cleburne county ozark trail festival 2016

It was a pleasant surprise to find the Ozark Trail festival downtown today.  When we last looked to see what was going on in the area, nothing came up. We must have just missed this.  While much smaller than the annual Springfest, it filled a few hours of our Saturday afternoon nicely on a perfect fall afternoon in North Central Arkansas.

We got a late start after dealing with a few chores around the house, and did not make it down until about 1 pm.  We headed straight for the car show, since it was to end at 2 pm.  There were not a huge amount of cars, but some of the old standbys were there, as well as few I had never seen before.

After getting our fill of perfect paint jobs and glistening chrome, we made our way back down to Spring Park to see what there was to see there.  The arts and crafts were slim and surprisingly in this election year, no political booths to be found anywhere!

Maybe we just missed it, but the closest thing we discovered was the Republican Women’s Book Club.  They were simply selling gently used books, and not looking to purchase any votes at all.  It was refreshing.

We paused for a moment at the small stone half-dome stage to listen in on a little bluegrass, and capture some video.  The trio playing was good, and could have held our attention for hours, but there was more to see and they were taking a break.

Spending a bit more time wandering through the booths, we could not find anything we could not live without, so made our way back to the car, and on to other experiences. 

It was fun little diversion. Aside from the video, I only took a few photos of the festival part. Most of the photos are from the beautiful hot rods lounging on the courthouse lawn; otherwise, enjoy this little one minute clip of the bluegrass trio.


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