closing out at omnia

As with most invitations to enjoy an event in Las Vegas for free, this too was a trap.  It was an enjoyable little snare though, on this last night in town.  By the time we arrived at this juncture, the last night had already turned faded into the last morning.

That fact did not seem to slow anyone down in the least.  Our arrival marked only the beginning of a surge at the event, which by the time of our departure, would find the rooftop of Caeser's Palace nearly packed and grooving to the sounds of DJ Mikey Francis.

The only drawback to the whole affair proved to be the cost of drinks; even then, that in itself was not much of detriment.  The late hour and impending travel arrangements for what was now later in the same day discouraged much more of that sort of activity. It certainly did not stop anyone from getting their groove on.

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