Friday, September 30, 2005

event photos sep.05

Flyers for events photographed in September 2005 appear below.  

A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that.

The Enemy of Evol Intent & Signal
Knight of Columbus Hall
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & mike

Kansas City, MO

Kazell, Paul DeMatteo, Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & shaun

Just John, JD Staley, Schwinn, David McGlothlin,
and residents Steve Thorell & Bill Pile
Westport Beach Club
Kansas City, MO

Kid Domino, DJ True
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

with guests
Faatherton, Victims of Telephone, Short Histories of Powerful Nations
The Burgundy Room
Springfield, MO
photos by kent

Jack & Jill, Paul DeMatteo, Mike Dileo, Brent Scholz
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO

Steve Thorell, Eric Sheridan
Grand Emporium
Kansas City, MO

Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo, Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Nick Steady, Sketch, Rob Lee, SvS, Tony Markham
Somewhere in Central Missouri
photos by sarahB

DDR Live, Gonzo, Knowledge, The Germ, Resonator, Colin Flava, and Vexed on The Farewell Morning.  Later that evening in a different location, The Night of Reflection featured Link, Prophet, RockSteady, Pinky & The Brain, Psynikill, Rextc, Cast the Sky, How Hard, Integrity
Cedar Creek Park
Seaford, NY
photos by senseone

Ray Pena, Policy, Aldrin, and Skism, 
and residents Steve Thorell & Bill Pile
Westport Beach Club
Kansas City, MO

Mr_Nuro, DJ True
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Knowledge, Mythis-S, DarkStar vs Subterranean, Dali, Prophet vs Gyver vs Screen, How Hard vs Integrity, Brac
The Court Tavern
New Brunswick, NJ
photos by senseone

Simply Soul Syndicate
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Sku, Kizone, MrMafeso, SikeSteez, alongside MCs CES Cru, The Guild, Reach, Approach, and the works of artists Skrybe, Lucid, Luke Firle, and Noah, and B-Boy Crews Dirty Q-Tips & Buggin' Out
The Boley Gallery
Kansas City, MO
photos by chris

DJ Two Heavy
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

City Market
Kansas City, MO
photos by mike

Steve Thorell & Eric Sheridan
Grand Emporium
Kansas City, MO
photos by heather & chrissy

Nigel Richards, The Funk Commission, Charly Brown, DJ Platinum, Goldenchild, Balance, Shagee, Freedom, NoLo, Bobby Bossa, Derek Fa Real, Tyler Hart, Jersey John, Moral Quarrel, Nahoj, Logic Control, Kid Nexus
IAFF Local 152
Springfield, MO
photos by kent

D:Fuse, Paul DeMatteo, Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

week # 4 - mix & match
Eclypz, Gone, Andrew Northern, Tony Markham,
and residents Steve Thorell & Bille Pile 
Westport Beach Club
Kansas City, MO

DJ Two Heavy
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO

featuring DJ True
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Chuck Daniels, Pat Nice
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & shaun

Ben Armstrong, Don Tinsley, SvS, Royal
Midway Expo Center
Columbia, MO
photos by SvS

Paul DeMatteo, Brent Scholz, Mike Dileo
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO

featuring Maxx
The Cellar Gallery
Kansas City, MO

Dave Audé
and residents Paul DeMatteo & Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & joe

D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Heather Heart, Knowledge vs Circuitbreaker, Rocksteady vs ELIJAH, the Germ vs MYTH IS, Howhard vs White Rabbit. Todd Buckler, Tob B Ill, Soren vs Breaksteel, Neil Baxter, Psynikill, Meszenjah, Bad Mr Trip, Endo, Joe Jack, Zyon, Iron Lunk, Dali vs Brak and TNoc & Napalm
Club Therapy
Providence, RI
photos by senseone

Tony Markham, David McGlothlin, Skism, Mr_Nuro
and residents Steve Thorell & Bill Pile
Westport Beach Club
Kansas City, MO

Jon NuSkool
News Room
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Amjanda and resident DJ True
Kansas City, MO

Paul Anthony, Mr_Nuro, Frooky, Vinyl Vixon
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO

featuring Arrythmia, Blindman, and resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Jack & Jill
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

~ that's it for this month ~

Thursday, September 01, 2005

solaris on decks

Unrelenting since 1995 is the best way to describe DJ Solaris. In a blazing fury of vinyl and chaos, Solaris assaults party goers and sound systems alike. Many have fell before the ceaseless barrage of gritty acid techno in Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, and in cities all across the Midwest. This devout DJ/producer stepped up to the Techno alter in the mid nineties and has been preaching the word of evil techno ever since. Picture a dark dungeon, pounding with a rhythmic drone. Inside people are in a fervor some still unable to comprehend what this man behind the decks is wielding. Such stories are just a drop to the stories Solaris has to tell about his experience performing around the US. Few have the stamina and perseverance that this man puts forth at every show, giving this Tyrant of Techno a formidable collection of sounds to penetrate the ears of any with the conviction to witness his presence.

This month, brings you an exclusive mix from Solaris. His new CD titled Centrifuge has yet to hit the streets. Instead he has decided to hold out on the release, and make it exclusively for for this issue. Centrifuge is Solaris’s latest mix CD, a compilation forged together with a purpose of driving and expanding people’s views of techno. With 25 tracks on the CD, this man never intended the listener to get too comfortable and apathetic.

