Recently introduced to Pogo, an individual producing some unique and interesting tracks using popular movies bytes, we found this pretty amazing.  This isn't just one sample over and over, but rather a multiplicity of sounds from all over a particular movie.  He has covered multiple Disney movies quite well and only recently sampled Star Trek: The Next Generation too.  Drop in on his YouTube channel, You will definitely find something to amuse you.


Break dancer Raphael Xavier, awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship for choreography in 2016, is still breaking it down after 30 years.  Sitting down with Christopher Minor of the Hartford Courant, he talks a little about life and dance, his recovery from a spinal injury, and what it all means.


february night sky - by todd
Cornell University wrote in the Science Daily that finding habitable exoplanets now may be easier. Apparently, "astronomers report that hydrogen pouring from volcanic sources on planets throughout the universe could improve the chances of locating life in the cosmos."  The only problem we have though, is getting there. Technology still lags behind in transport to those regions.


"The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth and the perfect place to show off " is seeking anyone and everyone, on any creative or inventive level, interested in promoting their art through science, craft, homesteading or engineering.  Planned for June 24 & 25 in Kansas City, the event will also include music, food, workshops, and various performances.


National Geographic shows us "a fresh picture of the ambitions and cultural impact" of the most daring seafarers and explorers to rage across the continent.  The Vikings conquests stretch from the coldest regions of Europe to North America and deep into Russia, and are still celebrated today through reenactments like that shown in an accompanying 360 video.

"breakdown" is a monthly column presenting five random topics of interest associated with the underlying themes of this site ... music . dance . life . art . culture.

This month's header image was taken during Mardi Gras 2002, at the intersection of Rue de Decatur and Frenchman Street, a popular place for local musicians to gather during that particular night for a bit of live improvisational music for a rave-like crowd, dancing well into the night.

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