Friday, August 30, 2019

motel something on the thirtieth

Since Mark Farina didn't make it to town, Brian dropped in on a little event at Motel Something, featuring DJ Coughman, Jametatone, Sister Zo, and Whorxata.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday, August 09, 2019

tritonal mosaic

Brian dropped in on Mosaic and brought back a few photos of what appears to be a mostly full house Tritonal and resident DJ Eric Coomes and quite a little party!

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Saturday, August 03, 2019

dada land 10 years tour in dallas

Dropping in on the celebration of Dada Life's "Dada Land" series 10 year anniversary in Dallas, Brian brought back a few video clips for your amusement, and one still.

there are no more photos from this event
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Sunday, July 21, 2019

fall phun 2019

a machine for living
Over the next few months, there will be some really great festivals.  It all starts with the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, which will feature some of the original cast, and whole pile of favorites.  After that, make a quick stop south of Kansas City in  for Dancefestopia, then bounce on out to sunny southern California for Desert Daze in October.

August 15 - August 17
White Lake, New York

September 5 - September 8
La Cygne, Kansas

October 10 - October 13
Lake Perris, California


check back for our favorites for winter

Friday, June 14, 2019

sum phun 2019

Willie Nelson & Family hit the road again in June this year on their North American Tour with a full line-up of favorites.  Another edition of Electric Forest returns at the end of June with Odesza, Kygo, Bassnecter, Zeds Dead, and Three Incidents The String Cheese Incident.  And midway through July InfraSound  celebrates 8 years with Tipper and Amon Tobin presents Two Fingers.

June 14 - July 3
Various Locations

June 27 - June 30
Rothbury, Michigan

July 11- July 14
Harmony Park, Minnesota

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

wellness beyond the music

Vinyl Scavenger Hunt at Elements Music & Arts Festival 2018 | Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage

Elements Music & Arts Festival reveals activities and wellness programming for its third edition on Memorial Day weekend. Nestled within the northeastern Pennsylvania forest in a lakeside setting, festival-goers are surrounded by nature and a fantastic musical lineup, complemented by diverse wellness workshops and activities.  Body and soul-based lectures, immersive art installations, summer camp activities, arts and crafts right alongside roller rink disco prom, a pirate ship party, and fire walking are just a few.

The lineup that features varied dance music genres across the board, such as Disclosure, FISHER, Big Gigantic, Seth Troxler, Shiba San, Justin Martin, Liquid Stranger, Francesca Lombardo and special sunrise sets from Damian Lazarus, Atish, and David Hohme.

Water Stage at Elements Music & Arts Festival 2018 | Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage

summer camp activities

Reviving childhood memories of summers spent at sleep away camp, Elements brings those moments back with a plethora of games and activities. With its lakeside backdrop, attendees are encouraged to bring their own floats, hit the lake in canoes and kayaks, compete in beach ball dodgeball, or try to commandeer BangOn!NYC's pirate ship.

Also programmed for the weekend is professionally assisted rock climbing and zip lining, mini golf, basketball, tetherball, volleyball and more. For those that are daring enough, fans will have the opportunity to face a ceremonial fire walk. Additional summer camp games will also be led by

Elements’ seasoned activities coordinator and "funtender" Rawb Lane including a costume parade, sunset flow arts, a relay race, vinyl record hunt with special prizes and much more from his crew of party starters including a no cash, no limit, barter-only Frick Frack Blackjack, where the odder the item the better the trade.

Wellnest at Elements Music & Arts Festival 2018 | Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage

wellnest activities

A series of soul and body-based lectures, and workshops focus on connection and curiosity. Festival-goers will have the opportunity to partake in experimental and transformational activities. Held daily in the Wellnest with more programming to be announced, couples will be given the opportunity to learn how to effortlessly massage their partner with Rhythm Flow Couples Thai Massage and Camp Softtouch, a sensation touch workshop.

Varied styles of yoga will also be on offer including Silent Disco Yoga presented by Sputnik Yoga, Open Flow Heart Yoga by Hacienda and Breathwork Stimulation presented by Yoga Space and Atypicalyogini. Also held in the Wellnest will be lectures on Glitter and Sustainability, How to Green Your Wardrobe presented by EcoCult, the Importance of Sleep, and a NSFW Consent Workshop. Encouraging creativity, attendees can participate in Drink and Draw sessions presented by The Graham Bar, a parkour workshop, Party Braids 101, and Twerkshop and Vogueshop.

