edge of the midwest DnB scene since it's inception. His record label, Cymbalism Recordings has done better than anyone could have expected. "It's way bigger," according to part owner and public relations agent Shawn Patrick, "than we ever thought. And when they find out we're from Omaha, they are surprised." And they should be surprised considering Cymbalism has signed artists such as Pish Posh from New York, formerly of Jungle Sky, Contour from Finland and Greg Packer from Australia to name a few. Not to mention they have three record distributors putting their tracks on an international market. Cymbalism's next release is scheduled to come out in a few weeks with music by their roster artist, "oS." The record will be available on their web site, or through any major online electronic music record store.

Here is the skinny on the unreleased tracks that Koass has been spinning.

Nightbreed - Pack of Wolves (Pendulum rmx) - Ram recordings El Hornet and Co load up the samples from the original, toss them in their dancefloor blender and pour out another assault with the lethal pendulum signature crowd mover full of surprises from the 1/2 tempo intro to the rough and tough buildup and roaring bassline . . . essential!

Contour - Moving Higher (Greg Packer remix) - (dubplate) - It's hard to pick the best out of the 4 versions of this tune, but the Greg Packer remix totally does it for me personally. His use of filters and sweeps and the monster bassdrive set this track apart. This remix is great for those who like it rough and those who like to roll it out . Huge tune and coming soon to a turntable near you in 2005!

Static + Regula - Destruct Sequence - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) hailing from perth come two new figures in the dnb scene and they're not holding back on anything beat wise. "Destruct Sequence" sounds like the stepchild of cause 4 concern, surprising bass switches and drum patterns make this first outing for the australia crew a definate ear catcher. this is a deep, deep tune.

Pendulum - Masochist - Breakbeat Kaos recordings if you haven't heard this one, you've been living under a rock. the adventurous intro takes you onto the trail with pendulum then suddenly . . . The attack! The drop from hell on this one, insane bass line, vicious drums and bass - plus animal sounds . . .I mean, how much more jungle can you get??

oS - 808 - Cymbalism Recordings following months of anticipation and after full support from the likes of dj clever (offshore recording) and psidream (DSCI4, renegade hardware) , " 808" finally drops at the end of september. If you've heard it, you know how powerful it is. Beautiful work from New York's best kept secret . . . as close as you could get to Photek without having him produce it himself. for those of you who appreciate drum n bass . . . this is a must buy.

Kind of Zero - Oslo - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) one of our best kept secrets, Ukranian producer kind of zero brings us this vocal stomper! Every time this tune breaks down I get asked who it is. The vocal is catchy and the sneaky drop leading to the big bass line and steppy drums makes this tune another dance floor consumer.

Submorphics - Stereo 72 - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) - The submorphics crew are the new liquid kings of drum n bass . . . or soon will be. "stereo 72", in my personal opinion, ranks right up there with the likes of high contrast and marcus intalex. Fans of the hosptial and creative source sound will flock to this one, scheduled for 2005 release on cymbalism - essential business here.

Duo Infernale - Postive Vibes - Nemcron Recordings (dub) - With the recent surge of ragga reflourishing the scene, Duo Infernale don't hesitate to use it to bring the business. Don't let the intelligent intro fool you, the second the drop and air horns sound, It'll be hard to control your body from moving - major tune here.

Rawtee + C-Kwens - Robotech - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) - The Florida boy wonder and partner c-kwens come thru on this reece filled chomper for future release on Cymbalism in 2005! Heavy, heavy duty business here, big bass lines, tearin drums, upfront and in your face drum n bass!

Plan9 + Extract - Epidemic - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) myself under the plan9 alias and partner extract have been hard at work with original tunes lately, this one finished up this week comes just in time for halloween with its "Dawn of the Dead" samples. The haunting breakdown and filtered drumwork lead up to the massive drop and huge basslines for another Cymbalism original aimed towards the dancefloor.

hardrive charts

photos & bio courtesy of ~ Dj Hardrive was inspired by the electronic music scene back in 1991 when he attended his first event in San Francisco. He realized his passion for the music was stronger than anything he has ever felt before. It wasn’t till 1996 that he picked up his first pair of turntables and started learning how to mix. He has now been djing ever since and pursuing all of his goals in the electronic music scene.

By 1999, Dj Hardrive was playing almost every party in the South Florida and spinning at out of state events as well. Spinning with some of the world's best talent like; Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Sasha & Digweed, Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Fat Boy Slim, Rabbit in the Moon, Crystal Method, and so many more.

