Saturday, May 31, 2003


Riding down to Springfield with DJs Velvin & Shandi is the first opportunity to photograph for the site outside of the City.  It was a great opportunity to see how much the culture differed from that in Kansas City, and to actually hear a full set from both, for once.  DJ Velvin originally caught my attention with a mix CD he handed off, featuring a bit of Latin House.  A very good mix indeed.  Shandi is a smooth player though.  Trance doesn't get much respect in the local scene, but she certainly does.

We arrived just about the time X-Kwizit was finishing his set. Projeqt was up next, then Velvin and Shandi. VJ Ones was there doing a little video too.  There was a bit more glow stick action than in Kansas City, We did meet another photographer doing similar work for 417vibe.  It will be interesting to see some of his work.

It was a long night, but a good time.  DJ Presto took over at 4 am and closed out the night, and folks were already fading away.  We didn't stay much past after he took over for Shandi.  It was still a long way back to KC.

Monday, May 26, 2003

submission may.03

A wild night at this month's Submission, involving Snakes and crosses, with a little Burlesque that included some shadow play.  The main event was a little different.  It was one of the performers birthdays.

There was quite a good crowd for this round.  The event seems to be growing in popularity, and folks are looking forward to this unique sort of event, even participating at times.

After beatings for the birthday girl, and feeding her cake to utter excess, anyone else involved or interested were invited to try out the cross.  I abstained, but photographed everything.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

rhythm & bass 2nd annual memorial day party

The weekly Sunday event Rhythm & Bass hosted their 2nd annual Memorial Day event with special guests Sydeburnz, Atom Bryce and Ben Fuller, along with residents RJ Bass & Bucho. While not a huge turnout, there was certainly more folks than usual for a Sunday night in Kansas City.

celebration at the station

A new annual event graced the lawn of  the newly re-opened Union Station in Kansas City, and I could not pass up the opportunity to unfold on the lawn and watch the fireworks above Liberty Memorial. The Kansas City Symphony performed classics like the 1812 Overture, The Stars & Stripes Forever, and of course The Star-Spangled Banner.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

human cropcircles b-day bash

Local promoters and artists with the The Guild brought this event to Wild Style Wednesdays, featuring special guests Ces Cru and DJ Mike Scott, for a birthday party like none other. It was a fun night for all  the party people, and a mostly packed house downstairs at Kabal, with just enough room left over for a few B.Boys to show off a few moves.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

donald glaude beach club

The Beach Club was a great spot to see turntablist Donald Glaude in action. Get your groove on in the sand on beach or up on the dance floor, or swarm up close, as many did to watch the phenomenon.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

kemek the dope computer

Skylab Research and u:Move teamed up to bring in Kemek the Dope Computer for a fun Sunday night performance at the Empire Room.  It was the perfect opportunity to catch this San Francisco native spinning up some of his favorite new sounds.  Local DJs RJ Bass, RobLee, and Bucho provided outstanding support.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

joshua ryan

Spacetribe brought in some great talent on Saturday night, with System Recordings artist DJ Joshua Ryan.  It was a another fun and sweaty night in the basement of Kabal. He had an early flight or something, and a bunch of us holed up in a nearby apartment to stay up with him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


A rare Wednesday night performance by a couple of great DJs encouraged me to drop in on Davey's this week.  DJ Nitro and Tony Foo Young were playing with support from DJ Solaris, Synnister & Atom Bryce.  It was really surprising that more folks did not turn out, as the generally feeling was nothing but love for DJ Nitro.  When I talked to him later about this little oddity, he only remarked that some things had happened recently, things change, and with any luck I would not find out how things can be with the scene in Kansas City sometimes.

It was a fun night though, for the handful of hardcore supporters, and those that missed out for other reasons... well, tough luck... I guess we know who really supports whom.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

turntable tuesdays

Stopped in at Mike's Tavern on Troost for a little late night fun and House Music for no particular reason.  It was a good time with good tunes for all on a sultry evening in May...