lasers and sitars

The last month of 2004 launched an array of events that only escalated into the following year.  Frisky kicked things off with their residents and the Simply Soul Syndicate, while Wicked Fridays kept pace across town, and Chris provided a look inside the NYC rave scene.  That Saturday, the weekly at Grand Emporium tried to keep pace, but was no match for DJ P at Kabal.

Thing started off simple enough with an appearance by DJ Imperial  at Jilly's, and a live set by Swayzak out in Lawrence, while a few friends and I wandered down to The Point with Dave Brock for a special surprise appearance there.

He was in town to headline our show the following night, the 3rd anniversary party, along with Xplicit.  Both kept the floor groovin all night long, and made for a solid night of food, fun, and phabulous partying.  

Invited down to a Christmas party for  local promotional firm, I dropped by there, before heading over to Kabal for a party by another local rag, then down to the Empire for another dose of Wicked Fridays.  Meanwhile, Joe ran out to Omaha, and Shawn dropped in on The Stables for the first of its kind of show in that venue.  All eyes were on Kabal Saturday, with D:Fuse appearing in support of his Begin tour.

Weekdays were mostly quiet until that Monday, when it was back to Kabal for The Future Sound of Cambridge Tour.  That was followed a few days later, joining our Irish soloist, Jonathan Ramsey for a little Christmas Hoolie!

The month faded quickly, but not without a few wild parties in between.  KC Christmas rocked the House at Kabal on Christmas night, while across town Saeed Younan played to a mostly empty house, and the Grand Emporium held onto their loyal subjects.  

The Dark Divas kicked off the last week of the month with their own little Christmas party.  The following night  was DJ 2Heavy's birthday, with a salute to the Breakers, and then an acquaintance dragged us off to the Grand Emporium for a great show by Tabla Rasa.

And then, the year ended in an explosion of music and champagne.  A good portion of the regular "scene" skipped it though, in favor of a private little bash of their own.  Folks were still out en masse, and Eric covered the loyalists at The Point, while Shawn covered the sold out show at Martini Corner.  As for myself, a moderately upscale little-black-dress evening at The Clubhouse filled the end of my year.

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