This CD is a long time coming. I have put out a few and had this CD idea stewing for about two years. The name Centrifuge was a concept that I wanted to relate in musical form. I kept it on the burner and in my head until I was confident that I had the material to make what I believed would best suit what was banging on in my mind. I always dread making CD’s because the amount of things I have to leave out is boggling. I always try to fit as much of my soul into what I am doing as I can, and that takes its toll. Don’t look as Techno as simple music, its repetition is something that takes desire and commitment to work into this style. The style is a conundrum that has most confounded and others bewildered. I think of music in terms of energy when mixing and my job is to pull your strings and guide you through this piece of your life. I often find myself searching hours upon hours of tracks to find that one track that has that feel and energy that I desire in everything I play. If I come out of that (as I usually have) with one record from all those hours then I have considered it a good day.

Take to heart that I am and always be here to push the boundaries that others perceive as music. This style brought me into the scene and I have devoted myself to staying true to the form that guided me into this culture. Take what you can from this CD. If you enjoy it only an ounce of what I did while I was making it, I will consider my job well done. With 25 tracks in 70 minutes you have to know I was busy pushing out one about every 2.5 minutes. Even with that there is effect and tricks I was performing at the same time. These are too numerous to count and extrapolate on in the following information.

Track Listing:
(Label – Track Title – Artist)
  1. Intro
    I always like it when a CD sets the mood with a nice intro giving you a taste of what you have in store. This is no exception, with that in mind I had a time finding just the sample that would both describe what I was thinking when I was putting together the mix and how I wanted you the listener to think about.
  2. LK REC - Schlagschatten - Andreas Kremer RMX
  3. What can I say about Andreas? This man is one of my heroes. I just got this record two days before and had to have it on there. It is one of those moments where you know gold and this helps set the mood and energy for the rest of the CD.
  4. AR - Alliance IV - Gunjack vs. Jeroen Liebregts 
    I love drummy tracks. It was one of the themes that I was going for when I chose the title. It is so easy to lose yourself in one of these tracks, yet the subtle tones that sit in the background give me the charge that I desire to be when I go to a party, be it to perform or to observe.
  5. AR - Full Charge - Vincent De Wit 
    One of my favorites tracks of the time. I have had this track for a year and I still love hearing it blast its way across a room of people. I knew I had to incorporate this, and what a better time as it helps build the energy and flow of music harder. The name says it all and I think that anyone would agree that you won’t be able to stop moving your feet.
  6. LK REC - Punching Dummies - Lars Klein 
    I took it down just a hair here. Lars is another one of my heroes for making things so beautiful and driving. While it doesn’t have the energy of Full Charge, it does give a nice transition to some of the more minimal drivers that I have in store for you.
  7. Carnage - O.B.I. Wan Kenobi E.P. 
    This is a great track! I love how they mixed the hard drum lines with a bit of funky vocal to give it that edge. The way it hits and screams to me let me know that not only must I place it in the CD, but its progression to the harder side of things helped me to move even further to where I wanted to go.
  8. Pitchshift - Splash N Dash - Boris S. 
    Who would have thought I would bring it down just a notch? Well I know the whole idea is that I would drive you into the ground. Unfortunately I believe in the ebb and flow of things, and with the hammering I gave you with the last few I figured that a bit of a breather would be in order. Mind you it isn’t long so enjoy it. The break is one of a kind and helped me give you what I was looking for.
  9. Carnage - Partystecher E.P. - Frank Kvitta 
    Back to some driving sounds for your ears. I always like to get back into the saddle after a fresh breath. This driver set me up for what I love to do. Expand your horizons and make you dance until your legs fall off. If anything the laughter inside this track was a precursor to my next track and linked the two in a way I could not ignore.
  10. Pitchshift - Tonight You Sleep In Hell - Boris S. 
    No one can imagine the expression on my face when I ripped this out of its new sleeve and heard the breakdown. Couple that with its drive and desire and I found myself wanting not only a bit more of it, but couldn’t let it go to waste.
  11. Expanded - A. Crash - Darkness - Sven Wittekind RMX 
    I found this one a bit odd, but like to stretch the imagination. I loved the general tone of it, though the breakdown was nothing what I would expect, it gave a break from the norm that I created and a well deserved one at that. Though not long after it gets right back on the saddle and keeps chugging along. I admire any person who could make something unrelated fit into a song and make it work. This is just that and I feel it has to be just as suitable here.
  12. Squat Records - Mare Street - Jeff Amadeus 
    Every time I play, I can't wait to work this track into my set. It has got to be the favorite of mine for a while now. The funky breakdowns just send me into frenzy. I know that some others have fallen into that same fate when they get a taste. I have to watch out for this man he has a lot of great stuff and without this track I truly think my life would never be the same.
  13. Crowbar - Hamster Butcher - Stefan Wietek 
    There is a lot of driving and with that last track I had to do something, this is the ticket. Crowbar is a newer label that has proven to me that it has the talent and drive that I myself enjoy. It is a bit more constructed than a few of the others, but that is what gives it its flavor.
  14. Abstract Records - Reinsteckefuchs - Frank Kvitta 
    Nothing went better after butchering a hamster than this track. After all the crazy driving the breakdown gives you the idea it is going to take a minute to build back and give you a minute to breathe. FOOLED YOU! I can’t let you off that easy giving you breathers every time you see fit. I am trying to improve you and stamina is something anyone can respect.
  15. Crowbar - Way Of The Habak - Viper XXL 
    This driver has its nicety, although you would be hard pressed to find it. Once sound gives you the illusion of the tempo slowing while I keep driving. I don’t get too many of these, and why not let you believe that illusion and take that moment for yourself. Keep in mind that we are just over the halfway point and I don’t like to let you come down from that fervor I have been stewing that soon.
  16. Arms - Patadas - Carlos Rios 
    Ok, I am now ready to give you a bit of a break. This track has a great tech house feel while staying true to the hard driving that I wanted for this CD. I brought it to this level to help you not go insane with the crazy drum lines I was pushing for the last few tracks.
  17. Carnage - She Had It Coming E.P. - Switchblade a.k.a. Leo Laker 
    Taking it a bit more minimal and driving helps me get you into that long awaited rest. I was surprised when I stumbled upon this label. This depth of this track boggled me. It was the piece of gold I was searching for.
  18. FAK - Rocket Bay - Tuomas Rantanen 
    I picked it back up a bit and got a bit more driving and droning going on. This track helped keep the flow while still retaining the more minimal edge I developed over the last few tracks. It also gave me the leeway to move it either up or down in energy levels.
  19. Blitzkreig - Das Letzte Gefecht - Robert Natus 
    This is one of my old favorites. I pick it up and nothing makes me happier than something this bangin’. The way it is arranged is something that I strive for in my production.
  20. Blipped Out - Oli Brand 
    I couldn’t believe how well this track let me go from taking things down a notch to bringing them up a hair and still keeping that same feel. It is a new found favorite that keeps me jumping around behind the tables. The break has something even I am not sure how they did but I know that when I get the chance, it will be the first thing I ask him.
  21. Arms - Bend In The River - Lars Klein 
    Taking it down a notch was my intention and toward the end seemed like the best time. This is a nice track and gives me the feel of things I was still messing with back in the day. My love has always been for those things that make the hair on my neck stand up. This track had by far one of those moments.
  22. Cluster - Squat Attack - Jeff Amadeus 
    How better to take it a bit farther than with Cluster? This label has been around so long I cannot remember. They never fail to produce and push the boundaries while keeping a feel that is unique onto themselves. Cluster has been in my collection and track list since I started. My loyalty to them stems from the loyalty they have shown me among this last decade.
  23. Blackout Audio – Draw Out Your Breeches - Robert Natus 
    Mark EG’s label has been something I have been keeping my eye one constantly, ever since I saw him perform an outdoor event when a tornado was touching down a ½ mile from us. My diligence has paid with this one and keeps the flow steady while I collect myself for the tail end of the CD.
  24. Cluster - Did You Spill My Paint? - Co-Ax 
    Only a few tracks left and with this CD I thought it best to give you a bit of a wind down to help with the transition back to reality. Keeping it as driving as I wanted yet minimal enough to allow me to bring you back to earth.
  25. Blackout Audio - Pointless - Robert Natus 
    Next to last, but far from least it drones on and helps break down the CD to a mellower moment. Taking it even to the more minimal feel that helps when you want to wind down a set of bangin’ drum beats.
  26. Arms - Bend in the river - Lars Klein
    The best choice I could have made for an ending track! It sums up the whole CD for me and helps me bring it back full circle. Don’t let it fool you I always play what I think deserves the attention I give it and this one still gets me bobbing my head. Notice the producer and should I have to say more. This man is a genius. This wax has me from the beginning and keeps me there glued to the table to the last possible moment.