Around the year 2000 Dj Hardrive realized that the music he loved so much (techno, hard dance, and psy trance) was not represented enough in South Florida. He wanted to see the scene expand and grow with people being opened minded to all styles of electronic music. So he decided to start his own production company called “The Hazmat Crew” that consisted of numerous Dj’s playing all styles of electronic music. He was now keeping very busy organizing events all over the South Florida area. Working very hard djing all the time he still managed to organize events that would consist of all styles of electronic music. He was the first promoter in U.S. to throw a party with more Hard Dance dj’s than any other event in the U.S. He was also responsible for bringing over the first international Hard Dance dj’s on the East Coast.

It was not long before Dj’s, production companies, and record labels from the U.K. realized that Dj Hardrive was someone that was trying to help the music grow over in the U.S. He was approached by Andrew Innes from Fevah Productions in 2002 to join the Fevah Family. Fevah productions established their company in other parts of the world like New Zealand, London, Australia and now here in the U.S. When Hardrive got the chance to join this production company he was thrilled more than ever. It had now seemed that all of his hard work was paying off and being noticed.

Now in the present time of the year 2004 Dj Hardrive has taken a break from organizing events only to pursue his music career more. He has been lucky to have met so many great dj’s, producers, and promoters in other areas across the globe that have helped him to pursue all of his goals. He is now working on engineering and producing his own music full time. He has recently been working in the Studio with close friend Alex Calver from Glitch Records in the U.K. on techno music. A few releases are already been pressed on Glitch and Bare Damage Records.

Dj Hardrive is definitly a person who has dedicated his life to the electronic music scene for the past 10 years. He is now focusing most of his time in the studio working on hard techno tracks and he believes his love and passion for the music will grow stronger throughout the years to come.

Here's a Top 10, he threw together for us!

SALTPETER - BJORN BOMMERSHEIM - THE FX (Awesome vocal sample on this one. Music kicks out for a second from time to time to repeat the vocal to stand out more and then back into business. The placement of the stabs and percussions sounds are arranged real nice to give a nice catchy groove with the track.)

GOATHEAD - SONS OF PIRU - NATIVE DIFFUSION (This is a new record label out of Holland and so far I like what I have heard. This has a nice ride with a nice build of sounds and effects to make the sound get more into it throughout the track. Keep your eyes out for this label in the future.)

BACK STAB COMMUNITY - D-CULTURE & STUFFED - THE RIPBACK (Nice flow on this one, has a lot of backround sound to the effects and echoes put on the twisted vocal to make it stand out very nice.)

MANKIND - DUSTIN ZAHN & IAN LEHMAN - THE ATTACK PEOPLE (Straight proper techno! Great track for the percussion sounds and nice sailing smooth flows that gel nicely into the track.)

INTEC - MARCO BAILEY - NEVER SAY NEVER (This one is one of my favorite tracks, Marco Bailey always seems to bring the tracks he makes more to life with a great break in the track with a funky feel to the bassline and a awesome vocal stab that just hits and sounds perfect.)

SHROOM - SAM TOWNSAND & ALEX CALVER - PERVERT (Real catchy vocal from a fat boy slim song along side a techno beat with some stab sounds from the D&B world. This one will have the dance floor "shakin' their ass!" for sure.)

YING YANG - PEDRO DELGARDO VS JIM FISH - AUDIO (This track is a solid techno groove with some wickid filter effects on the track to make the sound stand out so much more when the beat comes back in. Real nice track!)

WICCA - ANDRE WALTER - SAM HAIN (This is more on the straight forward tip, just straight hard banging techno! Good for any techno dj.)

T:CLASSIX - RUSH & SNEO - I CONTROL THE BASS (Another favorite track of mine, it has a slice of a vocal you can't make out and a great beat with a killer bassline that makes me move the whole time.)

SUBSONIX - ALEX CALVER & TIM VISION - LAST JAM (This track kicks ass. Awesome vocal sample and a fresh new sound to the techno world. All I have to say is Alex Calver has been putting tracks out lately that are just new and cutting edge for the techno genre and that is a good thing!)
Be sure to check out his web site,, for all the latest, including photos, video and mp3 downloads!

travis fleetwood charts

intro by Brent Crampton ~ photo by Darcie H ~ Travis is an ambitious dj of the Iowa house music scene. He's the founder of Motivated Music Recordings which has released the mix series " Motivated" by Travis. Travis plays a wide range of house music from the deep stuff all the way to the banging tech house tracks. He's gone on a New Zealand tour and frequently dj's Iowa events. Check out his web site at http:// and order a free copy of one of his mix cd's.

