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a daft nye tribute

Wanting to get out and dance a bit, we surveyed the local rags a few weeks prior to New Year's Eve to see if there was anything worth venturing out into the cold night for (and dodging drunk drivers).  Nothing really stood out, until we stumbled on an ad for Harrah's Voodoo Lounge in North Kansas City.  They were hosting the Daft Punk tribute band, One More Time, which looked promising.  Thinking it might quite a crowd, were ordered advance tickets, and later, realizing it would probably be standing room only, booked a table too; neither turned out to be necessary. We arrived early and thought we might grab some quick food a the 810 Sports Zone Bar & Grill.  We probably could have left and gone some place else in the time it took us to get seated.  They were not really busy, but the hostess seemed a bit confused as to how to handle the massive influx of 5 people waiting to be seated in the half-empty restaurant; meanwhile, the person appearing to be a manager o


Talking around a bit on the message board, I quickly discovered a new weekly starting up at an old strip club down in the West Bottoms.  A couple of local groups were putting the night together, Stylus Friday, featuring "European & Domestic Trance/Techno" in the main room, and House Lounge in the back room; exactly what I was looking for.  Underground did exist in Kansas City! Eventually, I talked with DJ FitzRoger, the host of the main room.  He thought the concept photo project I was looking to do was a fantastic idea, and welcomed me to come talk a bit more about in person, and take a few shots. "The date that will live in infamy" arrived as any typical December 7 in Kansas City, and bombs were about to be dropped, in the form of 5 core years of covering nearly every underground music event in Kansas City, and a bunch beyond.  There was nothing particular special or unique about it.  Actually, thinking about to that, the streets did seem to

natural groove

Sometime after returning from New Orleans, I caught a story on a local news station on EDM in Kansas City.  In the typical media fashion, they were building up a new scape-goat, attempting to assert that EDM was the source of all things evil in the city.  Children too young to stand on their own were out dancing all night long, taking drugs, over-dosing, and doing it all over again, night after night. Ridiculous. I knew most of what they were inferring was not true, and was immediately incensed by the ridiculousness of it all.  I had seen the media do this too often in the past, and it fueld my desire to seek out and help to raise awareness that EDM was really no different than much of what had gone before.... kids having a good time, dancing until the break of dawn, for their love of music.  It was their release, and as usual (and as is even more typical now), the establishment was seeking to disrupt and destroy. I started off traveling around a little to different clubs.  Th