shadowrunner sept 2005 trance

With over fifteen years experience in the local and regional electronic music scene, DJ Shadowrunner has been a promoter, producer, DJ , as well as, provider of sound and lighting for clubs and events. Through the years he has gained quite the ear for the music that will inspire and move the crowds. Check out his monthly picks in the genre of Trance, and enjoy the music of the night.

Erro V & Essex - The Second Day (Perry O'Neil Remix) - Captivating Sounds
There are forces in the world set on killing your good time. Arm yourself with this lethal pair of Anthems, rally the troops, and give them hell. A strong synth driven effort here from Captivating Sounds. Dance Valley 2005 tested..... Raver approved!!!!

Stan Void - Montavo <b:side> A Moment's Definition - Somatic Sense VisionI am hooked on these two tracks and once we fire up the decks, there is no relief for this addiction. Epic trance fans can rejoice once again. Montavo is the more uplifting and driving anthem we would expect from a Belgian label. However, "A Moment's Definition" is the real beauty here. Sensual synth lines and warm melodies will give you goose bumps.

Fred Baker - Total Blackout <b:side> Hold Me Now - FBI
Here is a harder shot from the Man Of The Moment. If you like your trance hard, driving, and techy you are not alone. Tiesto drops this track in his "In Concert" DVD. Bangin trance for the naughtiest of DJ's.

Sander Van Doorn - A.K.A. (Slam Remix) - Oxygen Recordings
This one starts out innocent enough then, WHOOOOMP!!!!!! Groove MF'er, GROOOOOVE. Get ready for the funky wah wah wah goin on here as it pounds your senses like only a playground bully could. DIZZZZAAMMMMNNN!!!!!!

Gaudium - Nordic Nature - Spiral Trax
Dark progressive psy-trance is the flava of the month here. Swirling instruments and effects dazzle your subconscious into an altered state of being. Trust me you will be curiously pleased by this odd sensation. Just go with it and enjoy. Four different tracks on wax here. There is plenty to choose from.