"Calinda" Laurent Wolf (Ritmo-Dynamic) - I haven't heard a bad remix of this song yet! This track has a great mix of well done vocals and kicking bass line, and has become resident in my crate this summer.

"Mochico C" Mochico - I got a shipment of wax about an hour before I left for New Zealand, so I didn't have a chance to even listen to this track before I layed it down at Centro in Auckland! Great tribal track to get people moving!

Can't Loose" DJ Vitamin D - Sweet, sweet vocals with a pounding beat that won't quit! Available on Nine Records.

"Yours Is Yours" A&A (Solmatic) - Dave Armstrong and Christian Alvarez, along with Red Eye and DJ DLG, weigh in with a heavily funked up house track that resurfaced in my collection after a few months. The original and the remixes have been heating up dj crates worldwide.

"Pistol Whip" High Caliber (Olive) - A great balance of house/techno and high energy beats from this production duo! The entire Illegally Download This Album release is packed full of dirty house/techno flavor!

"Challenge For Sark" Dr Kucho (Disc Doctor) - I admit it...I pretty much play this record for the Tron samples. Fortunately, it has a funky bass line, and you can dance to it!

"Fascinated" David Garcia & Jay Walker (IHR) - This track just plain rocks!

"You Will (Miss Me)" Pique & Nique - Another dirty house track, with a piano drop that gets me everytime.

"Fuck The Drink" The Floorfillerz (Colorecordings) - Ultra funky with a tech edge, off the Tracks For Your Box: Session One release.

"Paradise" Stevie Wonder - This Poolboy release is remix perfection!


interview & photos by todd ~ Originally from Long Island, NY, SVS has been playing around in Kansas City since mid-2000, playing different types of music over that time and finally settling on Jungle & DnB and pushing the limits of that since. Mike has never been one for a lot of words, but I thought that it was high time that I sat down and found out a little more about where he's been and where he's going. First I had to figure out who I was going to talk to, because for the longest time, I thought this guy was about three different people. I knew Lingo and I had heard of the DJ SVS and then there was Mike.

So, SVS? Where did that nickname come from?

I used to be really in to Mad Magazine and the whole Spy vs Spy.

Listening to you speak, it's hard to believe you're from Long Island. You have no accent at all really.

No. I adapted pretty fast. I came out in December of 1999. I think I was about 20. I got a lot of people telling me that I talked weird, so I started talking a bit more nasal and midwestern.

Any urge to move back?

Oh yea, about once or twice a month. I sometimes think, "Man, why did I come here?"

(laugh) Well, Why did you?

My dad moved out here after I graduated High School and initially, I stayed out in New York with my mom. Then, she got transferred out here and one day I decided that I wanted a change and came out here to check it out.

Where you in the "scene" out there?

I went to like two parties out there. I wasn't really super huge into it, but it was something that was kind of cool to go to every once in a while.

So, you're first party was out there, do you remember anything about it?

It was Woodstock '99. They had bands all day and DJs all night in an airplane hanger. So, my first party was Daft Punk, Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Deiselboy. I couldn't tell you who they were at the time.

You still didn't get heavily involved though?

No, I went to those few parties, but it wasn't something that I just had to do. I was still more into alternative rock and heavier stuff.

Was there anything in particular that moved you in the direction of going to parties more and DJing?

I was just out one day and saw this kid that looked like a raver and I asked him, "Do they have raves out here?". He pulled out like four flyers and gave them to me and I've been going ever since.

When did you start playing and what did you play and what did you play?

Somewhere around spring of 2000. I played some really horrible, epic-progressive-house-trance or something. I don't know. Rob Lee got me started playing. He was playing that same crap. I bought similar stuff.

So you moved in to jungle after that?

Yea. I played for a little bit. I played Trance that summer and moved to Lawrence and then Topeka and I kind of like... dropped out, just started listening to music a lot. Jungle seemed a little more appealing to me.

You don't just play, you also promote too. You threw the first Christmas Massacre pretty much on your own and have been involved in numerous other events What else have you been involved with?

I used to help out Bradshaw and Soda with the Echobass parties. Rob Lee and I have done quite a few parties together. I think every party that I've done he's been involved with and vice versa.

It sounds like Rob Lee has been a pretty big influence in your party and DJ life.

I think he was like the second DJ that I met here. We met at an after party and he asked me if I wanted to go to St Louis with him the next day, so I did and we've been hanging out ever since.

Any other influences?

