svs sept 2005 jungle and dnb

Originally from Long Island, NY, SVS has been playing around in Kansas City since mid-2000, playing different types of music over that time and finally settling on Jungle & DnB and pushing the limits of that since. Here's his picks for the month!

SKC: Dominion/Offguard: Promo: Commercial SuicideBringing the bang for your buck back to Commercial Suicide is SKC is this release. Dominion is a very nice dark piece with those ever so lovely chain-clanking snares. It’s a perfect track for any time of the night. Offguard sounds like something if Bad Company and Baron had a baby. Very nice bouncy beat with grasping pauses. The melody is some to be desired as it is almost mystical.

arQer: Locomoco/Squalor: Promo: Basic
Going solo this time arQer drives the A side as properly named, Locomoco. A very fast paced track for all of you speed freaks out there. Slowing it down a bit on the flip side is Squalor. A very nice release from the previous track with a very chill, late night synth line. Here is another promo on the hot list for all the DJ’s out there.

Mr L (Jonny L): Moonwalking/Turn Up The Bass: Mr L
Jonny L is back at it yet again. Still making some great toons after all this time. Moonwalking is wonderful head banging track with some light vocals over it. Nothing to drop at peak hour but it will defiantly get the heads up. Turn Up The Bass, honestly, was a big let down. It for sure had bass and it was turned up but not the floor stopper I expected. It’s very mellow and very simple, but very nice for something late night.

Murderbot/Amerie/Pharrell: One Thing/Drop It Like It’s Hot: Dead HomiesMurderbot kills it with One Thing. When you combine divine vocals with the master of beats your get a masterpiece. This track is sure to have everyone out of the pile the rode in on and up on the dance floor. The Snoop Dog remake is decently made. Nice drum loops and beats over the grandfather of modern gangster rap. Very well put together and one of the better R&B/rap remakes I’ve heard in a long time.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith: Grand Theft Auto 2/ Smokers Anthem: Worldwide AudioI love it when these two get together and produce something as raunchy as this release. After listening to Grand Theft Audio 2 I felt compelled to go out and shoot and loot. A very powerful and energy filled track that makes the thief want to come out of you. Smokers Anthem has a nice ragga tone with the essence of your standard techstep killer. Nice use of vocals, very bouncy, and surely a showstopper to get everyone up and dancing.


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