free fridays w/ elton dan

After noting a post related to the same, on somewhat of a whim, we dropped in on the Crossroads for the evening.  The show was slated to start at 6 pm, but they must have been a little behind.  It was no matter really.  We needed some sustenance.  Fortunately, this venue comes with relatively reasonable food and drinks.

The first cover band, Gypsies, Doves and Dreams took the stage sometime around 7 pm, and they were really good.  Playing all the Fleetwood Mac favorites, and didn't miss a beat.  The singer did a great job, sounding almost like like the real deal.

After an hour or so of play time, they relinquished the stage to setup for the next act, who did not take long at all.  It was only about 15 minutes between acts, just enough time to locate a fresh beverage and use available facilities.

Just about the sun dropped behind the Kansas City skyline, Elton Dan fired up on stage.  This group launched into one Elton John hit after another, and the band did as good a job as the previous covering these tunes.  Elton Dan, lead singer and pianist was good, but offered a slightly different tone.

They only played for about an hour too, ending the night somewhat early. It had been a fun little experience though, and a chance to get out and hear some live music, at a great venue, without breaking the bank.

Another Free Friday is coming up soon. July 13th features The Phantastics, and the Friday after that features Hi-Lux, Neo-Soul, and DJ Kay-Fan. We look forward to dropping in on one of these, or maybe both.

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