Thursday, September 28, 2017

wild blues

Heading down to the exhibition game at Sprint Center, we arrived a little late, but it seemed a lot of other folks did as well.  Everyone seemed really anxious for the game though.  It has been awhile since we had a regular NHL game in Kansas City.

We only missed about six minutes of the first period.  Theseats were pretty good, the only drawback being that you really could not see any action going on behind the goalie very well.  The other end of is a bit far off too, but I guess that is what the jumbotron is for.

It seemed like right away there was a fight on the ice.  We were not really sure what happened.  The only replay they displayed was the the fight.  It proved an interesting sideshow, nonetheless, and there were a few more near fights along the way.

It was a good game, with a fairly evenly split fan base in the stands.  A local radio show pulled off a few little stunt games, such as wing eating contest, during intermissions.  Overall it was a fun night for everyone in attendance.

The Wild beat the Blues in the last minute of play, and then exodus.  A few random clips of the activities on the ice appear below, including the first physical disagreement, or view a few more photos from this event.

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Friday, September 08, 2017

quixotic surfaces

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Bloch Building, presented their third "Surfaces" performance, featuring performance group Quixotic.  The free show included projection, choreography, and musical composition in honor of the architect, Steven Holl, quite literally shining a new sort of light on the iconic building.

For the uninitiated, "Quixotic is an innovative performance art collective that fuses imagination with technology, dance, projection mapping and live music to create fully-immersive, multi-sensory experiences.  Quixotic harnesses light, rhythm and expressive emotion."

We arrived relatively early, but then so did everyone else.  The area was nearing capacity at 630 pm, with folks lounging on blankets or their favorite chair, patiently awaiting the show. We picked up a great spot, just behind the sound board, with a wide enough viewing angle to catch a good view of all of the various performance stages.

I wandered about the circus-like atmosphere briefly before things got started,, stumbling upon some old friends and taking in the sights.  At one of the homes across the street, a couple of ladies in gowns ambled about the lawn, and a line of food trucks tended lines just as long.

Once the show started, nearly everyone remained riveted to their spot though; well, most everyone. They should have probably shut down the walkway in front of the stage, as quite a few could not seem to keep from wandering in front a bit too often.

Drones are another annoyance the Nelson should consider blocking the next time they host a show such as this.  Two of the mosquito-like creatures zoomed and hovered overhead throughout much of the show, detracting from the performance, and assaulting the auditory sense with their incessant buzzing.  If I had only had a sling-shot, I could have remedied that problem easily.

It was a fantastic show though, from beginning to end, and the night could not have been more perfect either. Temperatures in the mid 20s C kept things cool, but not too uncomfortable for a night out on the back lawn.

Below is a little montage of the video captured from the event.  It is not the greatest in spots, but the finale is as good as I hoped it would be from my vantage point (the last 5 minutes or so of the video); or,  view a few more photos from this event.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

liquid blo queens

May 2002 started off with a visit to the annual Polski Day celebration, and the 20th anniversary of the same.  It was likely the best of all that we attended, setting the standard for all coming before, and those after.  These days it is but a shadow of its former self.

Joe and I jumped in the car with a friends for a little road trip out to St Louis to check out the infamous DJ Keoki the following weekend.  He lived up to his reputation and played a fun and energetic set, seeming to really enjoy himself.  Chatting it up a little after his set, he proved to be as eccentric as imagined, but not in a bad way.

I didn't bother with going out again until Monday, when I dropped in on the weekly Evolution at Davey's Uptown. TJ and J. Phoenix from Lawrence traveled out to put on a little Live PA for folks.

Hiding away again for the rest of the week, I got bogged down in some other work, but was saving energy for Friday at Kabal anyway. It was a good thing I did too.  Derrick Carter turned the place inside out, keeping the dance floor grooving until they had to be forced out.

Meanwhile, down at the Madrid, Joe paid a little visit to the first Liquid Buzz Appreciation Party, a free event at the Madrid that brought out all the kids who couldn't make it down to Kabal.  They had been strictly 21 and over ever since the party we through there earlier in the year.

The next night found us bidding farewell to a couple of close DJ friends, Velvin and Shandi.  They were heading to New York to seek out their fame and fortune.  Shandi had a bit of a head start though, from her recent participation in America’s Top Model.  Velvin was close behind though, and so far as I know, still chasing the NYC dream.