Outside the Wellnest hub, festival-goers will be able to enter the House of Heart teepee healing center hosted by Seer and Sage, learn the colorful dance art form of ancient Indians, and how to express different types of human emotions through one's body from Spirituality in Motion: An Intro to Indian Classical Dance.

Yoga at Elements Music & Arts Festival 2018 | Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage

interactive & immersive art

Curated by Elements Music & Arts Festival art director Julianne Irene, attendees can expect to see and discover immersive art experiences. Spread throughout the festival grounds, art enthusiasts will be able to find art, decor, and installations including live art galleries, sculptures and paintings, beautifully blacklight-designed cuddle puddles, an interactive group art show featuring local artists curated by the local Wayne County Arts Alliance, plus a blend of tech and performance art from live experience curators NON de GEN.

Taking over the Water Stage, interactive performers from Brooklyn’s leading performance space House of Yes will lead the lakeside dancefloor, while the Fire Stage will feature a custom-made steel build designed by Soul Oceans with pyrotechnics by fire-bending specialists Incendia.

 New York City-based design group Rhizome will also bring back their elaborate stage facades and custom-made animations for the Earth, Fire, and Theater stages with the Air Stage to be constructed and designed with recycled lumber by Australian artist Chia Jen. Also on-site will be Heavy Meta Dragon, a fire-breathing dragon art car.

interested in attending?

Elements Music & Arts Festival 2019 offers the complete festival package with its camping, cabin, and glamping accommodation options, 3-Day and VIP passes, wellness and activities programming, immersive art, deliciously picked food vendors, and more. - PlexiPR

Sunday, April 07, 2019

tobin fear in a handful of dust

The depth and scope of the musical ingenuity of Brazilian-born and UK-raised producer Amon Tobin is an inarguable inspiration to many. From the Kronos Quartet to Diplo, he has achieved respect among artists across all genres during a career spanning more than 20 years, releasing era-defining tracks, setting an unmatched pace of sonic exploration and musical adventurism.

Amon Tobin continues exploring the musical cosmos in his upcoming studio album "Handful of Dust," which is set for release on April 26 on his newly minted Nomark label, but already has three singles bouncing around the internet airwaves.

Tobin says of his latest, "Fooling Alright"accompanied by video, ‘'I’ve always sung on my records in one-way or another, usually as a texture, and sometimes as a different character. This character is kind of androgynous and creepy to me, which is great because the setting in my mind is 1950’s Americana," which he finds extremely creepy.

Creepy and dark may be the standard for this new album.  The first single 'On A Hilltop Sat The Moon', begins with light and innocent sounds spiraling into a vibrating crystalline darkness, easily painting a picture of the lonesome celestial body pondering the life below.

In the second single released earlier this month, 'Vipers Follow You' melds organic and electronic elements into an atmosphere of subliminal dread.  The instrument used is a hybrid of sorts.  Tobin describes it as "A strung thing played percussively like a tabla. It distorts and almost breaks sometimes. I play it quite badly, but I hope with some feeling."

Amon Tobin's previous album, the critically acclaimed ISAM, leveraged advanced synthesis processing and production techniques traditionally reserved for sound design in film, paving the way for a new kind of audiovisual performance. Pioneering the use of projection mapping in a live performance context, the landmark ISAM shows were hailed by major media outlets including Wired, Rolling Stone, NPR, and premiered at some of the world’s most prestigious venues, from the Sydney Opera House to the Olympia in Paris to the London Hammersmith, and several international festivals including Sonar, MUTEK and Moogfest.

It will definitely be interesting to see what Amon Tobin has in store for touring this latest album ...

Friday, March 01, 2019

expedition to the chimacloud

Saya Woolfalk transports visitors into a world of a fictional race of women called the Empathics.  The extensive narrative is one of the more notable works by this contemporary artist, bringing a first time exhibition to Kansas City, beginning First Friday in March.

Her brief film "ChimaCloud" displayed this fantastical world of the Empathics in Times Square recently, along with a virtual sculpture and live performance in Fulton Center and Brooklyn Museum. The experience enabled visors to travel between worlds along the rivers, bridges and subways of the city.

