Sunday, January 29, 2017



After selling out the iconic Belasco Theatre in LA last month, Party Thieves is hitting the road on his Max Capacity Tour. The globe-trotting DJ’s first headlining run of 2017 takes on a unique spin to the average tour - four-stops, 300 person capacity venues and all free admission.  Keep up with all the latest on this tour through Party Thieves Facebook page.


Although Akira Armstrong had already appeared in BeyoncĂ© videos, not matter what she did, she could not seem to find an agent to represent her as a professional dancer because of her size.  Staring her own dance company, devoted to plus-size dancers, Akira hopes to change perception of what the body of a dancer should look like.  Her dance company "Pretty Big Movement," is doing just that, disrupting stereotypes in the dance community, one routine at a time.  Learn more about Pretty Big Movement through a special video produced by The Scene.


Get in tune with the universe this New Year of the Rooster, with a simple Chinese method for clarifying the mind and finding freedom.  The Secret of the Golden Flower, an ancient Taoist text on inner alchemy promises a simple way to improve your whole life.


Using a large camera obscura in his East London studio, contemporary English photographer Richard Learoyd creates figure studies, portraits and still lifes neither glamorous nor retouched, exuding a serene power along with mesmerizing detail.  An exhibition of his work opens at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City on February 10, and Richard Learoyd will be in Kansas City for a conversation about this work on February 17 at 6 pm.  Tickets are free and can be reserved through the Nelson-Atkins web site.


Happy New Year of the Rooster!  Hopefully, you got an opportunity to drop in on some of the festivities this year.  The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art held their celebration today. We did not make it out, but did last year. There were numerous other events around the world too, and the Lantern Festival is not until February 11, so there is still time to be a part of it all.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

22 jan 17 breakdown

photo courtesy of rephlektor ink

After a meteoric rise to the top of the electronic music scene in 2016, Joyryde is powering into 2017 with a new mix and slew of North American dates. The UK-bred producer just released his Diplo & Friends Radio 1 mix, giving fans a taste of his favorite heavy-hitting selects. The hour-long mix is brimming with unreleased originals and remixes, careening from UK grime and garage to hip-hop and bass. Listen to the mix and catch Joyrryde on tour this month.

The wait is finally over for the highly anticipated music video to El Dusty's "La Chusa," featuring Camilo Lara and Toy Selectah. Influenced by the old Texan wive's tale that inspired the track, the music video is an animated adventure into a world where women transform into birds and nothing is truly as it seems.

If you fell in love with Alex Midi's cover of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle," get ready because we've got two new remixes to turn up with. First up, Broz Rodriguez goes hard with a high-octane, bass-heavy take. Jorge Nava's edit, on the other hand, will please trance and progressive house fans with it's uplifting melodies and hypnotic beat. Listen to the remixes out now on Aftercluv and find your own favorite today, available on all digital partners.

After announcing the release of their new album, Glare, through the web app, The M Machine haveu nveiled their next single “Voyeur.” The track is a heavily-synthesized, technicolor composition steaming with lush instrumental work and haunting vocals. To listen to the new track, fans can access across digital platforms or via the dedicated web app.

British songstress Alex Mills first joined the Ultra Music family with last summer’s collaboration alongside Hot Since 82 “The Core,” and now she returns with her debut solo release “Be Somebody.”

A tribute to Ruffneck’s 90s house classic “Everybody Be Somebody,” Mills’ voice cascades over the radio-ready record’s simplistic piano chords and kaleidoscopic synth pops. The budding vocalist has worked with a slew of notable artists in the past, ranging from heavyweights like Basement Jaxx and UK grime pioneer Wiley, to underground heroes like Lee Foss and Chris Lorenzo.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

restoring brian o'nine

Brian continued photographing longer than any other, through to the middle of 2009.  His contributions and commitment provided an interesting look at EDM events in St Louis, as well as a few in Kansas City.  They also provided some contrast towards those in earlier years, and a little inspiration.

Since there were only 12 events covered in that year, I decided to take a step back from restoring the older work, and get those restored.  The year before that is similar in stature, so it may follow quickly behind.

