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Justin Kleinfeld  ~ New York, NY - Recall Records is pleased to introduce North American audiences to one of Europe’s best kept secrets – singer / songwriter Thomas Dybdahl. Dybdahl’s North American debut One Day You’ll Dance For Me, New York City is released August 1st.

Creating a sound reminiscent of the finest points of Jeff Buckley, Sondre Lerche and Bright Eyes, Thomas Dybdahl’s intimate portraits in song are true masterworks. A winner of the Norwegian Grammy Award (“Spellemannprisen”) and Alternative Award (“Alarm”), 25-year old Thomas Dybdahl is one of the most talented singer-/songwriters to emerge from the Norwegian music scene. He has received rave reviews for all three of his gold and platinum selling albums - …That Great October Sound (2002), Stray Dogs (2003) and One Day You’ll Dance For Me, New York City (2004) - and is now ready to reveal his talent to the rest of the music-loving world.

His third album in three years, One Day You’ll Dance For Me, New York City, was released in Norway in October 2004. The album went straight to number 1 at the official album charts and achieved Gold-status in only a few days. It has now sold approximately 50 000 copies in Norway and is still at top 10 on the album charts.

Besides creating his own artist album, Thomas Dybdahl is a hard working musician who has written songs for other artists (including Maria Mena) and produced a film soundtrack. He is also the lead singer of the new gold selling Norwegian band “The National Bank”, featuring members from Jaga Jazzist and Big Bang. Thomas Dybdahl will tour the North America extensively this summer, so be on the lookout!

About Recall Records

Founded in 1997, Recall Group is now one of leading independent record companies in Europe and has developed an exciting roster of artists and soundtracks. Based in Paris, with recently opened offices New York and Toronto, Recall Group is dedicated to releasing a diverse selection of new and established artist albums, from indie rock to electronic to hip-hop to world, alongside soundtracks on its Recall Music For Films imprint. Following successful European releases from Mylo, Brand New Heavies, Lisa Stansfield and The Servant, Recall USA will focus on British indie rockers Grand National, electronic producer DJ Cam, and international singer songwriter Jehro. The company is seen as a pioneer in exploring and developing entirely new expressions of music and image, whether for film, television, advertising, video games or communications and internet technology.

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