carly rae jepsen and microsoft

As part of the Microsoft Power Platform perks, a concert for attendees and only attendees, brought most out for a look at who would take center stage this year.

Microsoft offered up pizza, beer, and cupcakes to start things off, and a little mingling, prior to the entertainment for the evening, Carly Rae Jepsen taking the stage.

Who? Never heard of her. Call me Baby. Oh. That. It was an amusing little tune, once upon a time. You could tell she thought as much too, holding it out until the second to the last tune, in spite of repeated calls for her to just get it over with.

The crowd began to evacuate after she did.  She performed well though; again, in spite of the audience.  With only an hour to play, she pounded through several new releases and a few that I might have heard at one time or another, before getting on to that one song.  There was one more after that, and all the while carrying with her an air of positivity and optimism. Perhaps, that is why she was hired for the gig.

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