Ava Mea - In The End (Hydroid feat. Santiago Nino Remix) - Electronic ElementsA dark erotic synth bass undulates through a deep percussive rolling drum. Slightly synthesized guitars and piano dangle an echoed melody over the steamy measures. It all climaxes into a beautifully stirring breakdown. Take a deep breath, smoke em if you got em, and then it’s back to it's raunchy business until the end of the track. I don't know about you but, I feel so dirty. :)

Nick Muir - Frankenstein - Apache
4/4 and Breaks fans let us all rejoice that Mr. Muir was thinking of you both when he made these tracks. With a killer electro feel and dirty synths these two mixes have the hook to rock the biggest of dance floors. This is gritty and unforgiving while perfect for getting that nasty booty shaking.

Charles & Kling - Parallel Realities (Habersham Remix) - Mixturi
"This stuff is getting ridiculous" is the sample but it is still an understatement. DIZAMN, talk about a evil menacing groove. "Parallel Realities" psychedelic tribal brings the madness to shake us loose of any inhibitions. Then we can truly dance and celebrate music and life.

Cristian Vecchio & Kitikonti - Finally EP - BXR
BXR is usually known for their bangin hard house. Here they show in four tracks a more subdued progressive style that drives for a couple and a gritty techhouse feel for the other two. The "Finally EP" has a slow churning naughtiness throughout it all. Ask your parents permission before you buy.

Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night (Soda Inc + Biogrd Remixes) - Plastic CityWhat the F???? 4 mixes of "Ladies Night" done alright!! One is deep dark and proggy, one is dub techouse, one is old school dub house, and the last is a slightly electro dub. I though I was having one of "those" flashbacks, and it felt gooooooood! I'm sure this was a limited press but I would recommend trying to get it anyway.

solaris sept 2005 techno

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Mouseville - Cirez D - MOUSE001RMX
Leave it to great purveyors of the techno genre to go and do something so nice! Words cant even describe what Beyer and Henrik B. were up to or thinking but I have to say that this is a piece of gold electro elements with the techno attitude! The flip side has a nice builder while keeping the electro tip. A must have for any club. This will get them swinging off their seats!

Gigamusic – Nova - GIGA06
This reminds me of another record I have. Nice and spacey with it feeling almost Goa-like. This has the very minimal Detroit feel that kept me going when I first started. Like they say it is what dreams are made of! Keep in mind that this is still techno and with it comes some precautions: first do not lift or operate heavy machinery while listening to this wax. Adverse effects have been reported to be, vertigo, loss of appetite, and a sudden urge to play with metal objects. Signs and symptoms may vary, please consult a physician before purchasing or owning this piece of wax. But by all means get it you wanker!

F & L – The Brothers Of Mercy - FL001
As if the sisters of mercy weren’t good enough! Here is yet another remix for them. This one has less vocals and an electro feel. Very clubby and chewy. I like that ever lasting gum that keeps its flavor and you have it right here! Keep gnawing at it. I have a feeling that you too will come to realize that this one is a keeper. The A side is a bit more rugged and will get you going on any endeavor. More minimal than you would think, but there is a lot to be said for that space between the sounds.

Planet Rhythm - Lars Klein - PRRUK051
If you don’t know that Klien is German well then you need some help. With that you should also have a bit of respect for the birthplace of it all…keeping in tune with that, this man comes out and nails a monster minimal gritty thing that deserves to be my last record on this review. You know I save my best for last and this one keeps the tempo. Keeping the minimal driving and tame enough to keep the average listener from going into road rage is a talent few have mastered. Get it before you are made a laughing stock!

svs sept 2005 jungle and dnb

Originally from Long Island, NY, SVS has been playing around in Kansas City since mid-2000, playing different types of music over that time and finally settling on Jungle & DnB and pushing the limits of that since. Here's his picks for the month!

SKC: Dominion/Offguard: Promo: Commercial SuicideBringing the bang for your buck back to Commercial Suicide is SKC is this release. Dominion is a very nice dark piece with those ever so lovely chain-clanking snares. It’s a perfect track for any time of the night. Offguard sounds like something if Bad Company and Baron had a baby. Very nice bouncy beat with grasping pauses. The melody is some to be desired as it is almost mystical.

arQer: Locomoco/Squalor: Promo: Basic
Going solo this time arQer drives the A side as properly named, Locomoco. A very fast paced track for all of you speed freaks out there. Slowing it down a bit on the flip side is Squalor. A very nice release from the previous track with a very chill, late night synth line. Here is another promo on the hot list for all the DJ’s out there.

Mr L (Jonny L): Moonwalking/Turn Up The Bass: Mr L
Jonny L is back at it yet again. Still making some great toons after all this time. Moonwalking is wonderful head banging track with some light vocals over it. Nothing to drop at peak hour but it will defiantly get the heads up. Turn Up The Bass, honestly, was a big let down. It for sure had bass and it was turned up but not the floor stopper I expected. It’s very mellow and very simple, but very nice for something late night.

Murderbot/Amerie/Pharrell: One Thing/Drop It Like It’s Hot: Dead HomiesMurderbot kills it with One Thing. When you combine divine vocals with the master of beats your get a masterpiece. This track is sure to have everyone out of the pile the rode in on and up on the dance floor. The Snoop Dog remake is decently made. Nice drum loops and beats over the grandfather of modern gangster rap. Very well put together and one of the better R&B/rap remakes I’ve heard in a long time.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith: Grand Theft Auto 2/ Smokers Anthem: Worldwide AudioI love it when these two get together and produce something as raunchy as this release. After listening to Grand Theft Audio 2 I felt compelled to go out and shoot and loot. A very powerful and energy filled track that makes the thief want to come out of you. Smokers Anthem has a nice ragga tone with the essence of your standard techstep killer. Nice use of vocals, very bouncy, and surely a showstopper to get everyone up and dancing.

crampton sept 2005 house

Brent Crampton ~ Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment. And with the Winter Music Conference just behind us, so many great choons are now on the market.

