march 2006 editor note

Man! I can hardly wait for springtime and it's almost as if this Kansas City weather taunts and teases us with it's up and downs. It's no wonder it's a primary topic for discussion in this part of the country. When Bubbls grabbed this Shot at Fourmation, it was colder than hell that night. Today... it's friggin 80! What do you do with that?

Special props to Sherri this month, for hangin around with me for so long. She really is great girl and I look forward to hangin around with her for awhile longer. ;) Check the "on decks" for more information.

Otherwise, there is some really great stuff in this issue and there's more planned for upcoming issues. We are really starting to get some quality content, such as our new San Francisco correspondent, Mike Zelazek. He is shooting and writing from out there to give us a peak at West Coast life. His photo and accompanying story are featured this month. After reading it, I was ready to hop a plane! That's one city I never really had the opportunity to visit for very long at all and I very much look forward to seein how they get groove on. Look for more from Mike in the coming months!

Speaking of planes, is off to WMC again at the end of the month and we expect to return with some really great footage of the events goin on down there. Give us a holla if you're doin something and we'll come check it out! Other wise... we'll see you on the dance floor!



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