Empathics will introduce their newest groundbreaking technology at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  This immersive, multimedia exhibition was created for the museum incorporating hybridization, technology, ceremonial rituals, and science fiction themes.

Individual and interrelated works appearing in the Block Building tell the story of the ChimaCloud. The alternative digital universe created by the Empathics in this exhibition draws inspiration directly from the Nelson-Atkins permanent collection.

Opening on March 2019 First Friday in Kansas City, this free exhibition runs through September.  Check out the full schedule available on the web site for The Nelson.

Learn more about Saya Woolfalk, ChimaCloud, Chimatek, and the Empathics as well as some of her other installations at

Monday, February 04, 2019

full spectrum immersion

Immersive event creators Caravan Gitane and House of Yes again combine creative forces to present ‘Full Specturm' with producer Max Cooper in Brooklyn at 99 Scott. The live audio/visual performance from the British producer as he showcases new music off his latest album, ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ and newly-released ‘Reflex’ EP.

Introducing a theme of quantic, bright geometric, electrifying connectivity, the evening invites the mind to let go and expand into a state of pure bliss. Together, the two leading event purveyors will present the finest performers and an enticing array of activation in what is sure to be one of their most elaborate collaborations to date.

Caravan Gitane x House of Yes at AcidCase in 2018 | Photo credit: Erica Camille

Touching down in New York for one show only as part of his global One Hundred Billion Sparks tour, Max Cooper has carved out a unique position for himself as an artist who merges electronic music with visual art to creative live audio/visual, immersive sensory experiences.

With a 2019 collaboration in the cards with renowned pianist Bruce Brubaker, the NYC debut of ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ is inspired by his love of complex melody and science thanks to his PhD in computational biology.

The EP ‘Reflex’ is out now via his MESH imprint, fans can expect a spectacular performance of both new and old material with 270 immersive audio and visuals that employ the roof and walls of the space to envelope them in Max’s world.

Complementing his signature sound will be audio sculpting and visual design by Subhaze Studio, New York underground staple and All Day I Dream mainstay Lauren Ritter, Amsterdam based Miss Melera of Colourizon who finds a unique balance between deep, tech house and techno, and minimal house DJ, Aida. Leafar Legov will explore the cinematic and experimental edges of ambient, house and techno, while Caravan Gitane and Mayan Warrior resident Concret will be on board to showcase his mix of house beats, dark Spanish vocals and ethnic percussion.

Max Cooper - Identity - Official Video by Pylik from Max Cooper on Vimeo.

Taking over two stages within the much-loved warehouse space, together Caravan Gitane and House of Yes will craft a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages participation and full immersion through a plethora of experiential performances and activations.

On display on the lower level, will be artist Gazoo ToTheMoon’s geometric cosmic art that glows under neon UV light while in the main room, huge screens will be fitted out in order to capture Max’s full spectrum audio visual installations. Advance tickets are on sale now while supplies last via Eventbrite.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

mongol metal

Chinggis Khan statue in Mongolia - photo by Fran├žois Philipp  

The fusion of music and culture is often taken for granted.  It is not often a clearly defined presence, until a sound comes along that speaks to the tribal soul.

Throat-singing originated among the indigenous Turko-Mongol tribes in the mountains of southern Siberia and western Mongolia.  It uses harmonically rich vocal timbres to communicate with both the natural and supernatural worlds.

As you might guessed, because of these ethnic and ritual associations, the Soviet Union did as many others have throughout history in a vain attempt to destroy culture. They forbade the style of singing.

Loss of influence throughout the region of Mongolia opened the door for a resurgence of many cultural practices. It never really stopped anyway.  Handing down stories through song, and often dance, is likely one of the oldest of facets of human culture and cannot be stopped.

Incorporating Throat-singing with themes from metal to hip-hop, these bands continue the tradition.  They are determined to take things to a different level though and remain culturally distinct.  Watch with subtitles, if available.

"Mongolians are not just taking elements from Western music and just copying and pasting," Instead, they're using some of these elements and making their own authentic music. - How A Mongolian Heavy Metal Band Got Millions Of YouTube Views by Katya Cengel at NPR Culture
Thematically, their music, "is about everything in Mongolian life, like horses and the environment, or rivers or certain kinds of animals." Nine Treasures Build Their Mongolian Folk Metal with Love, Not Satan by Minna Zhou, at Noisey by Vice

The Great Khan would approve immensely.