shadowrunner may 2005 trance

by DJ Shadowrunner ~ Welcome a new reviewer! DJ Shadowrunner out of Kansas City. It's taken a little while to find someone willing to do it, but he has graciously offered his time up to give us a bit of Trance. I'm still not quite sure about the connection with waffles though. Without further adieu, here's DJ Shadowrunner's picks for this month, in no particular order.

Siberian Sun - Frostbite (Fred Baker Remix) Dedicated, DED011 (EPIC TRANCE)
Driving arpeggiated synths, beautiful sweeping pads, and dreamy echoed piano makes this a double a side to be had. Call Synth-aholics anonymous, and tell them I fell off the wagon.

Trentemoller - Polar Shift b/w Chameleon, Poker Flat, PFR56 (Prog House / Trance)
This one is hard to categorize, but easy to choose. In an era of overworked busy tracks, it is nice to hear someone take it back to the old school. This neo-electro minimal tech composition drives it deep and DIRRRRRRTY, and no simple shower can clean off the layers of funk left behind.

Stryke - Everything Is You, Solar, SOLAR008 (Prog House / Trance)
Mix one part deep percussive tribal, one part sweeping and ascending pads, and one part dark melodic stabs. Then, add a dark room, pulsating strobes, sweaty dancers, and wait 8 to 16 measures for VERY SEXY results.

Captain Tinrib & Max Alien - Acid Gate Scandal (Paul Glazby Remix), Vicious Circle, VCR037 (Acid Trance / Techno)
Hard stabbing 303's tweaked over relentless beats. Let me put it this way, Just imagine Captain Tinrib and Max Alien as the local bullies kicking all the kiddies’ asses on the playground. What is left over is a lot of kids that can respect a good pounding.

Armind Van Buren - Shivers (Rising Star Remix) b/w Birth of an Angel, Armind, ARMD1013, (Epic Trance)
This is to be used in case of an epic peak in a set. Common side effects: raised hands, swaying bodies, spontaneous lighter usage, and compulsive singing along. Vocals and hooks may be addictive. Please use with caution.

Art of Trance - Mongoose (Tek^Tonik Remix), Platipus, PLAT121, (Epic / Prog Trance)
This one is a great example of the great atmospheric trance Platipus is known for. The use of soft moving pads, emotional synths, oscillating sweeps, and echoed vocals create an experience that is to be shared with many.

Jan Johnston & Serge Deviant - Transparent (Outback + Benz & MD Remixes), Captivating Sounds, CVSA018, (Prog Trance)
You might recognize the voice from all of the Anomaly and Libra "CALLING YOUR NAME", remixes. This one is destine to hit in the clubs for a while. However, it will be in a slightly more progressive fashion. Trust me; Jan's voice will lure the ladies to the dance floor. Sincerely, The Pied Piper of Trance

Girl Nobody - Why Am I Alone (Delikate Imposters + Wrecked Angle Remixes), Release Elements, ELE009, (Prog Breaks)
This one is too good to pass up. Trancey breaks with a haunting female vocal. I urge you to check this one out. It’s such an addictive groove with emotion and warmth. This is a recipe for sexy without all of the nasty fillers.

Soul of Man - The Drum b/w Acid Punch, Finger Lickin, 037, (Prog Breaks / House / Trance)
When they said, "Stay within the lines, the lines are our friends." Soul of Man did not listen. THANK THE POWERS THAT BE!! A double A-side that delivers a perfect percussive progressive pickle on one side, as well as, flips and dips to a funk inspired guitar and bass groove on the B-side

Hydroid - Burn Proof b/w Sativa, Somatic Sense Future Sounds, SOMATICFUTURE003, (Prog / Epic Trance)
The stuff that comes out of Belgium these days amazes me. These are two deep and sensual tracks that hook you in and mesmerize all. I have to respect a country that produces great music and is known for their waffles.



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