Saturday, November 17, 2018

way back with tlc in kc

We caught up with these girls back in the 90s, after the release of their second album "Crazy Sexy Cool."  They were a little different than the regular variety and showed some promise.  There was so much good music coming out during that time though, we kind of lost track.  

Offered a pair of free tickets to their show on Saturday, we jumped at the chance for a little flashback fun.  It was a good show too, with performances of all of their top tracks from way back then, peppered with a few others from their latest release.

The girls voices were as good as ever, along with the voice of Lisa Lopes aka Left Eye dubbed in spirit on all the necessary tracks.  It was about an hour long show, with back to back tracks, and a sprinkling of commentary from the performers.

Ending the show, they came to the corners of the stage and signed autographs for anyone and everyone that came up.  Just about everyone at the show must have left with their signatures.

The venue was generally good.  There really is not a bad seat in the house, some only marginally better than others.  We were way back on one of the risers.  In fact, all the way back. The sound was good and visibility probably as good as anywhere in the room.

Safety is whole other consideration. The venue should probably look at doing something to stabilize the risers. They swayed from folks simply walking up the stairs and felt like a trampoline, when full of folks on their feet dancing, of which accounted for 95% of the crowd.

The sway was probably not so bad near the bottom.  At times, the upper half continually felt as though it might collapse.  That small bit of terror in the back of my mind, coupled with the dancing drunk girl next to me, flailing her arms about, kept me relatively pinned down.

Capturing photos and video was a small challenge in all the action.  As well, I am finding I do not particularly care for how the S8 does in low light.  The less light, the less it performs.  There are a few more photos than just those in this post.

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Thursday, November 01, 2018

the prodigy live forever

Rephlektor - The Prodigy released their latest track ‘We Live Forever’ just last week, bringing together Keef and Maxim, plus vocal hooks from Ultramagnetic MC, over a sinister riff that keeps coming at you before erupting into a violent energy only Howlett knows how to bring.

The track is a striking highlight from the upcoming album release, 'No Tourists' due out on November 2, and a reminder of a band that has resolutely followed their own route through the underbelly of popular culture since day one.

The Prodigy have never taken the lazy tourist route. They dominated the illegal rave scene, challenged anti-rave legislation and redefined the whole idea of what a band should be like. They brought UK electronic music to the US heartland, turning metal kids onto Rave and ravers into metal heads.

Effectively reached global audiences without compromise, racking up 6 number 1 albums and multiple honors (two Brits, two Kerrang! awards, five MTV awards, two Grammy nominations), they are force to be reckoned with.

“No Tourists’ is ultimately about escapism and the want and need to be derailed and not to follow that easy set path,’ explains Liam Howlett in his North London studio.
"In these times we live in people have become lazier and forgotten how to explore. Too many people are allowing themselves to be force fed, with whatever that may be. It’s about reaching out further to find another alternative route where the danger and excitement may be to feel more alive … not accepting that you can just be a tourist. That’s what the title is about for us.”

This new album sees The Prodigy return with venom. They are renegades, outsiders, and outlaws – always hiding in plain sight. Though much has changed in the musical and social landscape, what remains a constant is The Prodigy’s resolute focus to always do things their own unique way.  Indeed, in 2018 the urgency and irrepressible spirit of The Prodigy has never been more needed.

‘No Tourists’ will be available digitally, on CD, cassette, and heavyweight double vinyl.  Exclusive bundles and a ltd edition gatefold clear double vinyl are available via the artist store. The band will immediately follow up with a 21 date tour over the winter season, with more to come, surely.

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