restoring brian o'nine

Brian continued photographing longer than any other, through to the middle of 2009.  His contributions and commitment provided an interesting look at EDM events in St Louis, as well as a few in Kansas City.  They also provided some contrast towards those in earlier years, and a little inspiration.

Since there were only 12 events covered in that year, I decided to take a step back from restoring the older work, and get those restored.  The year before that is similar in stature, so it may follow quickly behind.

He started the month off, much the same as always.  The first event for the years occurred in the early AM hours following New Year’s Eve, with a little party hosted by The Breakfast Club, and then a few days later dropped in on a little party called Club of Love.  He jumped out to Kansas City for Critical Mass, and then closed out the month with a back-to-back party night with George Acosta, and then over to Cyber Circus.

It was a busy time for him, and we did not hear from him again until April, when he dropped into Kansas City for an event featuring local radio personality DJ c-Vaughn.  He must have been lurking in the area, because the next day, he was down in Clinton for a little rave called Spring 4 Green.

May afforded a bit more time, and he dropped in on what must have been an awesome show featuring Mustafa Avdic & Matt Rissi, and then went back-to-back again in St Louis with Rumble in the Jungle and Robotown Getdown.  Things were getting too busy for him though and he closed the month, and his contributions, on the last of May at a little birthday party called Fear and Loathing.

The world was knee-deep in Social Media by that time, everyone had their own camera, and all of the contributors (including myself), were just too busy with other life matters.  I only photographed one other event during the year, KC Indian Fest in October.  That event really marked the beginning of discovering a new path for the site.  While others and I had covered similar events, the site generally tended to shy away from non-EDM events.  It was time for change.

The next several years, I took a few photos here and there at various events I happened to attend, and wrote more about them.  In 2013, the site started to wander towards what it had been in the past.  It just did not feel right though and by May of that year, I slowed things down again.  The site needed to be something more than that.

Since that time, I continued exploring a broader range of events, and writing more than photographing and including video, while beginning work on the restoration of older work.  My partner and I talked through what we wanted to do with the site, and decided we were on a good bearing, but need help to make it grow.

The site remains a free, independent, non-profit media site, dedicated to sharing news and information related to dance, music, life, art, and cultural events anywhere we happen to be.

We continue to receive numerous press releases, but are limited in our capacity, and are only publishing a select few at this time.  We hope to find others interested in volunteering their talent and time towards basic copyediting of press releases for publication, and/or writing original stories. Additionally, we hope to find others interested in helping grow the site further. Get in touch with us, if you are interested or know someone that is.

Until next time... check back every week for a little something different, usually on Friday.


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