turntable tutorial

by Brent Crampton ~ photo by todd

Turntable Tutorial is a class covering the basics of DJ'ing, by instructor Brent Crampton. Taking place from Feb. 18th to March 11th at the Hot Shops Art Center (1301 Nicholas St.), this 4-week course will provide all the necessary tools for those looking to get into DJ'ing, or for the novice trying to take the next step.

The class will include multimedia presentations, hand-outs, demonstrations, multiple turntable/CDJ set-ups, and lab time for the students to implement what they've learned. We'll be flying in internationally-known mash-up DJ, Ted Shred from New York City, to perform a private demonstration for the class. A performance open to the public will take place at the Goofy Foot (1012 S. 10th St.) on March 4th from 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. Local veteran, Aaron Lee, will also be a guest speaker during the course.

The motivation to initiate this class came from local deep house DJ, Brent Crampton, when multiple people requested lessons in DJ'ing. "Lately it seems as though there are quite a few people who have either just begun DJ'ing, or are interested in pursuing music through that format," Crampton said. "Yet there is so much to know and no where to go figure it all out." He went on to say, "despite the surge of interest for DJ'ing, there exists no tangible resources in our community to show people the next step. . . This class is a response to that need."

Costing $60 for the full class or $20 per session, topics such as - what kind of equipment to buy/where to get it, where to buy music, basics in mixing/scratching, history of the DJ and how to promote yourself, will all be covered throughout the 4-week course. To be considered for the class, please contact Brent Crampton (info below).

For additional information, check out the course outline!


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