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The change to a publication format was well received, and we only stepped back the number of events photographed slightly during February 2004. The 12 events photographed during the month were huge affairs though.  Everyone seemed to be celebrating something, and it was the final month of carnival. It all got started with a great little celebration at The Cup & Saucer.  Wednesday Perk had hit the 2-year mark, hosting a fantastic lineup of local talent, along with a great show of support from the community. The Empire Room also hosted a little blow-out celebrating their recent remodeling, with an equal level of excitement.  Local DJ Bill Pile kept the dance floor packed most of night. He and Steve Thorell had that effect on things though.  Fridays at The Point were rarely disappointing, their weekly party in the basement. Although not quite on the same level, I played a little set down at Evolution, which was quite a lot of fun.  It was definitely not of the same calib

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{Offtrack playing re:phocas ~ jan.2004 ~ photo by Mage} The number of events covered in January 2004 exploded.  A good part of that was a need to get out and “flyer” for our forthcoming show at the end of the month, though there was never much of that. The event photos throughout the month did all the work, with the flyer plastered to the front of the site throughout the entire month. I stopped in on The Cup and several club nights around town, including XO, the Empire, The Point, and of course, Kabal.  Frisky always had a good Thursday too. It all started off in the grime of the dirty little place on Guinotte though, just after the beginning of the new year. RJ Bass held a little soiree down at XO for his birthday, having reach the ripe old age of 30, and Solaris got a good spanking for his birthday. There were a couple of random little stops too, such as Hannah’s Bistro, where Steve Thorell was doing a different sort of gig, with live percussion accompaniment.  I


music Recently introduced to Pogo, an individual producing some unique and interesting tracks using popular movies bytes, we found this pretty amazing.  This isn't just one sample over and over, but rather a multiplicity of sounds from all over a particular movie.  He has covered multiple Disney movies quite well and only recently sampled Star Trek: The Next Generation too.  Drop in on his YouTube channel , You will definitely find something to amuse you. dance Break dancer Raphael Xavier, awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship for choreography in 2016, is still breaking it down after 30 years.   Sitting down with Christopher Minor of the Hartford Courant , he talks a little about life and dance, his recovery from a spinal injury, and what it all means. life february night sky - by todd Cornell University wrote in the Science Daily that finding habitable exoplanets now may be easier. Apparently, " astronomers report that hydrogen pouring from v