Andre Harris - Get Down Africa - Large
Soaring trumpets, spoken word and crisp drums, Harris makes his Large debut with this afro-centered jazz EP. With the main mix giving more of an instrumental New York feel, the house mix and dub bring the energy level up with smooth production reminiscent of a Miguel Migs and Jay-J selection.

Jihad Muhammad feat. Carolyn Victorian - Melt In You - Hustle Music
B ordering on porno house, this deep, moody, minimal and above all - sexy deep house track is a sexually conscious mix. A female spoken word urges that she wants to feel your special place in hers, wanting to melt in you.

Sueno En Ti - Soul Creation - Deepagrooves
Beach samba bliss, a Spanish female spoken word floats over drifting drums and sun-shaded keys. This Brazilian and Latin-tinged four-tracker brings deep house with an end-of-the-summer tango.

DJ Sneak - Funky Rhythm Remixes - Leg
With house music, if you got a good thing going - remix it. This two-tracker calls upon Chuck D to bring a thick bass line, quirky loops and big-room reverb. The "Hip House Mix" takes on a break-danceable groove with a drifting funky guitar line.

DJ Colette - What Will She Do For Love - OM
What's everyone's fascination with Kaskade? I dug his older style when he bordered more on the San Fran house tip, but these days it seems like he's shooting for the billboard charts. With his signature poppy house style, Kaskade remixes Colette's track off of her debut album, "Hypnotized." I'll pass on this one. Moving right along, Andy Caldwell's remix takes on his usual taste as well, which I describe as glam-electro. With big dirty bass lines, tight drums and flirty female vocals, Andy's house is best enjoyed wearing Prada sunglasses in a club on Hollywood Boulevard. And for those Frisky fans, my favored remix is from the East Coast Boogie Men, bringing you the hollowed out bass, chunky rhythms and bouncing grooves. I must admit, OM has marketing down to a science, consistently putting together remixers of every genre of house to appeal to a mass market.

Trademarq - 32 Piece Set EP - Bananza
Farina turned out the party with it, Justin Long pushed Smartbar's club system with it and nearly every major underground house DJ has been playing it coast to coast. With the catchy spoken word - "If it's broken we can fix it, but you have to have good credit," the infectious vocal and bass line sucks you in.

Anane - Move Bounce Shake w/ Mr. V - Vega
NYC's man of the moment, Mr. V is the next wave of deep, soulful house producers. Budding his talents under the wings of Louie Vega, Kenny Dope and other masters of rhythm. I've been picking up most everything from V-man lately. This EP however does nothing for me. With a dirty bass line, spacey chords, scatting rhythm section of old-school clap patterns and drums, there's nothing ear catching here such as his other tracks "Jus Dance" and "Somethin Wit Jazz."

rj bass sept 2005 break beats

So September is upon us. Were getting out of the warm months and heading straight for the cold months or as i like to call them, the Bers. It wont be long before were all forced to stay inside to escape the cold, wind and snow that generally come with the Bers. That being the case I decided to cover a few different radio stations in this months breaks reviews. Internet radio shows can help with not being able to get out and enjoy the night life. Internet radio shows are also an up and down thing. One station may have over a thousand listeners at any given time, while another may only have 10. Regardless of the amount of listeners on any one given station, their is almost always something good to hear. When it comes to the breaks, we have a plethora of great shows and stations for which to listen to, which is a good thing, because if its cold outside and also if you live in one of the many cities where breaks are not played out in the local night life much, these stations can really help you get by when you need your breaks fix. In the past I have covered individual shows on certain stations, but since their are so many shows from which to choose, I thought I would just stick to the most prominent breaks stations and then next month I will focus more on some of the individual shows that play on those stations.

Breaks FM
This station has been around for a minute now. Its one of those breaks staples that when needed, changes hands/owners/operators to keep it on the air. Breaks Fm features different types of shows from different artist some of which are live and some of which are pre-recorded. I have listened to Breaks FM on and off through the years, and sometimes i really enjoy what I hear while other times I'm not so sure. Breaks FM seems to have more shows dealing with the harder edge breaks sound, with lots of rasta and d&b influenced artist doing the shows. I cant say that they are all like that because I have not heard every show on the station, but when I do tune in, i tend to hear the before mentioned sounds. Regardless of your specific taste in the breaks market, Breaks FM is consistent in providing music every day that will please those with an ear for the breaks sound.