Yea, I lived next to Offtrack for about a year and a half and we used to trade records back and forth. I would get bored with Jungle and I would borrow like 20 of his records and he would borrow 20 of mine and we would just play at my place, or I would go over to his place and play. I played Jungle kind of like Trance at first, because that was all that I really knew, then I started playing it more like Techno because I was playing with Offtrack a lot. I think I just kind of combined the smoother blending of Trance with the chunkier, slappier side of Techno.

Sounds like a lot of experimentation went on before you finally choose the genre you are currently playing. Though, I haven't seen a demo from you in a while. Have you just been really busy, or are you making the same move that everyone else seems to be making these days and moving your CD distribution to the internet?

I still do them every once in a while. I'm getting ready to do another soon. I usually give my CDs out a little more randomly. I would rather hand them out to random people that I don't know, rather than give them to people that I do know. Because if it's good or bad, they usually don't tell you much. Well, if it's bad, they'll get on the list and tell everybody it's bad, but if it's good, they won't say anything.

So, where do you things are headed? Do you think things are fading?

I don't think things are fading. I think it just got so mainstream and that really wasn't the point of it. I think things are moving back to the way they used to be. We've kind of reached a plateau and everyone started doing it. It wasn't about the music anymore, it was about trying to be cool. I think a lot of the people that did it for the right reasons are still out there trying to keep it low key and keep it underground, sort of.

When do you think that peak was and what brought it there?

I think it was all of the attention on drug use. Everyone in the media put so much attention on raves, telling people that they shouldn't go. If you start telling all the kids not to go to these really fun parties because they might have too much fun and they get a bunch of drugs and suddenly everyone wants to go. I think electronic music is no different than punk or rock-n-roll. We're still pretty early in our movement. It took rock probably 20 years to become accepted. All the adults hated Elvis back in the day because they just didn't understand it.

That's exactly right. When the Rock-N-Roll culture first emerged, it was treated in much the same way that Electronic music has been treated. Back then, all of the music that was being done was done for the adults. The kids didn't have music of their own. They listened to what their parents listened to. Rock-n-Roll burst on to the scene and it exclusively for the kids, not the adults. The tables have kind of turned now and Rock-n-Roll is something that every kid's parent listens to, so the kids want something of their own, something their parents won't like and sing along with on the way to the soccer game.

Right. I know some parents though that listen to all of that crap, even some that listen to Korn.

(Charity from Sublunary AM had been sitting with us and at this point interjected that her mom had come to a party at one time, or still does come to them. The recording was kind of bad, and I don't remember exactly, but it led to the next question.)

You ever take your mom to a party?

No. She supports what I do, but I don't think she likes it. She doesn't really understand or has the wrong idea because of the media propaganda, but realizes that it's my thing and supports it.

Is there anything else you've been up to?

I have a new cd coming out in December that is so far untitled, but mainly trying to get the Massacre party put together. Technically it's the third. The real Massacre 3 just didn't happen because we had lost so much money on Space Banger that we couldn't afford to do it. But this year it's going to go off, definitely. Everything is in place this time.

The first one was like 500 kids. The second one was about the same. Last year fell through, but this one, I think is gonna be great. We're also putting together a New Year's Massacre on New Year's Eve. Christmas will be all house and then the New Year's will be mostly Jungle. I just figured that every New Year's Eve there's all kinds of club events going on, but rarely any all ages events. My thing is mostly that I am trying to do really good cheap shows.

Back to your music though. You have been playing a lot more shows recently, and you've been playing down here at the Cup & Saucer for Wednesday Perk more and more, what's going on there?

I started off just helping Des and Brian out, as a sort of a backup. Brian just got a new job and starts next week or something and he's not going to be able to be as involved as much and I am going to step up for him and will be the new resident starting in October. I am playing a party in Des Moines on October 30. They are doing it at the Blake Park Zoo. I don't remember the name of it and then there's the Pravis Nox - Juggalo Gathering, the night before (10/29), here in Kansas City. Supposedly, the band that's headlining appeared on Howard Stern or something like that.

For the Perk, what will you be playin, more downtempo or just the darker SVS style?

It's hard to know what the crowd is going to be like here from week to week. Sometimes, you have a lot of kids down here, sometimes it's more Emo or Rocker. I try to not play my darker stuff here because it is such a mixed crowd. I usually try to play a bit more upbeat Dnb, I guess.

So, give us a feel for what you really like. Give me a top 10, if you can.

