ac november 2004 chillout

intro by todd ~ photo by Hardrive ~ AC is definitely one of the most under-rated DJs by the MidWest Dance & Music scene, but outside of our land-locked area, you will find him playing to audiences cross-country, as well as crowds as far away as Germany, such as the recent Voov Festival. He is not just a DJ though, but also a musician, producer and owner of one of the very record labels in the Central MidWest, 666 Zip Code Town Records. Having received his newest chillout release, Muladhara, I was really anxious to have this DJ play at my event, phlashback. I knew that people enjoy it every bit as much as I did. Bringing a live Sitar player with him for accompaniment, I was absolutely right and heard many praises for his set, and a lot of people asking exactly what they had heard. So, here's a few chillout selections from AC this month, to help give you a better idea of the kind of things you will hear from his record bag.

MIDIval PunditZ "Forest Dreams" (Six Degrees) A wonder-filled journey through distant lands...a monster of a morning track!

Aes Dana "Sub Morphing" (Ultimae) From the Ultimae label what more do you need to know? Another must-have of spacious psychedelic ambience.

J.Viewz "Untracked" (Candyflip) For the cabbage, a weird little ditty that morphs in and out of downtempo atmospheres teasing the listener to completion.

Gargoyles "Space Baby"(Backroom Beats) A groovy, lushious space filled with slinking chuffers. Pure pillow funk for the spoons.

Kerry Lannan & AC "K├╝rten Krunk" (666 ZipCode Town Rekkids) Blunted downtempo moodiness with a healthy slice of TR808, sitar and answering machine samples.

Soul Surfer "Sunrise @ Bells Beach" (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) This is what life sounds like as you watch the sunrise at a beach doof. It is a blissed out explosion of awe.

Aes Dana "Dusts" (Ultimae) Another reason to dance and listen inwards to the coded wetware of gaia. Sealed with the Ultiame sound of perfect mastering.

Banco de Gaia "Harvey and the Old Ones" (Six Degrees) The best way to greet the sunrise. So much energy and awe explodes at the peak of this song, you just can't help but to smile and dance.

Rx "Dick is a Killer" (Unreleased) A brilliant piece that sports George W. Bush as the lead singer professing his love of Dick and a sex change. It is pure madness signaling a new standard in production. This song NEVER leaves your head.

Shulman "A Magnificent Void" (Aleph Zero) A sonic tapestry of inner-space, as this is what a Alex Gray painting sounds like.

AC can be found lurking about his record label web site at


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