Nu Skool Breaks (NSB) Radio
NSB Radio is a great one. NSB has done a fantastic job at securing not only some of the best dj's out of the UK, but also a very loyal listening audience. With artist like High 8, AWE Sound System, The Janatah Dj's and many more in the weekly schedule, its no wonder they have such a loyal listening audience. The wide variety of different shows ensures the listener that they could hear any number of sounds on NSB Radio from the harder more d&b influenced sounds to the lighter disco breaks. The only problems with NSB Radio are the fact that they don't broadcast in stereo, and they have a low max listener allowance. Only 75 listeners can be tuned into the high speed stream. However, if you need your NSB fix and the high speed stream is full (as it often is) you can still use their dial up connection as a rough backup. NSB Radio is also backed up by a popular chat room where the NSB show host are always at during their shows so you can get the title of the tracks playing or even make request.

iBreaks is a bit newer on the scene and thus far I have not listened to their station as much as I would like to. However I have heard a few shows, and J-Bass the stations main operator is doing a great job of securing talented dj's and artist to appear on the station. On the few shows I have heard, I have had a chance to listen to The Future Funk Squad, Rennie Pilgrem and several others live on the decks. Like most proper internet radio stations they have both high speed and dial up connections to be able to deliver their sounds to whomever may want to listen. Their high speed stream delivers at 128kbps stereo so you are definently getting good quality radio. For more information about iBreaks head to their site and take a look around.

Boombox, Sirius 61
For you Sirus Satellite Radio subscribers this station is where you need to be. Boombox is a bit of all the sounds that are considered to be breaks or broken beat. From old school hip-hop to mid 90's Florida funk, to modern nu skool breaks, to d&b, they have your sounds. Boombox is backed up by on air personalities and dj's like Liquid Todd and Grandmaster Flash. Its always on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no commercials, ever. The satellite streams are always solid, and great sounding weather your listening by direct source into your receiver, through a fm modulator, or online at their website. Boombox is always breaking new music before it hits the shops. When The Chemical Brothers released their latest album, they were up in the Boombox studio laying it out with Liquid Todd, when Elite Force puts out a new one, you can bet Boombox will be jamming it, and when Grandmaster Flash finds another rare hip-hop jewel in his vast collection, you can be sure he will drop it. Find out more about Sirius/Boombox and get a free three day trial by going to

Frisky Radio
Frisky radio isn't exactly one of the stations I would normally cover when discussing breakbeats. Frisky has been known to be mostly a prog house station with a couple minor exceptions. However they have finally decided to start expanding beyond the prog house scene and as such they have added a new breaks show called Thrust and its hosted by the one and only Lee Coombs. Although the show hasn't aired yet, Lee Coombs is a fantastic producer and dj, and as such I suspect his show on Frisky Radio will be off the hook. Unfortunately however, Thrust will only air once a month.

ask a dj sept 2005

by svs ~Have you ever been at a party and wanted to know how the DJ just pulled that trick? Ever wondered what all those knobs and buttons do? Perhaps you want to know what color his underwear was? For whatever question you may have had and didn't have the opportunity to ask or you were just to shy, now's your time.

fall3n: Is any / all of your equipment insured, and how often does your gear get jacked up or disappear?

Personally, none of my equipment is insured since normally it never leaves my house. However, due to recent events I'd suggest to everyone that they get their gear insured. I myself have yet to experience the pain of having anything of mine jacked aside from a pair of headphones here and there but I know plenty of people who have lost years and years of hard work due to some gutless culprits. My suggestions to you all, weather you take your gear out or not is to get insurance. Aside from things being stolen you also have to account for damage such as fire and or water damage. I once had the apartment above me leak water all over where my decks were set up. Fortunately I was able to dry it all out and it worked just fine. Cover you bases! As we all know decks, mixers, sound... it all cost a lot of hard earned bucks.

TheSnap: Is it hard beating all the DJ hos off of you WHILE throwing down a dope set and being so refrain hot at the same time?

I remember one time when I was playing at Shattered in Columbia, MO for a show and this girl walks behind the decks and asks me if I have any Alice DeeJay. I politely told her that I do not play that kind of music. She then began to sing the lyrics of the song to me. I told her, "Yes, I know the song, but I just don't play that stuff." After my set her and her friend are still back stage and begin talking to me. One girl says, "This is my friend, we both think you're hot. Do you want to go somewhere." Just then the one girl leans over to kiss me. Shocked at this point and the fact that I'm on stage with hundreds of kids looking I pull away.

At another point and time, I believe during Christmas Massacre 2, this girl was up in front of the decks screaming about how hot I was and how she wanted to do naughty things to me. I just smiled at her and kept on playing. All of a sudden, in mid mix mind you, I hear "whap whap whap whap". I look up and this girl is taking her finger and back spinning one of the records. Needless to say I wasn't too thrilled and she was promptly removed from the party. The whole time they carried her away I could hear her yelling "Oh my god you're so hot. I want to have sex with you." It's so hard being a DJ sometimes.

pdm: At what point in a reverse crab grab scratch do you drop the elbow and go for the flanger?

I've thought long and hard about this and I've come to this conclusion. Never. Unless you're Bad Boy Bill, a member of the X-ecutioners, or Z-Trip (if he would even do so), there really is no point. As a Junglist this whole technique does not appeal to me and quite frankly I don't believe there is a person in this city that is at that level where they can pull such a feat off.

anonymous: If you are a bad DJ, do you suggest hiring dancers or strippers to make sure nobody notices how bad you really are?

I think it's cheesy to be quite honest with you. If your ability to play is based on the fact that you have to have some half naked girl as the focal point then you may want to consider two things. One, quit and work a strip club or two, go back to the bedroom and practice. I've seen many acts that have done this and while the whole shock value is great, it takes away from the purpose of dj'ing and that purpose is the MUSIC. I've seen DJs pull beads out of strippers nether regions, DJs having intercourse on stage, and DJs with strippers dancing around as the DJ train-wrecks their 4th mix in a row. The sad thing is that sometimes the crowd loves it. What's even more sad is the thought that they are apparently not there to listen to a good set. If it works for you and you're getting booked all over because of it more power to you but I'll just stick to my skills behind the decks instead of covering it up with sex.