Well, some of my favorite labels are Virus, L Plates, Renegade Hardware, Outbreak and Magic Vinyl. A couple of my favorite web sites are, & OLEO Clothing. I would have to say that my top 10 records of all time (in no particular order) are:


V/A "The X PROJECT pt1" Technique Recordings
Bad Company "Book of the Bad vol 1 & 2" BC Recordings
Peshay "Miles From Home" Blue
Stakka & Skynet "Clockwerk EP" Underfire Recordings
Dom & Keaton "Archeon" Moving Shadow
Dillinja "Cybertron" Valve Recordings
Trace "Mutations I-IV" DSCi4
Optical & Ryme Tyme "Twisted" Virus 001
Gridlock & Silver "Pacemaker" unknown
Plejik "Surrender - Muffler & 420 rmx" Magic Vinyl
For more information about DJ SVS, be sure to check out his web site at, or drop in on Sublunary Artist Management's web site.

He also his most recent mixes, such as The Visitor, Punisher & Insomniac, are available for download on his web site, just click the link here to listen now!

general malice

an interview by phelyne ~ photos by N20 / Freeburning / Digital Bombing ~ This month the heavyweight known as General Malice stepped up to the plate to answer a few questions about his career as one of the most up and coming worldwide innovators of the new ragga jungle sound. This cat is originally from Minneapolis and has lived all over the country including Chicago, New York and LA. With several releases out on labels like Big Cat and N20, its hard to miss this up and comer when you look in the ragga section. Being a huge fan of him myself, I wanted to know how he sees the world and his career.

Who and what do you currently represent? Why?

N2O Recordings , Big Cat Recs. , Junglistic Pressure the meanest , rawest , jungle sound around. spent a lot of time paying my dues to represent what i do. We take a lot of pride in our work, and dedicate ourselves to it.

You have been successfully putting out tracks for several years. How old were you when your first record sold out and how has the industry changed since then?

19, when big cat 1 came out. It seems like back then, not as many people had their own labels and not many people were releasing records similar to my style. A lot of people in the game that try to bring you down, but that's always been there.

What kind of gear/software do you use to produce and do you make ragga jungle only?

A combination of hardware and software. try to change my set up every now and then, just to add flavor and variety to the production. I've always made a lot of different types of beats, mainly jungle. Dark hardstep tunes, straight dnb, dancehall riddims, hip-hop , most of what i've released has been ragga jungle so far, but recently had N2O releases which have featured harder, darker sounds. and there is a ton coming out soon of all styles.

Has putting out tracks helped your dj career as far as getting more paid bookings?

It's a huge piece of it. If you can release multiple records that are in demand, you 're gonna have the dubs of the new material. I always focused on the djing end of things , and thats where I started.

What do you have to say to encourage heads to stay positively involved in what's going on in the scene around them?

It's vital to stay invovled and to contribute. Too many heads are trying to get such a small piece of fame, through very dis-honorable acts. Pay your dues, dedicate your life to your style and the progress of it. Focus on getting what you do out to people, whether it be your music, art, throwin parties. anything. just get goin.

What labels do you produce for and will you have any new tracks coming out soon?

N2O , and Big Cat Records. Have a ton of new tracks coming out, you're gonna have to check the following sites to get the info: EnterTheDojo / Ragga Records / N2O Records / Digital Bombing / Junglistic Pressure


photos by todd, kourtney, with additional photos courtesy of Fevah Records & Tribal Vision

It has been a long time in the works, but it is finally coming together. With numerous complications arising, there was a lot of doubt at first that this event would really even happen at all. Finally, last week, the "all clear" was signaled and we moved forward with previously stalled preparations.

For the main stage of this event, you will be witness to a night of good solid Techno. At times it will be a bit Housey, sometimes in your face, hard and fast. The DJs performing at this event are some of the finest that the Central MidWest has to offer and they are determined to give you what you need.

In stark contrast, if the beat becomes too much, you'll be able to drop by the Chill Lounge and take a moment to collect yourself, regroup and just relax for a minute. This room will also play hose to some of the finest in their genre, as well.

Without further adieu, here's what the lineup looks like on the main stage and the chill out lounge. At some points, it's going to be a hard choice. Hopefully, there will be enough overlap that you will be able to get a glimpse of everyone's talents.

Miami, FL
Fevah Records

"Dj Hardrive has has been lucky to have met so many great dj’s, producers, and promoters in other areas across the globe that have helped him to pursue all of his goals. He is now working on engineering and producing his own music full time. He has recently been working in the Studio with close friend Alex Calver from Glitch Records in the U.K. on techno music. A few releases are already been pressed on Glitch and Bare Damage Records.

