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Unrelenting since 1995 is the best way to describe DJ Solaris. In a blazing fury of vinyl and chaos, Solaris assaults party goers and sound systems alike. Many have fell before the ceaseless barrage of gritty acid techno in Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, and in cities all across the Midwest. This devout DJ/producer stepped up to the Techno alter in the mid nineties and has been preaching the word of evil techno ever since. Picture a dark dungeon, pounding with a rhythmic drone. Inside people are in a fervor some still unable to comprehend what this man behind the decks is wielding. Such stories are just a drop to the stories Solaris has to tell about his experience performing around the US. Few have the stamina and perseverance that this man puts forth at every show, giving this Tyrant of Techno a formidable collection of sounds to penetrate the ears of any with the conviction to witness his presence.

This month, brings you an exclusive mix from Solaris. His new CD titled Centrifuge has yet to hit the streets. Instead he has decided to hold out on the release, and make it exclusively for for this issue. Centrifuge is Solaris’s latest mix CD, a compilation forged together with a purpose of driving and expanding people’s views of techno. With 25 tracks on the CD, this man never intended the listener to get too comfortable and apathetic.

This CD is a long time coming. I have put out a few and had this CD idea stewing for about two years. The name Centrifuge was a concept that I wanted to relate in musical form. I kept it on the burner and in my head until I was confident that I had the material to make what I believed would best suit what was banging on in my mind. I always dread making CD’s because the amount of things I have to leave out is boggling. I always try to fit as much of my soul into what I am doing as I can, and that takes its toll. Don’t look as Techno as simple music, its repetition is something that takes desire and commitment to work into this style. The style is a conundrum that has most confounded and others bewildered. I think of music in terms of energy when mixing and my job is to pull your strings and guide you through this piece of your life. I often find myself searching hours upon hours of tracks to find that one track that has that feel and energy that I desire in everything I play. If I come out of that (as I usually have) with one record from all those hours then I have considered it a good day.

Take to heart that I am and always be here to push the boundaries that others perceive as music. This style brought me into the scene and I have devoted myself to staying true to the form that guided me into this culture. Take what you can from this CD. If you enjoy it only an ounce of what I did while I was making it, I will consider my job well done. With 25 tracks in 70 minutes you have to know I was busy pushing out one about every 2.5 minutes. Even with that there is effect and tricks I was performing at the same time. These are too numerous to count and extrapolate on in the following information.

