Thursday, May 28, 2015

chuck palahniuk book tour 2015

On an invitation to join a friend, I had the opportunity to see Chuck Palahniuk speak, when he stopped through Kansas City, on his tour.  I had never made the connection between him and Fight Club; indeed, I had never even seen the movie.  I knew very little about what I was walking into, but I was warned that he tended towards rude and crude.  I really don't think that it went that angle though.  If ever there was a means of vomiting your own words and thoughts, swallowing them, and then vomiting them out again, this guy had perfected the art.

We had a really good time and enjoyed his method of giving away free stuff.  Everyone wrote their name on an opaque beach ball and stuffed glow sticks inside.  When he turned out the lights, everyone threw their ball forward, and the whole of the Uptown Theater turned into the popcorn-style lottery for him to choose from.  The YouTube below shows how this appeared; otherwise, the only photos are shown below that.

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