Friday, January 30, 2004


The culmination of a lot of work and ideas came together in one fantastic night of music and dance. Along with help from several others, We put together an event to kick-off a new direction for the site, doing stories related to electronic dance music, moving forward as a publication under that format.  The event featured a lineup of all local DJs, spinning a variety of genres.  They were a select few of the very best that Kansas City offered, including Offtrack, cQuence, Shandi, and Velvin vs Malcolm. Details on how it all turned out were published in an event review for the first edition of the zine.

photos by Richard, Joe, Kandice, Mage, & JesseP

photos by JesseP, Kandice, Mage, Joe, RaverKitty and Richard

Thursday, January 29, 2004

frisky w/ dan x

While he was not slated to appear, Dan X dropped in on Kabal for a great Thursday night of fun on the dance floor.


Monday, January 26, 2004

submission jan.04

Another edition of Submission at Davey's Uptown featured the usual containment, along with pins and needles, candle wax, and whipped cream.  Frankie Abernathy from MTV's Real World even dropped by to enjoy the festivities!  Her boyfriend kept her on a short leash though.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

sl8r house party

Local DJ Sl8r hosted a little house party, with a random assortment of folks, music all around, and candy canes!

saturday xo on the twenty-fourth

Dropped in on XO to check out the early crowd, which turned out to be a little more diverse than most in the back room, and RJ Bass playing to a near empty main room.  The place never really comes alive before midnight though, and I am sure that it did later, but I had other places to be.

empire saturdays 01.24.04

A few  photos from a quick stop in on the Empire Room before heading to points beyond.  Johnny Scott was laying down some beats for an early crowd.

Friday, January 23, 2004

fridays are back 01.23

The Point was the last stop on my little circuit for the evening, because Fridays are Back.  Steve Thorell and Bill Pile were up to their usual, laying down some great tracks, but it was a bit of slow night there too.  At least there was room to dance.

xo fridays 01.23

The third stop, but not quite final stop on this Friday night, landed me at XO.  It was relatively full, but not quite as much as I had seen on numerous other occasions.

the place 01.23

After stopping in on another event, I dropped by The Place to check on their little night.  It was a little slow, but no less fun.