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chuck palahniuk book tour 2015

On invitation to join a friend, I got the opportunity to see Chuck Palahniuk speak, when he stopped through Kansas City on his tour.  I had never made the connection between him and Fight Club; indeed, I have never even seen the movie. I knew very little about what I was walking into, but I was warned that he tended towards rude and crude.  It really didn't go that way though.  If ever there was a means of vomiting your own words and thoughts, swallowing them, and then vomiting them out again, this guy has perfected the art. We had a really good time and enjoyed his format for giving away free stuff. Everyone wrote their name on an opaque beach ball and stuffed glow sticks inside. Turning out the lights, everyone threw their ball forward, turning the whole of the Uptown Theater turned into the popcorn-style lottery for him to choose from.

ramp up

The volume of events really started to ramp up during May of 2002,  and the number of albums steadily increased from this point.  Aside from the usual Monday night at Club Evos, local celebrity DJ Nitro kicked off a Thursday night with DJ Xan Lucero, local XO Nightclub Resident DJ RJ Bass started "Rhythm & Bass" at the The Empire Room that ran for a few years, and a solid Friday kicked off in Lawrence at the Pool Room called Project Groove.  Promotion group C2 Global came out of the blue to through a couple of parties at Club Chemical (Mass & The Pink Party), and KC-Nightlife celebrated a third anniversary at the club and at home. Three other events challenged the endurance of the scene as a couple of Raves took shape in KC and in Lawrence.  They really didn't follow the standard "Cloak & Dagger" recipe that stories of their predecessors portray, but were a unique towards that, each in their own way.  The first of the month was Midnight Drive, f