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event photos may.05

Flyers for events photographed in May 2005 appear below.   A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 05.05.2005 Miss Kitten Granada Theater Lawrence, KS 05.06.2005 Fuck Friday featuring Just John, Dallas, Twille, MCD, CVC, Erik Gabriel, Andrew Boie, Dan Osborn, Tim Hjersted, Johnny Scott, Bobby Duracell, and Nitsua A House Lawrence, KS 05.06.2005 First Friday KC Crossroads District Kansas City, MO 05.06.2005 Fridays are Back featuring Steve Thorell & Bill Pile The Point Kansas City, MO 05.07.2005 Direct Drive featuring Concord Dawn, Reid Speed, Odi, and Eshin.  Down in the basement, the Broken Verdictz Tour showcased Jack ?McDevin? & Melee, and DJ ?Mino? Unknown Venue New York, NY photos by senseone   05.07.2005 u:Move Saturdays featuirng DJ Platinum, Kazell, and residents Bill Pile & Paul DeMatteo Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO 0

trevor matthews on decks

forward by Brent Crampton ~ photo by todd ~ Trevor Matthews and Troy Dillard began working together about two years ago, meshing live vocals with deep house. Both have been involved in the house music scene much longer, Trevor DJing at raves and clubs across the Midwest, and Troy doing vocals for the likes of Joeski and Onionz, “Hold on to Your Love,” as well as Don Tinsley, and most recently, Demarkus Lewis. Together, the two have connected with common interests in deep house music and have performed at local events including Sweet Spot, the hottest house music night in St. Louis, as well as larger events such as Fair St. Louis, one of the largest fourth of July celebrations in the country. Together they have not produced any original material, but all of Troy's lyrics are written from his own personal experiences or from those of someone close to him. The following mix was recorded for promotional use at this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami. As with any live set,

shadowrunner may 2005 trance

by DJ Shadowrunner ~ Welcome a new reviewer! DJ Shadowrunner out of Kansas City. It's taken a little while to find someone willing to do it, but he has graciously offered his time up to give us a bit of Trance. I'm still not quite sure about the connection with waffles though. Without further adieu, here's DJ Shadowrunner's picks for this month, in no particular order. Siberian Sun - Frostbite (Fred Baker Remix) Dedicated, DED011 (EPIC TRANCE) Driving arpeggiated synths, beautiful sweeping pads, and dreamy echoed piano makes this a double a side to be had. Call Synth-aholics anonymous, and tell them I fell off the wagon. Trentemoller - Polar Shift b/w Chameleon, Poker Flat, PFR56 (Prog House / Trance) This one is hard to categorize, but easy to choose. In an era of overworked busy tracks, it is nice to hear someone take it back to the old school. This neo-electro minimal tech composition drives it deep and DIRRRRRRTY, and no simple shower can clean off the layers

solaris may 2005 techno

by DJ Solaris ~ Local KC Techno DJ, Solaris is back once again with his picks for some of the hardest and rawest Techno beats for the new year. Always looking for ways to push the limit of your Techno experience, check out these tracks and, courtesy of DJ Solaris. Recharge - Mark Maitland - RECHARGE029 This is a lot like Guy Mcaffers RAW label. Seems a bit more of a booty house influence on the front while keeping a techno flavor. The flip gives a nice driver that any RAW lover can be proud of. Headline - Jeff Fernandes & Klitzing - HEAD041 Lovely driver here! The flip is a bit more on the tech house tip, but the breakdown is to die for! This label never fails to impress! As the oriental kid said in Indiana Jones, “Hold on Indy, we are going for a ride!” Superconductor - Dave the Drummer & DDR - SCON001 What can I say about these two? Nothing but good things! These two have been my idols since I discovered techno. I have never been failed to be surprised by them, jus