We're here to answer all your questions. From tricks and tracks to superstitions and love advice. Just mail us.

the politics of dancing 2

by Betty Kang, PlexiPR ~ Politics – nothing to do with dance music? Paul van Dyk’s first installment of Politics Of Dancing established his belief that dancing is a political act and dance music can very well be political. He should know. As someone who enjoyed little freedom in his native East Berlin before escaping over the wall to the West, he understood all too well that radios and dance music are windows to freedom for many young people in repressive societies. His own experience has led him to use the global youth culture platform provided by dance music to voice his political opinions, such as his vocal opposition to the war in Iraq, to encourage active participation in democracy, such as his Rock the Vote Tour in 2004, and to help fight poverty by supporting social care networks for the disadvantaged from India’s Mumbai province (Akanksha) to New York (Ground Hero Kids) to his native Berlin in partnership with the German Red Cross (Rueckenwind). And in contrast to the popular image of the ‘global superstar DJ’, much of van Dyk's political work goes on behind the scenes as in his private conferences with leaders of the main German political parties.

Politics of Dancing 2 contains van Dyk’s new original single “The Other Side;" van Dyk wrote the song in response to the devastating Tsunami which hit Southeast Asia in December of last year and killed over 150,000 people. Van Dyk felt it was important to recognize that so many people were instantly affected by death and the loss of loved ones. "The Other Side" expresses the feeling of still being with a person who has passed away in one's thoughts and expresses the hope of seeing that person again on "The Other Side." The single will also include remixes by Deep Dish, Mark Spoon and Martin Roth.

Politics of Dancing 2 is arguably van Dyk's best compilation yet, and shows how far he has embraced new digital technology. The majority of the tracks on Politics Of Dancing 2 have been reworked, remixed, rearranged or edited by van Dyk to form this unique compilation. The melodic, slower rhythms of CD 1 include tracks by Jose Zamora, Shiloh, Whiteroom, and Mr. Sam, while the tougher beats of CD2, feature tracks and remixes from the likes of Jose Amnesia, Angello & Ingrosso, Marco V, and James Holden. The end result is a stellar mix by one of dance music’s most exceptional figures.

Last year, van Dyk made history by nabbing one of the first Grammy nominations in the new category for Best Electronic/Dance Album for his artist album, Reflections, which includes "Time of Our Lives" as featured in HBO promos, in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and in the current Landrover TV ads and "Connected" as featured in Motorola's global TV ad campaign. He has been hailed by BPM Magazine as “America’s Favorite DJ,” “Best Music Maker” by DJ Magazine, has won 3 Dancestar and 3 IDMA Awards in the past two years and won the Ariel Award (Mexico’s version of the Oscar) for his soundtrack to the film Zurdo. His partnership with “Rock the Vote” to encourage America’s youth to exercise their right to vote in the 2004 presidential elections marked the first time an electronic artist became involved in the campaign with a national tour and he joined other artists such as Bono, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz and the Black Eyed Peas in the effort.

In support of the release of The Politics of Dancing 2, Paul van Dyk will be touring the U.S. in the following locations:
08.19.05 - Washington DC - Nation
08.20.05 - NYC Central Park - Summer Stage (6pm-10pm)
08.20.05 - Miami - Club Space (late, 2am-5am)
09.21.05 - Los Angeles - Mayan Palace
09.22.05 - Denver - The Church
09.23.05 - Phoenix - Myst
09.24.05 - San Francisco Loveparade - San Francisco
09.24.05 - San Francisco - 1015
  1. Alex Gold - String Theory - Xtravaganza
  2. Tranquility Base - Getting Away - Anjuna Beats / Vale Music S.L.
  3. Calmec - Tangerine - Gesture Music
  4. Jose Zamora - Transatlantic - Baroque Records
  5. Shiloh - Dream On - Sog Records/ Baroque
  6. Walsh and Coutre feat. Holly - Burn - Sog Chrome/Baroque
  7. Thomas Datt - Alone - Supreme Music / Discover Records
  8. Lolo - Why - Banshee
  9. Purple Haze - Adrenalin - Spinnin
  10. Kuffdam and Plant - Summerdream - Above the Sky/Vandit
  11. Filo and Peri feat. Fisher - Closer Now - Empire State 1
  12. The Unknown - White Water - Anjuna Beats/ Disco Imperio
  13. Marc van Linden - Forbidden Love - Midway Records
  14. Whiteroom - Someday Instrumental - Armada Music/Woom Recordings
  15. Kyau vs .Albert - Falling anywhere - Anjuna Beats/Euphonic
  16. Mr. Sam - Lyteo - Black Hole Recordings
  17. Solange - Messages - Vandit
  1. Paul van Dyk - The Other Side – Mute
  2. Jose Amnesia - Second Day Vandit
  3. Steve Agnello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Yeah Size Records / L`a Mode
  4. Simon and Shaker - Make it - King Records/ Beat Freak Recordings
  5. Yellow Blackbird - Superfly - Sog Chrome/Baroque
  6. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Linking People - Vandit
  7. Marco V - More than a life away - Be Yourself
  8. Thomas Bronszwaer - Close Horizon - Vandit/ United Recordings B.V
  9. Mark Norman - T34 Black Hole Recordings
  10. CJ Stone- Shine - Bass Bumpers/Quake Records/High Note/Magic
  11. Santiago Nino - Believe - Critical Rhythym/ Aurium
  12. Perasma - Swing to Harmony - 3Beat / DK Records
  13. Dallas - Superstar - Universal AB/16 Inch Records
  14. Wellenrausch - Carry On Torsten - AlphaOmegaRecords
  15. James Holden - Nothing - SKINT Records / Loaded Records
"The Other Side" CD Single
  1. Radio Mix
  2. Original Mix
  3. Deep Dish Other Than This Side Remix
  4. Mark Spoon vs. Mobilegazer
  5. Martin Roth Mix
  6. Breaks Mix
  7. Mark Spoon vs. Mobilegazer "Sunrise Mix"
"The Other Side" 2 x 12" Tracklisting
  1. A) Original Mix
  2. B1) Martin Roth Mix
  3. B2) Mark Spoon vs. Mobilegazer "Sundown Mix"
  4. C) Deep Dish Other Than This Side Remix
  5. D) Breaks Mix
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three hallucienda