Dj Hardrive is definitely a person who has dedicated his life to the electronic music scene for the past 10 years. He is now focusing most of his time in the studio working on hard techno tracks and he believes his love and passion for the music will grow stronger throughout the years to come."
- excerpt from bio on

Chill Out
Topeka, KS
666 ZipCode Town Records

His recent recent, "Muladhara" is what really compelled me to bring him as the headliner for the Chill Out room. It is definitely one of the best chillout mixes that I have heard and he's going to have some to give away that night for the lucky few that are there early. In his own words, "The Muladhara is the first of the seven Chakras, and is associated with the earth element. A manifestation of four petals, corresponding to the states of the purest joy, natural pleasure, delight in controlling passions, and blissfulness in concentration. All of these qualities correspond to the bliss of realizing the Divine in the physical body. Found at the base of the spine it contains the primal energy associated with the colors red, yellow, and golden. These colors represent the present, the here and now of an individual. "

Hard Techno
Techno Justice League
Industrial Area
Overland Park, KS

Solaris is a one-of-a-kind DJ hailing from Kansas City. He plays a style of Techno that is rarely heard in the Central MidWest, but can be found pounding out of the speakers in many of the larger cities around the United States. He plays Hard Techno, has always played Hard Techno and will probably continue to play Techno until the day that falls over dead on top of his turntables. While many DJs flip flop and delve in to other genre's of electronic music, his continued dedication and devotion to this particular genre led me to ask him to "bring it on."

Topeka, KS

The first time I heard Clandestine play was at the 666 ZipCode Town Records Company Picnic at Gage Park in Topeka. I knew then that soon we would be hearing more from this DJ. Clandestine will be closing out the night. This is not something to be missed. If you don't like Trance, this might just be the DJ that changes your mind about it. Just back from Burning Man in Black Rock City, NV and anxious to show Kansas City what he can do, he is certain to take you on a trip down the truly Psychedelic path.

RJ Bass vs Bucho
RJ: Kabal, Club Evolution, BassIllum
Bucho: Broklyn Squad, SydeSho / EvilThreads
Kansas City, MO

These two have been the reigning champions of downtempo and chillout tunes for the longest time. Bucho's "Beats... " series are anxiously awaited by many. When he sets his mind to it, you are definitely in for a bit of a journey. At the same time, RJ keeps pushing his own limits by spinning up a fine mixture of downtempo tunes, even going so far as to start a special night in Kansas City specifically for this genre.

Topeka, KS

What can you say about a person that has done so much, simply for the love of music? Well, there's a lot that can be said about this man, but it's probably better to save space and just say that he has definitely been an active ingredient in the electronic music scene, continuing to always work for the common interest. This evening, you will not be hearing his usual banging style of NRG though. On this particular night, he will be bringing us his own version of DownTempo to the Chillout Lounge. You will definitely want to not miss this very special DJ set.

AJ Entertainment / Kabal
Kansas City, MO

JAH has been playing here in Kansas City for quite a while. Sometimes HipHop, sometimes Ragga or Dnb, but always faithful to playing "a lil somethin" for ya. Hosting Happy Hour at Kabal for the last several months, he has become quite adept at setting a mood for a lounge. Be sure to drop by and check him out. You will be in for a pleasant surprise, for certain.

Tim Hjersted -
Tech House
Tribal Vision
Lawrence, KS

Tim is among the finest of the Tech House DJs in the Central MidWest. Blending styles both new and old, labeling himself a bit "eclectic", he is sure bring a bit of smile to your ears and get your feet moving.

Industrial Area
Overland Park, KS

In the Goth / Industrial, they do things a little different, but not all that different. It's just like when you go to England. Sometimes, the names change, but it means essentially the same thing. With this introduction, he will bring PowerNoise to the event. Some might just call it Techno, or not. You be the judge. Come out and see what you think. Either way, it is no less driving.

Mix as needed. It's only a $5 donation, so come on out. Don't wait too late though, you might not get in at all.

This event will go from 10 pm until 5 am. Because of the nature of this event, there will be restrictions made at the door to ensure a safe and fun time for all in attendance.

This information will be posted to the online flyer. The location of this event will be posted there, as well as all other updates regarding this event.

Media Inquires should be sent at least 3 days prior to the event to. No media access will be granted at the event.

If you are interested in helping setup this event, we are looking for a few good people, just eMail

cowboy strut

by Brent Crampton ~ image courtesy of ~ Blunted Funk Recordings is a record company based out of Brooklyn, New York. Their fourth release, “Cowboy Strut Ep,” just came out in September and has caught the attention of Lance DeSardi, Luke McKeehan and Jay Tripwire to name a few.

