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by todd ~

Evolution, at Davey's Uptown is probably the best place to be on a Monday night. I've really found nothing better going on with as much variety. On any given Monday night, you could hear just about any local or regional DJ, as well as some national and international acts. No longer just Goth night, there's no telling what you'll get yourself into there!

This is kind of strange day with no definite crowd at any specific place. Most people tend to stick to the places they know or are close by their homes. Mike's Tavern is probably one of the most homey places to hang, have a beer and shoot some pool to the sounds of various Electronic DJs. If you're clear out South though, stop in at Hannah's Bistro on Metcalf. Steve Thorell just started a weekly there that already has some dedicated fans.

Hands down, the Wednesday Perk at The Cup & Saucer is probably best place to be on a Wednesday Night in KC, spinning up some of the finest in Down Tempo and Drum and Bass. Be sure to get there early though, because if it's "one of those nights", you may find yourself sitting outside if you show up after 11.

DeepFix Records have put together Frisky, decidedly one the Best Nights in Kansas City every Thursday at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub. More times than not, you will have the opportunity to dance to some of the finest headliners from around the continent, and even the globe.

For the end of the work week, I highly recommend stopping by The Point for a good solid dose of House from a couple of the best DJs in Kansas City, Steve Thorell and Bill Pile. Laying it down smooth and sexy in the basement, you are sure to have a good time and get a little sweaty shakin your thang. If you're not nearly old enough for this, and still have a need to get your groove on, be sure to check out The Place every Friday for some of the best local DJ talent.

This is kind of a strange day in KC for Electronic Music. Typically, Saturday is a day reserved for "The Event", though there has been a scarcity of such things as of late. Regardless, on the club front, there are so many places to go, it's really difficult to nail down The One Best Place, though Chakra is definitely doing it's best to fill that void and become the hottest place to be.

Is there anything going on Sundays anymore?

For more of what's going on in Kansas City and surrounding areas, drop in to our calendar. It's always updated with the latest and greatest events.


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