He started the month off, much the same as always.  The first event for the years occurred in the early AM hours following New Year’s Eve, with a little party hosted by The Breakfast Club, and then a few days later dropped in on a little party called Club of Love.  He jumped out to Kansas City for Critical Mass, and then closed out the month with a back-to-back party night with George Acosta, and then over to Cyber Circus.

It was a busy time for him, and we did not hear from him again until April, when he dropped into Kansas City for an event featuring local radio personality DJ c-Vaughn.  He must have been lurking in the area, because the next day, he was down in Clinton for a little rave called Spring 4 Green.

May afforded a bit more time, and he dropped in on what must have been an awesome show featuring Mustafa Avdic & Matt Rissi, and then went back-to-back again in St Louis with Rumble in the Jungle and Robotown Getdown.  Things were getting too busy for him though and he closed the month, and his contributions, on the last of May at a little birthday party called Fear and Loathing.

The world was knee-deep in Social Media by that time, everyone had their own camera, and all of the contributors (including myself), were just too busy with other life matters.  I only photographed one other event during the year, KC Indian Fest in October.  That event really marked the beginning of discovering a new path for the site.  While others and I had covered similar events, the site generally tended to shy away from non-EDM events.  It was time for change.

The next several years, I took a few photos here and there at various events I happened to attend, and wrote more about them.  In 2013, the site started to wander towards what it had been in the past.  It just did not feel right though and by May of that year, I slowed things down again.  The site needed to be something more than that.

Since that time, I continued exploring a broader range of events, and writing more than photographing and including video, while beginning work on the restoration of older work.  My partner and I talked through what we wanted to do with the site, and decided we were on a good bearing, but need help to make it grow.

The site remains a free, independent, non-profit media site, dedicated to sharing news and information related to dance, music, life, art, and cultural events anywhere we happen to be.

We continue to receive numerous press releases, but are limited in our capacity, and are only publishing a select few at this time.  We hope to find others interested in volunteering their talent and time towards basic copyediting of press releases for publication, and/or writing original stories. Additionally, we hope to find others interested in helping grow the site further. Get in touch with us, if you are interested or know someone that is.

Until next time... check back every week for a little something different, usually on Friday.

Friday, January 13, 2017

higher love

“Higher Love” is collaboration between two of the scene’s most innovative artists, Seven Lions and Anjunabeats young gun Jason Ross. Adding the vocal talents of MUTEMATH’s Paul Meany.

Responsible for some of the finest reworks in the Anjunabeats catalogue, Seven Lions’ experimental approach transformed the likes of Above & Beyond’s “You Got To Go” and Velvetine’s “The Great Divide” into modern cult classics. 

His first original release on the label aligns him with a mainstay of the Anjunabeatsroster, Jason Ross, whose ear for uplifting melodies and polished club records has turned him into a global star in 2016.

Collaborating on a remix of Seven Lion’s smash “Creation”, the two realized the relationship could go farther. Adding Paul Meany, from American alternative rock band MUTEMATH, a veteran talent with a keen indie sensibility who was immediately drawn to the tune.

“This collab with Jason was probably one of the quickest and smoothest collabs I've ever worked on,” said Jeff. “It started out with a really simple piano melody that you hear in the middle and then we just started building on it over a few weeks. All through email but we would be working on it at the same time and constantly sending updates. I think it was a really fun collab. We are really excited about how it turned out.”

Selling out shows all over the North American continent, Seven Lions headlining “The Journey” tour takes you on a musical journey.

Upcoming Seven Lions Tour Dates

Jan. 21 - Edmonton, AB - World Waterpark

Jan. 25 - Tallahassee, FL - Coliseum

Jan. 26 - Orlando, FL - Gilt Nightclub

Jan. 27 - Tampa, FL - The RITZ Ybor

Jan. 28 - Miami, FL - Mana Wynwood

Friday, January 06, 2017

flosstradamus came up

Since unleashing their latest single “Came Up” with a live performance featuring Post Malone at Splice x Mysteryland remix contest in 2015. 

Jorgen shifts the track into a more instrumentally driven tune, using the vocals only as a hook that leads into poppy trap breakdowns. 

Also fusing more future bass elements into their remix, Rickyxsan’s rework slows down the track a notch with an influx of bubbly future bass synthesizers.