Scottie B is a producer and DJ who has been a part of the deep house community for a decade comes out with his track “Cowboy Strut” which starts off starts off punchy with spacey bleeps. Soon a cool rising melody sets in to break in a deep and penetrating baseline. Once the breakdown hits, an A to B baseline sets in and the kick comes back unannounced to bring the climax of the track with a floating voice stab and spacey quirk sounds. This track definitely has a smooth and refreshing deep tech house sound with a minimal approach.

Ethan’s ‘Army of One’ remix of the “Cowboy Strut” picks up the energy a bit from the last track but with the same dark and melodic appeal. To spice things up a bit, Ethan throws in a dark electro baseline and melodic synths. The break down has a break beat teaser with the rewind effect and then into a heavy percussive groove with a slow approaching acid line that sets the track over the top. Another break down hits with an echoed synth which sends the track into an early morning rocker.

Tommy Moye and Bryan Tyson end the ep with “Oh You Like That” taking on a unique poly rhythm approach. This track is borderline techno with enough strung out keys to keep you coming back to the candy man for more. The break down hits and throws the groove around with climbing and descending keys until the kick drums comes back with a humming baseline. This track is original with slammin’ drums and a peak hour feel.

To get your hands on this EP, just visit

put a lid on it

story & photo by todd ~ It was recently that I was having a conversation with a friend at a club, when I was suddenly and quite unexpectedly sloshed with some liquid or another. A quick glance around provided me with all of the information that I needed to determine what had happened. There was a guy standing nearby talking to a friend of his, who he had just bumped in to, causing the sloshing.

There was really nothing that could have been done to prevent it, so I just brushed myself off, accepted his quick apology and went on talking to the person I was talking to.

She fed off of that little incident though and immediately starting telling me about how she had already been sloshed so many times out on the dance floor and was getting a little tired of it. She went on to tell me that people were even being rude when she pointed out their obvious error, telling her things like, "Oh, it will be ok. I'm sure that it will wash right out." and "Oh well, it happens."

That is not the point. The point is nobody wants to get back in to their car to go home smelling like they just crawled out of a bottle of Stoli.

I think that I have been to only one Club night in Kansas City that has actually solved this little dilemma though. That is The Hurricane. Their solution is cheap and effective on several fronts. They put lids on their drinks, or they used to. I'm not sure if they do anymore, but drink lids are cheap. They really don't cost much more than the plastic cup that they are meant to cover.

Their effectiveness can be witnessed on three major fronts. First, you don't have people sloshing drinks all over each other. This in itself is enough to prevent a few of the random fist fights that occur. Second, you don't have people sloshing drinks all over the floor. This saves the janitor a little time after the party. Third, drink lids assist in preventing the spread of "predatory" drugs. Basically, it's much easier to drop something in an open cup than in one that isn't.

So, club owners, if you are using plastic drink cups, why not put a lid on it? You're patrons will thank you and you won't have to stay up so late mopping the floor.

chicago house music association official launch party

1st Annual DJ Softball Tournament ~ story & photos by Monkey ~ I finally woke up around 8:30a.m., Sunday morning of Labor Day weekend, when I noticed there was a text message on my phone. After only getting about an hour and a half of sleep I sat by the window of Dino’s 3rd story loft near downtown Chicago and talked with a good friend while having a morning smoke. It was peaceful. My partners in crime for the weekend, Jefferson and Dino, were still awake from the night before. The event of the day was the Chicago House Music Association’s First Annual DJ Softball Tournament. I was pretty excited about going because I knew quite a few of the DJs and was prepared to watch them be silly getting their game on. It supposed to start around 11am so I hopped in the shower while Jefferson made some of the coffee I brought up from Kansas City. When I got out of the shower he was out like a light. I tried waking him a few times to no avail. So I poured myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my homework I had brought, and sat down at the table to let my hair dry while I read my assignment.

10:30a.m. rolls around and I tried to wake Jefferson up again. His eyes open and it looks like the lights are on, but nobody’s home. I stand there and realize that neither of them are going to get up for the game and I am in Chicago with no car. I made an executive decision to just leave and get to the game myself. I called Offtrack and he told me that the easiest way would be to take a bus, but he wasn’t sure which one I would need to take. I didn’t even have the venue address with me; all I knew was that it was 1200 something Halstead Avenue. I called Max, my old friend from Dusttraxx, who told me exactly how to get there via bus and subway.

