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event photos jun.04

Flyers for events photographed in June 2004 appear below. A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 06.04.2004 Dance Rituals featuring Bucho, Sydeburnz, Andrew Boie, and others Tribal Vision Lawrence, KS photos by kourtney 06.05.2004 The Decadence of Pleasure featuring Charles Feelgood, At Mic Bombshells Burlesque, Grand Marquis, Scotter & Lavelle, Gayle Warning, and Shots Fired Chakra Kansas City, MO 06.12.2004 Chaos Theory v2.0 featuring Richard Humpty Vission, Joey Beltram, and Josh "da Funky 1" commanded the main stage, with support from locals Xan Lucero & Atom Bryce, and KC's favorite Trance DJ, Shandi   ///   Nigel Richards held up the 411 Stage, with regional support from Chris Close, Wizzo, Sydeburnz, Johnny Treymayne & Tony Markham, and Matthew Brian.   ///    The Jungle Stage featured Freaky Flow with MC Flipside and Soul Slinger, with local support from Game, Gaia, Scenar

the bench sequencing part 2

by J. Phoenix ~ Images captures from Propellerhead's Reason ~ Hello again! Some of you may have noticed my absence last month. Despite my last article's promise of moving on to Synthesis, that series within this series has been difficult to complete. Synthesis is such a wide ranging subject, involving not only musical ideas, but also physics and mathematics that it is taking far longer to finish than I originally thought it was. There are many different ways to sequence a pattern as we have seen from my previous article on sequencing. In this article, I'll try to dig deeper into sequencing rhythms having demonstrated some of the lay-outs for different types of sequencers. This article will focus on tips on sequencing basic patterns for beginners; for anyone out there who's already past this point, please bear with me. Soon we will be getting into intermediate techniques in production in this series. Again, we will be using screen shots from Propellerhead's softwar

chris wren

Interview by Staci Morgan ~ Photos by ChadWick Cipiti & ~ He's artist in an environment prone to "crazes". Yet his ability to create amazing sounds is matched only by his enthusiasm. From coast to coast, Chris Wren has shared his zest for everything from naughtie beats to club classics. Chris' style is so diverse that to categorize him as "loungy" or "main hall" is impossible. His music mirrors his life with passions that are creative and diverse enough in nature to keep him exactly where he wants to be...all over the place. Springtime in Washington means Cherry! While the line-up was packed with circuit superstars, rising star DJs offer a glimpse to the future. Anxiously awaiting his arrival, I wanted to have Chris share his thoughts on opening Cherry and his DC debut before the big weekend….which is where we begin… Chris, I know this is your first time spinning in Washington, DC. You're opening for Chad Jack, and clear


interview by todd ~ photos by todd & various friends of Symmetry ~ This girl blew me away in Miami and I didn't even hear her play until I got back. She restored my faith in DnB and I've been telling just about everyone I know since then. Not only that, her CD has been in the same slot of the changer in my car since the middle of March. Needless to say, I was so impressed with what this girl had to say musically, that I thought I mights just as well interview her and find out a little bit of who she was and where she got her start. Initially, Symmetry and I were going to meet at a party that she recently played at, Queens of the Underground in Omaha, NE. A late start from her home town, as well as a late start from Kansas City, mixed in with weird weather and it never really happened. We did catch up to one another by eMail just last week and had a little verbal volley. So, you're from Minneapolis and you play some really fine DnB. How is the DnB scene in the twi


interview & photos by todd ~ Solaris is a one-of-a-kind DJ hailing from Kansas City. He plays a style of Techno that is rarely heard in the Central MidWest, but can be found pounding out of the speakers in many of the larger cities around the United States. He plays Hard Techno, has always played Hard Techno and will probably continue to play Techno until the day that falls over dead on top of his turntables. While many DJs flip flop and delve in to other genre's of electronic music, his continued dedication and devotion to this particular genre led me to seek him out for a few random questions. When did you start playing? I got my start in 96, got some turntables and records and doing the bedroom-DJ thing. I taught myself, really and didn't start playing out until 97 or 98. What do you call your specific genre of Techno? Hard Techno. Some in the Goth/Industrial compare it to what they call PowerNoise. However, I can and sometimes do play other less brutal variat

kid kameleon and ripley

Interview by phelyne ~ Photo courtesty of Mashit Recordings  ~ Both Kid Kameleon and Ripley are outstanding djs who are modern day story tellers with their track selection and mixing skills which consist of everything from raggabreaks, dubcore, speedbeats, genreblends, wreckstep, soundclashes, beatresearch, rewinds, basshits, boomsounds, strategic experimental sampling, and intellegent trick placement. Niether have put out tracks on vinyl yet but plan to in the near future. Kid Kameleon has been djing since 1997 after becoming a jungle fan in 1996 while enjoying some of T Power's Mutant Jazz. Ripley became a jungle enthusiest during the height of ragga in 1994-1995 and began djing in 1996. Together these two DJs are currently on tour in Europe. Upon their return from their 2004 Mashit European Tour, they will be making a stop in Kansas City, then will be heading west for relocation to California around the end of July. I recently had an opportunity to talk with them and here'