The last two tracks gives “Came Up” a different feel. First with graves & Clips X Ahoy delivering a trapped out VIP edit ready for the festival mainstage and Casper and B turning the track to a feel-good groove, filled with uplifting and saccharine melodies.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

a neon nye kc

Finding a good event to attend New Year’s Eve in Kansas City is always a bit of a challenge. While there are usually numerous events, they generally lack in the music department.

We checked the internet airwaves a month or so before the holiday, and found a few things. Most of what we found were events with unnamed DJs though, and equally unnamed music; not a risk of which we are particularly fond.

Just about the time we thought about settling for Power & Light, Sherri stumbled on an event hosted by our old friends at Miakoda Entertainment, and featuring DJ P! That resolved the issue quickly and completely.

As one of the pioneers of the “mash-up,” DJ P has been blowing minds all over the country for almost 20 years now. He has won multiple turntablist championships; most recently BET’s Master of the Mix. His career includes several other appearances in championship competitions, residencies in Las Vegas, and collaborations with greats like Mr. Freeze and Jazzy Jeff.

01.31.2003 ~ DJ P @ Project Groove One-Year Anniversary
This master of the turntable first caught my attention when he played a show out in Lawrence, with Z-Trip. Standing in amazement, he ripped through records in a frenzy I had never witnessed, in a performance all its own. Some folks never left the dance floor throughout what I seem to recall was a 3-hour set.

Since that time, I have had an opportunity to catch DJ P nearly every time he plays Kansas City, as well as a couple of times in his hometown of Springfield. I have never been disappointed, and this night was no different.

We arrived early, as has always been my habit. I got addicted to hearing the locals play long ago, and there is usually only one way to do that. Go Early. More often than not, they are every bit as good, and occasionally, better than the headliner. Additionally, there is always more space on the dance floor during that time, and fewer stumble bums.

Local DJ Pint Size kicked things off this evening with some solid House music from the upper decks. The little Batcave was just beginning to fill, and although there were not many folks there, heads were bobbin’, and a few random folks made it out on the dance floor. It was so good to hear her play again, and she definitely set a good tone, playing some quality tracks.

Next up on the lineup, DJ Proof took over to show off his skills in the fine art of turntablism. It was a bit of a rough transition from what had been playing previously, but he had some good tricks and tracks up his sleeve. Things were beginning to gather a little momentum too, and a few more folks were staking out their space-claim on the dance floor for main event.

DJ P played off DJ Proof to open his set, and immediately ripped through a stack of favorites that quickly crowded the dance floor. Track after track, he kept folks on the floor movin’ and groovin’ throughout his entire set, myself included.

Indeed, I think I ignored most of the folks that met up with us there earlier, as soon as I knew he was on. I did not stand transfixed though. It started that way, but feets gotta move when they get the groove, and several old friends joined me in my most perfect position for the show, right up front.

I was a little amazed he pulled it off so well. They had him on his a separate setup on the dance floor. As much as folks were bouncin’ to the beat, I was certain things were going to fall apart, records would skip, or something. It never happened. He kept things moving and the needle solid on the wax all night long, and keeping folks dancing.

Closing out his set, he played back and forth with Tony Markham for a bit, who eventually took over to close out the night about 1:30 am. He is one DJ I have always enjoyed hearing as well. He always seems to have the right tracks for the right time. I miss hearing him play. The last few times I have been out, it seems like I always miss his set though. Either he just finished, or he is going on too late; just poor timing on my part, I guess.

This evening turned out no different. We were intent on staying for all of his set, but the night had been too long already. Having arrived just after 9 pm, time and other factors were beginning to take a toll on the ability of some in group to stay conscious. In addition, management at Rhythm & Booz decided to shut off the water, forcing everyone to begin purchasing said substance for $2.50 / bottle. That was kind of a rude thing to do. They really should try to take better care of Designated Drivers at their establishment, especially on a holiday such as New Year’s Eve.

The Batcave is a fun little spot with its own funky little groove though, and definitely worth a return trip, for the right tunes. Decked out in black light and neon, I am not sure if it is always that way, but it fits. The bartenders were awesome too and very attentive. We had a great time, dancing in the New Year with friends we had not seen in long while. We definitely look forward to doing it again soon!

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