The culmination of a lot of work and ideas came together in one fantastic night of music and dance. Along with help from several others, We put together an event to kick-off a new direction for the site, doing stories related to electronic dance music, moving forward as a publication under that format.  The event featured a lineup of all local DJs, spinning a variety of genres.  They were a select few of the very best that Kansas City offered, including Offtrack, cQuence, Shandi, and Velvin vs Malcolm. Details on how it all turned out were published in an event review for the first edition of the zine.

photos by Richard, Joe, Kandice, Mage, & JesseP

photos by JesseP, Kandice, Mage, Joe, RaverKitty and Richard


  1. 02.01.2019 ~ #phlashback to dj offtrack moving the floor at a little party Kabal, celebrating the release of our #firstissue of the #zine ... 15 yrs back on this #flashbackfriday... more from this event @


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