rj bass sept 2005 break beats

So September is upon us. Were getting out of the warm months and heading straight for the cold months or as i like to call them, the Bers. It wont be long before were all forced to stay inside to escape the cold, wind and snow that generally come with the Bers. That being the case I decided to cover a few different radio stations in this months breaks reviews. Internet radio shows can help with not being able to get out and enjoy the night life. Internet radio shows are also an up and down thing. One station may have over a thousand listeners at any given time, while another may only have 10. Regardless of the amount of listeners on any one given station, their is almost always something good to hear. When it comes to the breaks, we have a plethora of great shows and stations for which to listen to, which is a good thing, because if its cold outside and also if you live in one of the many cities where breaks are not played out in the local night life much, these stations can really help you get by when you need your breaks fix. In the past I have covered individual shows on certain stations, but since their are so many shows from which to choose, I thought I would just stick to the most prominent breaks stations and then next month I will focus more on some of the individual shows that play on those stations.

Breaks FM
This station has been around for a minute now. Its one of those breaks staples that when needed, changes hands/owners/operators to keep it on the air. Breaks Fm features different types of shows from different artist some of which are live and some of which are pre-recorded. I have listened to Breaks FM on and off through the years, and sometimes i really enjoy what I hear while other times I'm not so sure. Breaks FM seems to have more shows dealing with the harder edge breaks sound, with lots of rasta and d&b influenced artist doing the shows. I cant say that they are all like that because I have not heard every show on the station, but when I do tune in, i tend to hear the before mentioned sounds. Regardless of your specific taste in the breaks market, Breaks FM is consistent in providing music every day that will please those with an ear for the breaks sound.

Nu Skool Breaks (NSB) Radio
NSB Radio is a great one. NSB has done a fantastic job at securing not only some of the best dj's out of the UK, but also a very loyal listening audience. With artist like High 8, AWE Sound System, The Janatah Dj's and many more in the weekly schedule, its no wonder they have such a loyal listening audience. The wide variety of different shows ensures the listener that they could hear any number of sounds on NSB Radio from the harder more d&b influenced sounds to the lighter disco breaks. The only problems with NSB Radio are the fact that they don't broadcast in stereo, and they have a low max listener allowance. Only 75 listeners can be tuned into the high speed stream. However, if you need your NSB fix and the high speed stream is full (as it often is) you can still use their dial up connection as a rough backup. NSB Radio is also backed up by a popular chat room where the NSB show host are always at during their shows so you can get the title of the tracks playing or even make request.

iBreaks is a bit newer on the scene and thus far I have not listened to their station as much as I would like to. However I have heard a few shows, and J-Bass the stations main operator is doing a great job of securing talented dj's and artist to appear on the station. On the few shows I have heard, I have had a chance to listen to The Future Funk Squad, Rennie Pilgrem and several others live on the decks. Like most proper internet radio stations they have both high speed and dial up connections to be able to deliver their sounds to whomever may want to listen. Their high speed stream delivers at 128kbps stereo so you are definently getting good quality radio. For more information about iBreaks head to their site and take a look around.

Boombox, Sirius 61
For you Sirus Satellite Radio subscribers this station is where you need to be. Boombox is a bit of all the sounds that are considered to be breaks or broken beat. From old school hip-hop to mid 90's Florida funk, to modern nu skool breaks, to d&b, they have your sounds. Boombox is backed up by on air personalities and dj's like Liquid Todd and Grandmaster Flash. Its always on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no commercials, ever. The satellite streams are always solid, and great sounding weather your listening by direct source into your receiver, through a fm modulator, or online at their website. Boombox is always breaking new music before it hits the shops. When The Chemical Brothers released their latest album, they were up in the Boombox studio laying it out with Liquid Todd, when Elite Force puts out a new one, you can bet Boombox will be jamming it, and when Grandmaster Flash finds another rare hip-hop jewel in his vast collection, you can be sure he will drop it. Find out more about Sirius/Boombox and get a free three day trial by going to www.sirius.com.

Frisky Radio
Frisky radio isn't exactly one of the stations I would normally cover when discussing breakbeats. Frisky has been known to be mostly a prog house station with a couple minor exceptions. However they have finally decided to start expanding beyond the prog house scene and as such they have added a new breaks show called Thrust and its hosted by the one and only Lee Coombs. Although the show hasn't aired yet, Lee Coombs is a fantastic producer and dj, and as such I suspect his show on Frisky Radio will be off the hook. Unfortunately however, Thrust will only air once a month.


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