by Betty Kang, PlexiPR ~ The new mix CD from noted New York-based DJ/producer Three of the critically acclaimed Second-Hand Satellites (with Sean Q6) & remix project Three A.M. (with Rabbit in the Moon's David Christophere). The culmination of both the last three years work into the Hallucination Limited record label and the last 11 years of being involved with Hallucination Records (who’s roster included Rabbit In The Moon and electro giants Jackal & Hyde). HALLUCIENDA is Three and Hallucination’s long-awaited, first ‘official’ DJ-mixed CD and captures the genre-bending diversity of both Three’s DJ sets and the output on his Hallucination Limited label. It features rare exclusives and unreleased tracks expertly mixed by Three himself using Pioneer’s DVJ-X1, Allen & Heath’s Xone:92 mixer, Red Zone’s C-Loops sampler and outboard effects.

On this benchmark compilation Three says, “First and foremost this CD is about the label, but I wanted to present it as a live DJ mix that felt like a night out, with some never heard exclusives and mixed with a bit of on-the-fly editing/looping and some live FX in contrast to label compilations which are often more of a “home listening” retrospective of a label’s past releases.” HALLUCIENDA includes Enhanced CD access to a 2ND downloadable bonus mix of Limited and Hallucination Recordings catalog releases, also mixed by Three.

Armed with a sound that borrows equally from vintage acid house, soulful techno and electronic dub, Hallucination Limited has fast become a celebrated underground label in the world of electronic music garnering praise over its first 10 vinyl-only releases from DJs as diverse as LTJ Bukem, Charles Webster, and Lee Burridge. With a catalog of over 45 tracks to choose from on this first retrospective album Three says, “All at once I’m trying to expose new artists & forthcoming music as well as showcase more established names already associated with Hallucination Limited. I also made a conscious effort for the tracklisting to reflect the overall eclecticism of the label’s big brother - Hallucination Recordings – having just celebrated its 10th year.” Over the mix you'll hear sounds ranging from house & techno to electro and, Three explains, “some tracks that hopefully defy any single type of category.”

The album recognizes Three and the label’s longstanding relationship with Rabbit In The Moon with the inclusion of "Timebomb", a quintessential R.I.T.M. track. Other stellar tracks from Sycophant Slags (the inimitable Mr. C & Francis Harris), Terry Francis, Q-Burns Abstract Message featuring Lisa Shaw, Denver's rising star Little Mike, Hallucination's unsung hero Grumptronix and the twisted machine-funk of Reverse Commuter (a.k.a. [a]pendics.shuffle, dubLoner) make this package a music lover’s delight.

Three’s history precedes him, drawing accolades for his remix work from peers and contemporaries as varied as Laurent Garnier, Doc Martin, Sasha, and Tyrant for seminal remixes of R.I.T.M.'s - "Out of Body Experience” (Burning Spear Mix), "FloorI.D.A.” (A Dub for Strangeways) & U.N.K.L.E. feat. Ian Brown's - "Reign” (Black Swan Vocal Mix) and the original production Second-Hand Satellites - Multiple Mirrors parts 1&2. He’s held residencies at Florida’s legendary Simon’s and NYC’s Twilo and has played lauded guest spots with San Francisco’s Wicked Crew and the UK’s Fabric. The Hallucination Limited events at Miami’s Winter Music Conference and long-running Snatch residency in Tampa, FL are favorites of DJ’s and clubbers the world over. Three relocated to NYC last year and he’s been embraced locally at venues like Cielo, Sullivan Room and the infamous Robots parties.

Three: Hallucienda US Tour Dates
09.03.05 - Pure 3rd Annual Labor Day Boat Cruise - Chicago
09.16.05 - Robots w/ Hallucination Ltd. Reverse Commuter, Café Deville, NYC
09.22.05 - Lava Lounge, Atlanta
09.23.05 - Club W, Salt Lake City
09.29.05 - Cielo with Terry Francis Hallucienda Album Release Party, NYC
10.01.05 - SmartBar, Chicago
10.07.05 - Rise, Boston
10.08.05 - Taboo, Charlotte
10.22.05 - Hyde Park CAfe, Tampa
11.04.05 - Basic, King Club, LA
11.05.05 - Lotus, Vancouver
11.06.06 - TBC, Victoria, Vancouver
11.19.05 - Avalon w/ Sandra Collins, LA
11.25.05 - Vinyl, Denver
11.26.05 - Compound, Atlanta
12.04.05 - House of Blues, Orlando
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