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event photos mar.04

Flyers for events photographed in March 2004 appear below. A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 03.05.2004 The Womb Internet Broadcast featuring DJ Solaris The Womb Broadcast Studio Miami Beach, FL 03.06.2004 Ultra Music Festival featuring The Chemical Brothers, Rabbit in the Moon, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Tiƫsto, Sasha, John Digweed, Erick Morillo, The Rapture, Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, Boy George, a Tommy Lee live drum & DJ set, Pete Tong, Perry Farrell aka Peretz, Way Out West, Junke XL, LCD Soundstream, Ferry Corsten, Goldie, Fabio, Miss Kittin, Swayzak, Infusion, Jackal & Hyde, Deepsky, Adult, Uberzone, Kevens, Planet B, Cirrus, Chromio, Avenue D, Motorcycle, Galaxy Girl, Hialeah.Sound.System., Sensei, Salim Rafiq, Silence Repellent, Junior Vasquez, Satoshi Tomiie, Peter Rauhofer, 2 Many DJs, Sister Bliss, Gabriel & Dresden, Smokin Jo, DMP, Johan Gielen, Keoki, PHotex, James Holden, Chus & Ceba

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by Ben Ramsey Brian Eno - Taking tiger Mountain (by Strategy) (1974, EG) / Discreet Music (1975, EG) / Before and After Science (1977, Island) / Ambient 1: Music for Airports (1978, EG) These four albums, released over the course of 4 years from 1974 and 1978, show different aspects of the man we in the modern day know as the penultimate producer. If the drumming sounds famliar, that's because it's Phil Collins. These albums don't quite yet feature Jah Wobble, David Bowie, or even Robert Fripp. The first here, Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy), was released just a year after leaving glam-rockers roxy music, and is reminiscent of that band's high-concept, pre-progressive rock -- but there's more there, even though it's not fully fleshed out. small synth lines and studio manipulations creep up in the mix and many of the arrangements are kind of difficult to get your ears around, while the vocals, which center largely around a double-agent scheme involvin

the bench intro to sequencing part 1

by J. Phoenix ~ Things have busy in the Phoenix Lab lately, getting ready for an mp3 release of tracks called :Beats:. They'll be available this month. They're what I spent this winter recording, and are low tempo, chill-out grooves. Hope you'll check them out, and let me know what you think of them. March was supposed to have been on the subject of synthesis, however, that will have to be delayed until next month. Instead, we're going to cover the basics of Sequencing, one of the most important and useful things a producer can learn. Essentially sequencing is using a piece of hardware or software to "write" music to be played back, just like composers of old would write the music for an orchestra to play. The difference is that they were restricted to pen and paper, where we have graphic interfaces, visual cues, and the ability to instantly listen to our musical thoughts being played back. Sequencing can also be looked at as arranging notes, bits of recor

around the kcmetro

by todd ~ Mondays Evolution, at Davey's Uptown is probably the best place to be on a Monday night. I've really found nothing better going on with as much variety. On any given Monday night, you could hear just about any local or regional DJ, as well as some national and international acts. No longer just Goth night, there's no telling what you'll get yourself into there! Tuesdays This is kind of strange day with no definite crowd at any specific place. Most people tend to stick to the places they know or are close by their homes. Mike's Tavern is probably one of the most homey places to hang, have a beer and shoot some pool to the sounds of various Electronic DJs. If you're clear out South though, stop in at Hannah's Bistro on Metcalf. Steve Thorell just started a weekly there that already has some dedicated fans. Wednesdays Hands down, the Wednesday Perk at The Cup & Saucer is probably best place to be on a Wednesday Night in KC, spinning up s


Syde-sho 3 year Anniversary ~ interview by Kourtney Anderson ~ photos by todd ~ On the verge of its third birthday it was only proper to have a chat with the founder of, DJ Sydeburnz. At the most recent get together, speakers blaring and the liquor consumption rising, we stepped into the back room. There I got the low down on this birthday bash and just how far Syde-sho had come in the past three years. phocas: I was under the impression that Syde-sho began after SyQuil went down. If this is the case how is it already Syde-sho’s three year anniversary? Sydeburnz: It was originally for my indie label I started when doing work for Effigy (a pop/punk Topeka band). Plus, I had a handful of bands I did bookings for. That was the true beginning of the site. Then, after attending Synergy in Omaha the summer of 2000, I decided to get back to my DJ roots. Although I helped out with some parties previously, I threw my first solo event on March 10, 2001. The party was Ravioshack

cymbalism recordings launch

Interview by Brent Crampton ~ Images courtesy of Cymbalism Recordings ~ Imagine a DnB record label that consistently put out great material, whether it be dance floor stompers or heady chill material. But instead of the usual big-named producers, it was a label giving exposure to stateside producers who put out material just as worthy as the industries most wanted. Attach the name of Cymbalism Recordings to the figurative label, and consider it done. A group of talented and determined DnB advocates have started a bold and daring record label. Tommie Emmi, the owner and founder of Cymbalism, has been the main pioneering force for DnB in Omaha and the surrounding area for years. Having played all over the midwest and along side top names in the industry, he is undoubtedly taking his largest step forward as of yet with this record label. Shawn Patrick has also teamed up with Cymbalism to actualize Tommie’s dream in starting this label. If truth be told, Cymbalism is taking risks in st

stick it in your ear

an interview with Ming & FS by todd ~ photos by todd ~ In the small but rapidly growing college town of Lawrence, Kansas, Ming and FS came out on Valentine's day to rock our world at a place lovingly dubbed by many, The Granasty (aka The Granada). The duo, renowned for their live instrumental sound as well as the four turntable set up, set the crowd off. These two have shared the stage with performers Run DMC, Sting, Mix Master Mike, as well as many other artists. Shortly after sound check for this particular event, phocas had an opportunity to sit down and talk with them phocas: How did you two get together? Ming: We got together when we are playing in a rock band in New York called Millis. We were playing something that sounded like trip hop to me. I knew some people in the dance music industry, while we were playing in the band. We got together, worked out a few brief tracks and were signed. FS: I didn’t know that there was an electronic music industry at that point

james deep moving people

story by Brent Crampton ~ photos contributed by Various Sources ~ February 6th started out as a typical friday morning for me. I woke up and soon made my way over to my Mac to began checking email and the web. I was casually sorting through the usual junk on the forum when I came across something very stunning. I opened a thread written by Kirill, aka Comrade and my mouth dropped open and my eyes glared in disbelief as my consciousness internally read the line, “I’m sad to inform everyone, in case anyone didn’t know yet, I just found out that James Deep has passed away last night.” James Hein passed away on evening of February 5th at the age of 22 years. He was survived by his parents, Dennis and Margaret; sister, Jennifer R. Hein; fiancee Melissa Haver and the Omaha electronic community. I soon found myself at the visitation. Amongst the crowd of friends and family mourning the death of James, along the side was a long red banner with white lettering that read, “JAM