in and outta state

A look at some really interesting works by local artist Michael Patrick Moore kicked off the recently restored photos from April 2004.  All the events throughout the month seemed to stand out just as much.

Frisky stole the club spotlight during the month, hosting Miss Honey Dijon out of New York, and then just a few weeks Rob Mello from London.  The latter in celebration of Deep Connections fourth anniversary.  The dance floor was packed and groovin for both events.

A couple of different events in Kansas City kept folks dancing all night long too, featuring the talents of Reid Speed, Angel Alanis, and Kid Icarus. "Awakening" saw a return to the Knights of Pythias Hall out in Independence, while "Life... As We Know It" went off at a new spot out in Waldo, if I remember correctly.

Joe dragged me down to Manhattan for a chance to catch Breakbotix in a bit more intimate setting. While the event did turn out quite as many folks as expected, those that were there had quite a good time.

Without missing a beat, the following day, a few of us bounced out to St Louis for a party featuring DJ ESP / Woody McBride and TJR.  That show turned out very well, with a mostly full house dancing  all night long.  It was a long ride back to KC the next morning.  I am still not quite sure where I got the energy for 12 hours on the road and nearly 1000 miles over those 2 days.

Learn more about these events through their respective event post, or scan through all of  the events recently restored from April 2004.

Even more traveling around ensued the following month, as summer started to really wind up. In addition to the regular lineup, I dropped on a few cultural events around Kansas City, along with other happenings in St Louis and Omaha.

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