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free fridays w/ elton dan

After noting a post related to the same, on somewhat of a whim, we dropped in on the Crossroads for the evening.  The show was slated to start at 6 pm, but they must have been a little behind.  It was no matter really.  We needed some sustenance.  Fortunately, this venue comes with relatively reasonable food and drinks. The first cover band, Gypsies, Doves and Dreams took the stage sometime around 7 pm, and they were really good.  Playing all the Fleetwood Mac favorites, and didn't miss a beat.  The singer did a great job, sounding almost like like the real deal. After an hour or so of play time, they relinquished the stage to setup for the next act, who did not take long at all.  It was only about 15 minutes between acts, just enough time to locate a fresh beverage and use available facilities. Just about the sun dropped behind the Kansas City skyline, Elton Dan fired up on stage.  This group launched into one Elton John hit after another, and

everywhere is somewhere tour kc

The opportunity to see K.Flay eluded us for more than a year. Every time she came to town, it was not known until the day of or after. Hope was nearly lost, and then came the tour in promotion of her new album “Every Where is Some Where.” Tickets were obtained, and then another blow to the timeline. The date was cancelled and rescheduled four months out.  She had been nominated for a Grammy, and for good reason. The Suburban Rap Queen was quickly making a name for herself, releasing track after track over the last few years, culminating in the release of this recent album. I first heard her more than a year ago.  “Stop, Focus” came over the speakers, while visiting a good friend, and I was blown away.  Obtaining copy of her catalog, the diversity of her tracks created a bit of an addiction; one might say a musical crush.   It is much more than that though.  She is that good.  Listening to all her published work beyond the simple catalog, one can tell she is real,

tortured crystal blueprint

With Halloween having been on a Sunday, things pretty much died down for the rest of the first week of November 2004.  The following weekend was somewhat quiet too, with the only significant even being Kazel appearing at Kabal. We dropped back by on Monday to check out chill evening that had apparently been going on for about a month or so.  Who knew?  It was good and prompted us to head out again on Wednesday for another new night at the Grand Emporium. One weekend after another exploded after that.  Frisky held another in the Acid House series, while The Point turned out as always.  Joe head out to St Louis on Saturday for a party at Club Legit, featuring Spree. Meanwhile, I stayed in town for Tortured Soul and later, a party down in at the Uptown, with support from a new photographer, Roxy.  Extending the weekend one more day, another themed event celebrating Scorpio packed the Empire Room. The following Friday, the Crystal Method put on a live DJ set for a mos