crashing thru miami back to kc

Out east, Winter Music Conference is probably the closest thing there is to Ibiza; that is, in March 2004.  There were huge events going on out west, and randomly in the south of the US, but nothing was quite as consistent as this particular onslaught of Electronic Dance Music, EDM, or whatever your favorite nickname might happen to be.

Solaris and I traveled down there in the first part of March, hooking up with several of his comrades here and there, and generally running down a path of debauchery and mayhem.

In addition to the ultimate party of the day, Ultra Music Festival, he had a gig playing live at local radio station, The Womb.

We dropped by several pool parties, stumbled across a few other KC and STL folks, hung out with the likes of Biz Markie, Doug E Fresh, and Slick Rick at a private little affair at Pearl Champagne Lounge, and danced all night to a solid line-up of Techno that included  Christian Smith, Mistress Barbara, and Marco Bailey at Tronic Treatment.

Coming back to Kansas City might have been a letdown after all that, but we returned just in time for a little Snake Saturday in the northland, and local message forum Syde-Sho was throwing a huge little party for their 3rd anniversary.

The very next night we enjoyed a special treat from New York, when Tortured Soul came to play. They are definitely an act to catch, if you ever get the chance.  I don't think they have been to KC since they played Kabal later in 2004.

St Patrick's Day landed on Grand Boulevard a few days later.  It seemed a bit more mute than usual, with an entire entourage of public safety officials monitoring the situation.

Coupled with a war protest on the Plaza later that week, the times they were a changing.

The party kept going though.  DeepFix Records event moved to Fridays at Kabal, and a crazy little Monday night called BLO, burst on the scene with a Prom Night like none before at the Empire Room.

The following month only stepped things up a bit, but we will get to that shortly.  There were three hot little parties that fired up in town, and Spring was only beginning to bloom.

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