Track Listing:
(Label – Track Title – Artist)
  1. Intro
    I always like it when a CD sets the mood with a nice intro giving you a taste of what you have in store. This is no exception, with that in mind I had a time finding just the sample that would both describe what I was thinking when I was putting together the mix and how I wanted you the listener to think about.
  2. LK REC - Schlagschatten - Andreas Kremer RMX
  3. What can I say about Andreas? This man is one of my heroes. I just got this record two days before and had to have it on there. It is one of those moments where you know gold and this helps set the mood and energy for the rest of the CD.
  4. AR - Alliance IV - Gunjack vs. Jeroen Liebregts 
    I love drummy tracks. It was one of the themes that I was going for when I chose the title. It is so easy to lose yourself in one of these tracks, yet the subtle tones that sit in the background give me the charge that I desire to be when I go to a party, be it to perform or to observe.
  5. AR - Full Charge - Vincent De Wit 
    One of my favorites tracks of the time. I have had this track for a year and I still love hearing it blast its way across a room of people. I knew I had to incorporate this, and what a better time as it helps build the energy and flow of music harder. The name says it all and I think that anyone would agree that you won’t be able to stop moving your feet.
  6. LK REC - Punching Dummies - Lars Klein 
    I took it down just a hair here. Lars is another one of my heroes for making things so beautiful and driving. While it doesn’t have the energy of Full Charge, it does give a nice transition to some of the more minimal drivers that I have in store for you.
  7. Carnage - O.B.I. Wan Kenobi E.P. 
    This is a great track! I love how they mixed the hard drum lines with a bit of funky vocal to give it that edge. The way it hits and screams to me let me know that not only must I place it in the CD, but its progression to the harder side of things helped me to move even further to where I wanted to go.
  8. Pitchshift - Splash N Dash - Boris S. 
    Who would have thought I would bring it down just a notch? Well I know the whole idea is that I would drive you into the ground. Unfortunately I believe in the ebb and flow of things, and with the hammering I gave you with the last few I figured that a bit of a breather would be in order. Mind you it isn’t long so enjoy it. The break is one of a kind and helped me give you what I was looking for.
  9. Carnage - Partystecher E.P. - Frank Kvitta 
    Back to some driving sounds for your ears. I always like to get back into the saddle after a fresh breath. This driver set me up for what I love to do. Expand your horizons and make you dance until your legs fall off. If anything the laughter inside this track was a precursor to my next track and linked the two in a way I could not ignore.
  10. Pitchshift - Tonight You Sleep In Hell - Boris S. 
    No one can imagine the expression on my face when I ripped this out of its new sleeve and heard the breakdown. Couple that with its drive and desire and I found myself wanting not only a bit more of it, but couldn’t let it go to waste.
  11. Expanded - A. Crash - Darkness - Sven Wittekind RMX 
    I found this one a bit odd, but like to stretch the imagination. I loved the general tone of it, though the breakdown was nothing what I would expect, it gave a break from the norm that I created and a well deserved one at that. Though not long after it gets right back on the saddle and keeps chugging along. I admire any person who could make something unrelated fit into a song and make it work. This is just that and I feel it has to be just as suitable here.
  12. Squat Records - Mare Street - Jeff Amadeus 
    Every time I play, I can't wait to work this track into my set. It has got to be the favorite of mine for a while now. The funky breakdowns just send me into frenzy. I know that some others have fallen into that same fate when they get a taste. I have to watch out for this man he has a lot of great stuff and without this track I truly think my life would never be the same.
  13. Crowbar - Hamster Butcher - Stefan Wietek 
    There is a lot of driving and with that last track I had to do something, this is the ticket. Crowbar is a newer label that has proven to me that it has the talent and drive that I myself enjoy. It is a bit more constructed than a few of the others, but that is what gives it its flavor.
  14. Abstract Records - Reinsteckefuchs - Frank Kvitta 
    Nothing went better after butchering a hamster than this track. After all the crazy driving the breakdown gives you the idea it is going to take a minute to build back and give you a minute to breathe. FOOLED YOU! I can’t let you off that easy giving you breathers every time you see fit. I am trying to improve you and stamina is something anyone can respect.
  15. Crowbar - Way Of The Habak - Viper XXL 
    This driver has its nicety, although you would be hard pressed to find it. Once sound gives you the illusion of the tempo slowing while I keep driving. I don’t get too many of these, and why not let you believe that illusion and take that moment for yourself. Keep in mind that we are just over the halfway point and I don’t like to let you come down from that fervor I have been stewing that soon.
  16. Arms - Patadas - Carlos Rios 
    Ok, I am now ready to give you a bit of a break. This track has a great tech house feel while staying true to the hard driving that I wanted for this CD. I brought it to this level to help you not go insane with the crazy drum lines I was pushing for the last few tracks.
  17. Carnage - She Had It Coming E.P. - Switchblade a.k.a. Leo Laker 
    Taking it a bit more minimal and driving helps me get you into that long awaited rest. I was surprised when I stumbled upon this label. This depth of this track boggled me. It was the piece of gold I was searching for.
  18. FAK - Rocket Bay - Tuomas Rantanen 
    I picked it back up a bit and got a bit more driving and droning going on. This track helped keep the flow while still retaining the more minimal edge I developed over the last few tracks. It also gave me the leeway to move it either up or down in energy levels.
  19. Blitzkreig - Das Letzte Gefecht - Robert Natus 
    This is one of my old favorites. I pick it up and nothing makes me happier than something this bangin’. The way it is arranged is something that I strive for in my production.
  20. Blipped Out - Oli Brand 
    I couldn’t believe how well this track let me go from taking things down a notch to bringing them up a hair and still keeping that same feel. It is a new found favorite that keeps me jumping around behind the tables. The break has something even I am not sure how they did but I know that when I get the chance, it will be the first thing I ask him.
  21. Arms - Bend In The River - Lars Klein 
    Taking it down a notch was my intention and toward the end seemed like the best time. This is a nice track and gives me the feel of things I was still messing with back in the day. My love has always been for those things that make the hair on my neck stand up. This track had by far one of those moments.
  22. Cluster - Squat Attack - Jeff Amadeus 
    How better to take it a bit farther than with Cluster? This label has been around so long I cannot remember. They never fail to produce and push the boundaries while keeping a feel that is unique onto themselves. Cluster has been in my collection and track list since I started. My loyalty to them stems from the loyalty they have shown me among this last decade.
  23. Blackout Audio – Draw Out Your Breeches - Robert Natus 
    Mark EG’s label has been something I have been keeping my eye one constantly, ever since I saw him perform an outdoor event when a tornado was touching down a ½ mile from us. My diligence has paid with this one and keeps the flow steady while I collect myself for the tail end of the CD.
  24. Cluster - Did You Spill My Paint? - Co-Ax 
    Only a few tracks left and with this CD I thought it best to give you a bit of a wind down to help with the transition back to reality. Keeping it as driving as I wanted yet minimal enough to allow me to bring you back to earth.
  25. Blackout Audio - Pointless - Robert Natus 
    Next to last, but far from least it drones on and helps break down the CD to a mellower moment. Taking it even to the more minimal feel that helps when you want to wind down a set of bangin’ drum beats.
  26. Arms - Bend in the river - Lars Klein
    The best choice I could have made for an ending track! It sums up the whole CD for me and helps me bring it back full circle. Don’t let it fool you I always play what I think deserves the attention I give it and this one still gets me bobbing my head. Notice the producer and should I have to say more. This man is a genius. This wax has me from the beginning and keeps me there glued to the table to the last possible moment.


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