I got myself prepared for the day and realized how excited I was to be having a little adventure on my own. I’ve traveled alone before in Los Angeles, surely I can make it in Chicago. Dino’s roommate was on his way to work and said he would show me which bus to take and where to transfer. We got on the Chicago Ave. bus and then I got off and transferred to the bus that dropped me right at the front of the YMCA. There weren’t a lot of people there when I arrived, which was fine with me. The weather was hazy and mild and the teams were warming up and getting ready to play.

The first game was Sure vs. Rane and I notice immediately that Lego is the head of his team, while the team was wearing white jerseys with SURE on the back and number 35 on all of them, he’s wearing a St. Louis Cardinals shirt. He’s a small and mighty firecracker of a softball player and he takes it very seriously. Lady D showed up and we talked for a minute while watching the game.

She was playing for the Martini Ranch team and I asked her if her team had practiced. She said no and we laughed, both of us knowing it should be a fun game to watch. Sure was shutting out the Rane team, 17 – 0 in the 6th inning so they just decided it was over. During the game when their team was at bat Lego and XL were getting on the stadium mic to announce the players and were having a blast with it talking about how a player’s shoes completed his ensemble. It was a riot.

The next game was Martini Ranch vs. Sound-bar. Much to her surprise I’m sure, Lady D pitched the entire game. It was great, she hit two players with the ball and both fell to the ground rolling around and laughing, but she also struck out two players consecutively. Sound-bar won that game.

The entire day the DJs were taking turns playing really good house music. It was blasting from the speakers and every once in a while someone on the field would start wiggling their butt. The music only added to the tremendously fun atmosphere in the ballpark.

The final game was about to come on when I got a call from my partners in crime, they were finally awake and on the way! I was glad because they were brining me the other camera battery and I hadn’t gotten to take many pictures of the Martini Ranch game.

At one point, while I was running around, the ladies that were in charge of the scoreboard and announcements let me announce Mark Grant coming into the field, and when Jefferson and the gang got there, I got back up on the mic to announce Bear Who? I was so excited as I said, “Stepping to the plate, Number 35, again, Bear Whooooooooo!” I was announcing the players on the stadium speakers!

They also gave me a t-shirt from the game. Sujan, one of the girls working, was super nice and said since I’d been there all day I could just have one. I got a minute to chat with Mark Grant, whom I haven’t seen in a long time, right before he had to go back on the field. He volunteered to be the umpire for the last game and things immediately began to get intense. They started arguing over plays and the arguments escalated a little father than normal. But they were soon resolved and the game continued. Sure Team ended up beating Sound-bar 7-2.

Even after the party with Jevon Jackson at Moonshine; seeing Diz, Justin Long & Dayhota at BigWig, as well as a trip to Smart Bar's Metro Area to see Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani, I think I would have to say this softball game was the best, hands down. Seeing people that you have heard of, that you know, or that you’ve followed musically for quite some time playing softball is just straight up awesome. I think the idea was a fantastic one and hope that they can continue on and make this a Chicago tradition.

For more photos of the game, just visit the Festivals & Cultural Events section of the gallery! For photos from some of the club nights in Chicago, just check the Club Nights section!

For more information about the Chicago House Music Association, visit their website at

october 2004 editor note

This month's cover is a photo taken by Monkey while working on the CHMA story in Chicago. She had a pretty good time and got to hang out with some old friends and some really good people.

Sherri took the one to the right. There I am again, hanging out with friends & DJ Tony Markham and phocas writer, bPostive at one of the first nights of Origin at Chakra.

There was a lot going on this month, and with the addition of a few more photographers, we got out and about even more.

This month saw the beginning of a string of headliners in the clubs. There was really too much to really talk about here, without going on and on.

I took a side trip out to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. It was a pretty good time. The day I happened to be there was belly-dance weekend or something like that and I got several good photos of that. I also stopped in to see Brian Slater's gallery showing, just a few weeks ago.

After all the grief The Stray Cat went through, I can say that it was pretty good to be back there again for the second half of Babylon. The crowd didn't seem like it had suffered too much after all the dust had finally settled, after an unexpected trip to Lawrence turned in to an unexpected trip back. They were in good spirits and ready to dance their asses off. From 3 am until I left at 530 am, that's exactly what they were doing! AK1200 was good to hear and he wound them up pretty tight, just in time for Collette to whip 'em into a frenzy.

September was weird, in a good way, and I hope October gets just as weird, or weirder, as I'm sure that it will. Just look at the calendar and see what's going on. There's headliners all over the place!

See You On the Dance Floor!


october 2004 issue