power platform conferencing


It all started off simple enough.  The plan was to vacation a little in Las Vegas, while my other half attended a conference.  A few days after the decision, Microsoft announced the Power Platform Conference to be held the same week, in the same city.   

Most of the affair was held at the MGM Conference Center, with Keynote and other follow-up Kool-Aid functions in the adjacent MGM Grand Arena.  It was a nice spot, and in spite of warning by Microsoft, the two really were not all that far apart.

The first day of involvement through a workshop offered an opportunity to enjoy a few perks that were otherwise unattainable during regular conference time.  Premium coffees served by a robot tasted no different than that served by a human, and it took a lot longer.  The frozen desserts were tasty too and served much faster.  The views left a bad taste in my mouth though.  Who wants to be at a conference when all the windows showcase others lounging about the pool in beautiful weather?

That is what we did though; all six or seven thousand.  When it was a bright and beautiful day, we hid inside and sipped Kool-Aid in the dark, lit only by a multitude of LED configurations.  Top folk at Microsoft told us to be in awe of their new releases, eventually beating us over the head with Copilot for longer than most wanted to hear about it.

There were bright spots beyond the LED.  We got breakfast every morning, and lunch every afternoon.  In between, we enjoyed cookies and ice cream, and learned how to make life better for everyone involved by simply empowering them to do it themselves.  Oh yea, there was free concert too. 

Las Vegas?  That's a whole different story.  That town is crazy.  


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