crampton may 2005 house

by Brent Crampton ~ Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment. And with the Winter Music Conference just behind us, so many great choons are now on the market. Urban Jazz Naturals – Urban Jazz Naturals EP – Vista About time they had another slamming release come out! After their famed ‘How Can I,” there have been high expectations for St. Louis-based house band, Urban Jazz Naturals. This time they teamed up with Demarkus Lewis for this three-tracker that should be on vinyl in May 6th (if not, it’s available for download at Starting out with “Can’t Get Me Down,” this playful true-swing style track (not the repetitive sampled stuff) slams a four-to-the-floor beat and chunky percussion. I just wish I could be in St. Louis at the Wednesday weekly, Sweet Spot at the Pepper Lounge to see the crowd go mad when Don Tinsley throws down

transplant part 2

Pat Nice ~ by Brent Crampton ~ photo by todd ~ From acres of farmland to miles of skyscrapers - the majority of our readers lay somewhere in between. And with magazines such as XLR8R and URB talking about all the rage in London, Chicago, Miami or Germany – it makes a DJ wonder, “What if I moved to these places?” And what would happen if you moved? Would you make a name for yourself or would you just become another DJ standing in line, waiting for the next crap gig? The Transplant mini-series will explore those concerns by asking the people who have already done it. From rural areas to citified hysteria – this interview may answer your questions. From releasing wax to throwing down tracks, Pat Nice is notorious for his producing and DJing skills. So it’s not surprise that this Chicago transplant is doing just fine. Continuing on with the transplant series, next up to plate is former-KC-hometown hero, Pat Nice. Having moved to Chicago, then back to KC, then back to Chicago, Pat is

zero gold pole folder

by Betty Kang ~ "Pole Folder is one of the most consistent and talented producers I've heard over the years. As far as the first ever artist album on Bedrock goes, he was the natural choice as there's been a link since we signed 'Apollo Vibes' after opening my GU: Los Angeles album with it, right through 'Dust' on MMII to the outstanding production you’ll hear here. This album is a really broad soundscape of music with feeling; downbeat building records, driving, urgent breaking tracks and mind blowing cinematic scale and production…all with a thread running through it. He's a genuine talent with a passion and a vision behind everything he does. Zero Gold is a brilliant reflection of that talent.” -John Digweed John Digweed is proud to introduce the first artist album ever on the revered dance music label Bedrock Records - Pole Folder ‘Zero Gold’. This album has been a long time in the coming and after two years in the studio, the wait is finally ov

3rd annual club world awards

by Betty Kang ~ New York - The Club World Awards, hosted by Club Systems International, is pleased to announce the 2005 “disco globe” winners, originally revealed in a star-studded ceremony during Miami’s Winter Music Conference that almost didn’t happen. The call came in at noon on the day of the ceremony: After a series of unfortunate events, original host venue Nocturnal wouldn’t be ready to open in time. Club World organizers were hoping for the best but expected the worst: Nocturnal’s Monday and Tuesday events had also been cancelled. Nevertheless, Nocturnal management found the ceremony a surrogate venue – Pure, on the downtown Miami waterfront – and Club World staff spent ten harried hours burning through cell phone batteries to get the word out on the venue change. By 11 p.m., Pure was hopping with all the nominees and VIPs who had RSVP-ed for Nocturnal. The ceremony, expertly helmed by master of ceremonies The Scumfrog, was representative of the decadence of dance music:

miami winter music conference week 2005

story & photos by bPositive ~ What is it about tropical locals that are so relaxing and rejuvenating? Whatever it is, South Miami Beach, sure has its share. It was the last week of March and I was returning there for my seventh visit to sample all the dance music offered during the annual Winter Music Conference electronic dance music conference. The Winter Music Conference, a humble name, but an event that shapes the year of so many artists and fans of electronic dance music. During this one week in March nearly the entire dance music industry relocates to the small city of South Miami Beach, on Florida’s southeastern tip, jutting out into the Atlantic ocean. And, thousands of dance music enthusiasts from all over the US and around the world join them to hear the largest selection of national and international dance music stars to play in the US all year long. Many don’t even attend the WMC conference itself, finding plenty to attract them among the hundreds of music showcases