The Monday BLO party came along just after that, finally beginning to really turn out.  When we first dropped by this event, it seemed they were never going to get anyone to come out on a Monday night; now, it seemed everyone was.

We dropped in on a different sort of show at Harling's Upstairs the previous week, featuring soloist Jonathan Ramsey playing some Irish favorites and quite a few others, with that sort of twist. Deciding decided to make another stop by the place to see if it was just as good, we were not disappointed in the least.  He really puts a great show and really can definitely belt out a tune and get the crowd involved.

The Queens of the Underground took center stage a few days later in Omaha, and Joe and I hit the road along with several others from KC.  The lineup featured some of the best lady DJs in the Midwest, dropping some of the baddest tracks all night long.  It was an impressive show, and something nobody has been able to pull of since, or tried, really.

That must have taken a toll on me, since there was nothing for that Saturday.  Monday held an event not to be missed though. The BLO Pajama Party brought out everyone that had been lounging around.  Lingerie and night shirts littered the dance floor.

A night at Knuckleheads Saloon was an interesting distraction for that Friday, as something a little different to change things up.  I did not want to get to involved in much of anything since I was heading off the Springfield with DJ Solaris, for his gig at Hex. That was quite a bit of fun!

I ran off to the lake for the week after that, and apparently a lot of other folks did too.  Kourtney covered a little show Syde-Sho event down at the Stray Cat called Under Construction.  It looked to be a lot of fun, but attendance definitely suffered at the hands of a weekend of perfect weather.

Returning just in time for a a little collaboration event DJ Two Heavy and I put together at the Empire Room, that seemed to be somewhat affected as well too.  There was a decent turn out, but definitely nothing compared with other Mondays in the month.

All of these events are restored to the site now, and you can learn more about them through their respective event post, or scan through all of  the events recently restored from May 2004.

We traveled a bit more the following month, but mostly stuck around KC.  There were some shows that were not to be missed.

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Friday, September 01, 2017

first friday 201709

It has been a minute since I got out for a First Friday.  Something always seems to come, but not this time.  It was a perfect evening for it too, with temps were in the low 20s C.

There were quite a few people out in the area we roamed, around Grinder's area and west from there a few blocks.  We stopped in there for a bit of sustenance too, before heading back to the ranch.

The galleries seemed to be mostly done for the evening when we were passing through.  Either that, or we were not paying close enough attention.

There is plenty to see on the street though, music here and there, and a generally good vibe all around.  I had not seen the missing llama though, but have seen a llama.  So cool!!!


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Lasers pierce the black and white darkness above, at the show"Endless Summer 2" in Kansas City, back in September of 2002.  It really did seem as much too, with mild temperatures throughout the winter, and the 9th lowest snowfall recorded.

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Disco has been around since the 1970s, followed by House Music in the 1980s, and a veritable explosion of sub-genres since then.  After nearly 50 years, some of the greatest in Electronic Music will be honored, in a show produced by Paul Oakenfold on September 21, 2017, at the Willow Studios in the downtown Los Angeles art district. 

"Dancing may help to combat brain aging," according to a recent study identified by Medical News Today.  Many studies have already proven that physical activity can reduce cognitive decline, but dancing stimulates the hippocampus more than most other forms of exercise.


Simulation of Asteroid Florence trajectory - image borrowed from NASA

Pay no attention to that asteroid flying past earth right now!  It is only the biggest that NASA has ever witnessed, weighing in at 4.3 km wide.  They say there is really no cause for concern, as it is not expected to come any closer than a mere 7 million km (about 18 earth-moon distances).  They have their eye on it, looking forward to get some great close-ups.


Image by Mete Yafet, borrowed from Illusion Magazine
"In Mete Yafet's world, music and art are intertwined."  The artist based in Instabul creates surreal 3D art, as well as music, imagining the music as he does, and vice versa. Inspiration for the works, as with many, comes from personal emotions and experience.  All of the pieces in this story are fantastic in their own way.


About midway through this month you will likely begin to see quite a few events popping up all over the country in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 through October 15.  There are already a number of events planned in various places such as San Francisco, with others pending announcement, so stay on the lookout!


Restoration is complete through the end of May 2004, though not yet officially announced.  A forthcoming post will take a look back soon.

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