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The summer of 2003 was coming to a close quickly, but that did not slow the pace any.  There were a lot of different things going on, and I was determined to diversify things just a bit.  I think I accomplished that, while at the same time hitting all the usual high points that were becoming increasingly significant in the Kansas City dance scene.

Kicking off the month of September back in 2003, Industrial Area hosted a little CD Release Party for the Clan of Xymox, featuring The Jesus Complex, Biocarbon 13 along with local support from their group down at Davey’s. It was fun, but turnout was low, as with many events that month.  Perhaps there was too much going on?

I tripped out to Lawrence a few days after that for Heather B’s birthday at the Paradise CafĂ©, a low key event really, promising much the same vibe as the Cup down on Delaware.  I am not sure if they ever pulled it off, as I never really made it back out there.  Things just got too busy.

A couple of days after that, I stumbled on a little House party out South.  Looking back on the photos you would think I knew just about everyone there, but that was not exactly the case, though they seemed to know me well enough.  It was no matter either way.  Most of us didn’t know who we were by the end of the night.

Intending to take the night off, the temptation to follow-up on an invitation to the West Bottoms led me to Chop Shop 7.  It really was a blast.  Walking into the room there were about 6 DJs seemingly playing off of each other all at once.  Indeed, it almost had a bit of a family vibe, so I rang up Sher to come check it out and bring the munchkin too, since others were there.  They had a great time, and her another girl about the same age are still friends to this day.

The break I was looking for came along, but I was back on the streets for a brief visit to the Cup to check out DJ Eclypz.  It was really strange to stumble across his photo just about the time I got the news of his passing recently.

I really hate to hear about people leaving us, and according to some folks, there have been more than I am even close to aware of.  Slow down guys.  There is a long ride ahead.

The same night as my short visit to the Cup, I dropped in on Kabal for Infamous Peoples.  I was really surprised to find a relatively full house too, B.Boys and B.Girls representing, and using what space was available for as long it was.

Back down for Frisky the next night, Raoul Belmans all the way from Belgium stirred up a fun night that kept folks dancing to the last beat.  The same was very much true for several other events at Kabal.  The place was on a roll, and was not letting up.  Astro & Glyde turned the place inside out that Saturday, and the Lawnchair Generals and the Eastcoast Boogiemen hosted a very special tag-team 4-deck set.  It was hot.  It was sweaty, but nobody seemed to ever care.

I only caught the end of another little show down at Loose Park, but it turned out rather amusing, and an interesting distraction for a Sunday night.  How often does that happen?  In these types, it seemed to be happening more often than not though.

Wednesday the same found me down at Hurricane for Guerilla Theory, featuring Bizar out from DC.  There was not a huge attendance, but the bridal party that came wandering through provided their own little show for a bit.

CROMA, a relatively new group on the scene threw a little party the following day, featuring Jeffery Zion.  It had its own little twist, leaning towards a more spiritual aspect, and opening the door for the much younger crowd.  They made an appearance too, and seemed to really enjoy themselves and the music.

Later than night, I somehow ended up back in the west bottoms.  Somebody from the CROMA group was headed down there, I think.  They knew of a band having rehearsal and insisted that I come check it out.

We got there a bit late though, and only caught the end of their practice session, but the party went on with several other DJs along with members of Djembe Kahn pumping out some music into the morning hours.  It was the first of several excursions to this spot to catch up with the band "I" and their weekly practice, and the little after party that followed.

I took a break for a couple of days after that, and then it was back downtown for Robin’s birthday celebration aka the Libra Soiree aka Industry Mixer.  Again up on John’s Big Deck, it was a fantastic time.  There really is no better place than rooftop for a downtown party.

On the opposite end of things, I found myself in the basement of Mi Cocina on the Plaza a few days later for another birthday party for Darian?  or Darius?

I don't really recall, so if you know him, leave a comment so I can fix the title.   It was fun, but got a little hot, so I really didn't stay long.  On top of that I broke my UV filter, so my lens was very exposed for most of the night.

I got that fixed quickly though and headed down to Afterhours the next night. I am still puzzled over what this party was an afterhours for.  Maybe I just missed the event somewhere along the way, but I don’t think I was the only one.  Not many showed up.

The event many had been waiting for finally arrived the next day; at least for most of those in the southeast part of the state.  Dance til ya Plur lit up an IAFF hall down in Springfield, drawing kids from all over the state in their finest kandi.  It was hot, the music was hardcore (happy, that is), and the party full tilt until the early morning hours.

After that experience, I had to break away to the lake for a couple of days, but found my way back to Kansas City in time for the anniversary party for Submission. Ironically, as had been the case for a lot of events this month, it had a bit of a low turnout too, but a good performance all the same.

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Until next time... Dance til ya Plur!


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